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Archival materials

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus

Found in 423 Collections and/or Records:

Klein-Cohn Family Collection

Identifier: AR 6217
Abstract The bulk of the collection consists of correspondence from Fanni Blatny, née Klein in England to her niece Alice Jaffé, née Rice in Maryland. Also included are correspondence and immigration documents pertaining to the extended Klein family. There are explanatory notes by Alice Jaffé throughout the collection.
Dates: 1938-1950, 1990; Majority of material found within 1945-1949

Konrad Morgen Collection

Identifier: AR 5317 / MF 867
Abstract The collection contains photocopies from the National Archives of the proceedings of the Military Government Court in the case of the Buchenwald concentration camp. The bulk consists of Konrad Morgen's testimonies against Karl Koch, the SS commandant of Buchenwald.
Dates: 1946-1983


Identifier: AR 25881
Abstract The collection contains Ewald Schmidt’s transcript of his World War One diary (photocopy) and the original, accompanying photo album. Also included are two addenda.
Dates: 1916-1935

Kurt and Helen Kleinman Collection

Identifier: AR 10738 / MF 504
Abstract The bulk of this collection documents the efforts of Kurt Kleinmann, an Austrian Jewish refugee in Switzerland to immigrate to the United States and the help he is offered by his distant cousin Helen Kleinman, a US citizen in New York City: because of Helen's official promise to marry Kurt, he could get out of Europe after struggling with the bureaucracy for more than seven months.
Dates: 1917-1998; Majority of material found in 1938-1939

Kurt Hirschfeld Collection

Identifier: AR 7066 / MF 608
Abstract This collection contains materials related to Kurt Hirschfeld and others concerning the theater, plays, director's scripts, photos, and set designs.
Dates: 1910-1966

Kurt Jakob Ball-Kaduri Collection

Identifier: AR 4776
Abstract The bulk of the collection consists of microfilmed copies of articles pertaining to aspects of the Georg Kareski affair. All articles carry comments by Kurt Ball-Kaduri. Originals are at the Yad Vashem archives.
Dates: 1944-1963

Kurt Kersten Collection

Identifier: AR 4061 / MF 476
Abstract This collection contains personal documents, correspondence, manuscripts, and newspaper essays by Kurt Kersten.
Dates: 1937-1994

Kurt Singer Collection

Identifier: LBIJER 320
Abstract The file contains various documents pertaining to Kurt Singer.
Dates: undated, 1919-1980

Kurt Singer Collection

Identifier: AR 3100
Abstract The collection holds materials pertaining to the physician and musician Kurt Singer, including some of his musical writings; reviews of his books; correspondence, including letters from Max Friedlaender, Wilhelm Furtwaengler, and Siegfried Ochs, and others. Also included are papers of Kurt Singer’s father, the Hungarian-born Moritz Singer, who served as rabbi in Koblenz, including letters from Helmuth von Moltke and Duke Friedrich I of Baden; and documents from his studies at the universities of Berlin and Jena, including a thesis, as well as academic reports signed by Moritz Lazarus, Heymann Steinthal, and Theodor Mommsen.
Dates: 1855-1953

Landschulheim Herrlingen Collection

Identifier: LBIJER 13
Abstract This collection contains various materials pertaining to the Jewish boarding school ("Landschulheim Herrlingen").
Dates: 1933-1947

Landschulheim Herrlingen Collection

Identifier: AR 4686
Abstract The collection contains various original and copied materials pertaining to the boarding school ‘Landschulheim Herrlingen’, both from the period of its original, general clientele, 1926-1933, as well as from its Jewish form under Nazi rule.
Dates: 1928-1996; Majority of material found within 1933-1938

Landshut Family Collection

Identifier: LBIJER 55
Scope and Contents Folder 1 and 2 mostly contain documents (invitations, songs, poems, speeches, wills) pertaining to occasions such as weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, golden weddings, and birthdays of various family members, but also official documents such as school certificates, identity cards, police clearances etc. from the years 1833 to 1955 (including undated materials), and family correspondence (1865-1931).

Folder 3 contains materials pertaining to Selma Wittenberg née Landshut (1878-1960). It includes manuscripts by Selma Wittenberg, a notebook titled "Lehrgut Wittgenstein und die Seinen" (handwritten, 41 pp., also exists as typescript (carbon copy)) and a second notebook (handwritten, 46 pp., also exists as typescript (carbon copy)) with several short stories ("Schabbeslichter","Was ein alter Familientisch zu erzaehlen weiss", "Idill [sic] in der Kleinstadt", "Omchen, erzaehl uns ein Maerchen!", "Glauben", "Vom Birnbaum", "Tante Erna – das Sternchen", "Der Wagen", and "Ein Urteil"). The texts are written in a concentration camp on Rhode (Rodi) under Italian occupation in the summer of 1941 after the ship, which was supposed to bring Wittenberg from Triest to Palestine, was wrecked. The latter notebook consists of various memoirs including descriptions from the situation in the camp.

The file also contains correspondence of Wittenberg (1938-1941), partly drafts of letters, in which she refers to life in the camp.

Folder 4 contains a family history by Siegfried Landshut (bound print, 44+1 pp.) including a genealogical table from 1962, family photographs, and materials pertaining to the Landshut family collection by the Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem.
Dates: 1833-1962

Lübeck Jewish community Collection

Identifier: AR 1226
Abstract The collection holds primarily published or reproduced materials pertaining to the history of the Jewish community in Lübeck, Germany.
Dates: 1816-1995

Lena Gitter Collection

Identifier: AR 10851
Abstract The collection consists primarily of published materials by and about Lena Lieba Gitter. Also included are copies of her educational certificates as well as some copied photographs and correspondence.
Dates: 1920-2000

Leo Baeck Institute Institutional Archives

Identifier: AR 230 V
Abstract Series V of the Leo Baeck Institute Institutional Archives consists of clippings, photographs, A/V materials, and a few other original documents that have been assembled at LBI New York, 1955-1997.
Dates: 1955-1997

Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem Correspondence

Identifier: LBIJER 1085
Abstract The collection contains the correspondence of the Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem from 1950 up until 2005 and comprises 42 folders. The file contains internal correspondence of the institute's staff, as well as correspondence with other individuals and institutions. The correspondence includes minutes of meetings, requests for support, applications for scholarships, and research inquiries. It also addresses topics such as book publishing, donations of archival materials, cooperation with other institutes, and current affairs.
Dates: 1950-2005

Leo Kopf Collection

Identifier: AR 10385 / MF 552
Abstract Photographs, programs, sheet music, memorabilia, family tree, scrapbook, audio recordings
Dates: 1911-1957

Leo Lauterbach Collection

Identifier: AR 6311
Abstract The collection contains 3 typescripts pertaining to the Zionist functionary Leo Lauterbach and to his family.
Dates: 1955, undated

Leopold Friedberg Collection.

Identifier: AR 2032 / MF 827
Abstract Manuscripts by Leopold Friedberg.
Dates: 1940s - 1963

Leopold Schwarzschild Collection

Identifier: AR 7043 / MF 571
Abstract Correspondence with individuals and organizations, including Clifford Case, Max Eastman, the Emergency Rescue Committee, Bruno Frank, Manfred George, Hermann Kesten, H.R. Knickerbocker, Alfred Knopf, Emil Ludwig, Erika Mann, Klaus Mann, James G. McDonald, Maxwell Perkins, Victor Polzer, Curt Riess, Ernst Rowohlt, Friedrich Sternthal, Max Warburg, Franz Werfel, and Carl Zuckmayer.

Manuscripts of articles, speeches, and radio broadcasts by Schwarzschild; manuscripts and reviews of his books, including World in Trance and The Red Prussian.
Dates: 1940-1955

Levi Fischmann Collection

Identifier: AR 5255
Abstract Original documents for Levi Fischmann and his family in the state of Lippe in North Rhine-Westphalia in the first half of the 19th century.
Dates: 1831-1841

Lina Rosa Braunthal Collection

Identifier: AR 25176 / MF 1013
Abstract Official documents, correspondence and photographs (photocopies) pertaining to Lina Rosa Braunthal and her deportation to Camp Drancy and to Auschwitz.
Dates: 1917-1960

Lipperode Jewish Community Collection

Identifier: AR 3666
Abstract Various documents pertaining to day-to-day issues of the Jewish community in Lipperode, such as member lists; repair jobs and other issues at the cemetery and in the synagogue; and more. Also included are private business contracts of Jewish citizens in Lipperode and neighboring communities, such as Paderborn; Lippstadt; Welda (Warburg); and Rheda.
Dates: 1830-1939

Littauer Family Collection

Identifier: AR 10466
Abstract The collection holds mainly published materials and some original documents pertaining to Lucius Littauer and his family’s endowment for hospitals and study centers in the U.S.A. and in Breslau, Germany. Also included are two documents pertaining to the Littauer relative, Paul Schreyer.
Dates: 1926-1997

Lotte Friedlaender Family Collection

Identifier: AR 10379
Abstract The collection contains materials about the Mandl and the Friedländer families, as well as the Friedländers’ friends, Otto Kokoschka and Heinrich Schnitzler.
Dates: 1917-1972

Lucie Benedikt collection

Identifier: AR 25692
Abstract The collection focuses primarily on Lucie Benedikt’s efforts to receive restitution and a pension from the Austrian government. Also included are a few personal items.
Dates: 1966-2000

Ludwig Bendix Collection

Identifier: AR 3380 / MF 595
Abstract Articles
Dates: 1912-1965

Ludwig Feuchtwanger Collection

Identifier: AR 6001 / MF 562
Abstract Correspondence with individuals, including Alexander Altmann, Werner Cahnmann, Guido Kisch, Raphael Straus, and Max Warburg; business correspondence with publishers and organizations; correspondence with family members, including his brother, the novelist Lion Feuchtwanger.
Dates: 1908-1973

Ludwig Tietz Collection

Identifier: LBIJER 513
Abstract The collection contains various materials pertaining to Ludwig Tietz, collected by Gustav Horn.
Dates: 1920-1979

Manfred Kornreich Collection

Identifier: AR 25268 / MF 1017
Abstract Official documents pertaining to Manfred Kornreich and his parents, Henoch and Scheindel (Sabina), as well as some private correspondence
Dates: 1898 - 2006