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Archival materials

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus

Found in 423 Collections and/or Records:

S. Theodor Stein Collection

Identifier: AR 3262 / MF 1006
Abstract Certificates of honor, titles, clippings, and offprints by and about the physician Dr. S. Theodor Stein, most noteworthy letters from crowned European individuals.
Dates: 1865-1965

Salin Family Collection

Identifier: AR 5060
Abstract The collection consists of two manuscripts by Lothar Salin regarding the Salin family and the Jewish community of the small Bavarian town of Thuengen.
Dates: 1981

Sally Bodenheimer Collection

Identifier: AR 7169
Abstract The Sally Bodenheimer collection has a direct bearing on Jewish history in Germany and Austria throughout the 16th to 19th centuries and well into the middle of the 20th century. It encompasses manuscripts, rare printed documents, autograph letters, stamps, artwork (engravings), posters, broadsides, photographs, ex-libris, and various memorabilia.
Dates: 1494-1975

Salomon Samuel Collection

Identifier: LBIJER 36
Scope and Contents The first folder contains a two part typescript by Salomon Samuel, a reflection on the period of Jewish emancipation (5600-5700, i.e. circa 1840 to 1938) titled "5600-5700. Rueckblick auf ein Jahrhundert juedischer Weltenaera". In the first part (27 pp.) Samuel describes the historical events from the so called "Damascus affair" (1840) to the Évian Conference (1938), in the second part titled "Religioese und geistesgeschichtliche Entwicklung" (179 pp.) the Jewish religious and intellectual developments in the Era of emancipation.

The second folder contains a photocopied typescript titled "Einfuehrung", the introduction to Samuel's "Ein Lehrbuch juedischer Religion" (published in 1930) and a biographical article by Samuel's son Jochanan Samuel (1901-1976) titled "Rabbiner Dr. Salomon Samuel" published in: Muenster am Hellweg. 6/9 (June, 1978). pp. 81-88.
Dates: circa 1930-1978

Samuel Echt - Bernhard Kamnitzer Collection

Identifier: AR 7016 / MF 569
Abstract Correspondence and materials by and about Kamnitzer and Echt on Danzig; personal materials on life in emigration; childhood memoirs in Danzig.
Dates: 1913-1970

Schafranik-Popper-Gruenfeld families collection

Identifier: AR 5924 / MF 842
Abstract The collection holds mainly vital and other original documents pertaining to the Gruenfeld and Schafranik families from Moravia.
Dates: 1829-1989; Majority of material found within 1829-1912

Schild-Scheier family collection

Identifier: AR 6263
Abstract Official documents pertaining mainly to the estate of the fur broker Werner Schild (1901-1976), including vital and educational records, correspondence, immigration and restitution papers. Also included are documents for his wife, Suzanne (Susanne) Schild née Scheier, and also their son, Frank Schild.
Dates: 1905-1985

Schutzbriefe (Letters of Protection) Collection

Identifier: AR 285
Abstract Misc. letters of protection ("Schutzbriefe") for Jews from various German cities and principalities, like Baden, Hesse, Hanover, Trier and others. Original letters range 1767–1846.
Dates: 1586-1846

Schwabach Community Collection

Identifier: AR 10364
Abstract The collection consists of materials about Jews in Schwabach and surrounding communities.
Dates: 1996-1997

Seidenberger-Sondhelm Family Collection

Identifier: AR 10520
Abstract The collection contains primarily documents pertaining to Carl (Karl) Seidenberger (1882-1943), such as vital and other official records and correspondence. Also included are papers of his wife, Else Seidenberger née Sondhelm (1897-1996).
Dates: 1872-1987

Selke-Eissler Family Collection

Identifier: AR 10926 / MF 875
Abstract Material from the estate of Ruth and Kurt Eissler consisting of documents pertaining to the Eissler and Selke families. Material on Jenny Selke née Lewin including correspondence of Jenny and Ludwig Selke 1914-ca. 1933, Selke family correspondence 1930s-1940s, documents pertaining to emigration, vital documents and passports. Manuscripts and poetry by Ruth Selke Eissler and correspondence.
Dates: 1906-1999

Selma Berliner Collection

Identifier: AR 1992
Abstract The collection holds autographs, correspondence, music scores, official documents and photographs pertaining to the pianist and composer Selma Berliner.
Dates: 1833-1947

Shanghai Collection

Identifier: RG 243
Abstract The collection relates to the life of Jewish refugees, mostly of German and Austrian origin, in Shanghai primarily between the years 1939-1948. It covers many aspects of their experience, including political and cultural events, relief and charity activities, and self-help. The collection originated from the YIVO exhibition that was organized and displayed in 1947 in Shanghai and later in New York. The collection consists of manuscripts, minutes of meetings, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and printed materials.
Dates: 1924-1950; Majority of material found within 1939-1948

Siegfried and Ruth Kummer Bodenheimer Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25624
Abstract This collection contains the personal documents of Siegfried and Ruth Kummer Bodenheimer, dating mostly from before the couple was married in 1946. It holds vital documents, family photographs, postcards, secondary school documents, and materials related to Siegfried’s service in the United States Army during World War II.
Dates: 1878-2014; Majority of material found within 1928-1996

Siegfried Fehl Collection

Identifier: AR 3665
Abstract The collection holds vital records, education certificates, private and professional correspondence, as well as other documents pertaining to the dentist Siegfried Fehl.
Dates: 1879-1955

Siegfried Fritz Heinrich Collection

Identifier: AR 25345
Abstract Photographs, Correspondence, vital and educational records and other documents pertaining to Frederick (Siegfried Fritz) and Raissa Henry (Heinrich)
Dates: 1889-1954

Siegfried Guggenheim Collection

Identifier: AR 180 / MF 612
Abstract This collection contains records of the Guggenheim family, including family tree, family history, vital records, obituaries, papers of family members who emigrated to Chile, and other papers of family members.
Dates: 1791-1969

Sigismund and Jenny Asch correspondence

Identifier: AR 539
Abstract This collection contains the correspondence - in photocopied originals and typed transcripts - between Sigismund Asch (1825-1901) and his wife Jenny, née Bauer (1832-1907). The bulk was written 1867-1900; also included are transcribed courtship-letters from Sigismund Asch to Jenny Bauer in 1853, as well as a published article about Sigismund Asch.
Dates: 1853-1996; Majority of material found in 1853-1900

Sigmund A. Cohn / Suzanne Lewy Cohn Collection

Identifier: AR 11084 / MF 852
Abstract The collection consists predominantly of correspondence between Sigmund A. Cohn and his parents, his letters to various public and private agencies in an unsuccesful attempt to get his parents out of Germany as well as correspondence related to obtain restitution. Included in the collection are genealogical papers, autobiographies of various family members, and documents related to Sigmund A. Cohn's studies and work.
Dates: 1837-1997

Simon Kramer Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25091 / MF 923
Abstract The collection is divided into two series. Series I contains manuscripts of his writings in German, accompanied with English translations. Series II consists of genealogical material, family trees, vital records, etc. (in German and English) of the Kramer family.
Dates: 1813-1990

Sinn Collection

Identifier: AR 1160
Abstract 19th cent. documents; documents and correspondence of Horwitz, Lambert, Doctor and Rautenberg families.
Dates: 1819-1925

Solon Club of the University Settlement House Collection

Identifier: I-569
Abstract The Solon Club of the University Settlement House Photographs is a collection of photographs of Club members at four different times: 1924, 1956, 1957, as well as an undated photograph taken after 1957.
Dates: undated, 1924-1950s

Sonneborn Family Collection Addenda

Identifier: AR 11872 MF 1387
Abstract The collection contains documentation of the Sonneborn family, particularly Leo Sonneborn and his wife Settie; Siegmund Sonneborn; as well as photographs of Line Speyer née Sonneborn’s family.
Dates: 1918-2001

Stefan Zweig autographs collection

Identifier: AR 834
Abstract The collection consists mainly of correspondence from the famous Austrian writer Stefan Zweig with various friends and acquaintances, acquired by the Leo Back Institute in New York through donations and auctions. Also included are copies and a few printed materials.
Dates: 1915-1942

Stephen Nicholls Collection

Identifier: AR 10129
Abstract The collection consists mainly of clippings from German and British newspapers collected by Stephen Nicholls, documenting his interest in Jewish communities in the German East as well as Jewish-German relations in general, anti-Semitism, etc. Also included are reprints of several of his manuscripts touching on these topics and a few articles from other authors, including Ken Ambrose; Udo Beer; Frauke Dettmer; Peter Pulzer; Judith Sternberg; and Martin Tielke.
Dates: 1975-2001

Stuehlingen Jewish Community Collection

Identifier: AR 11026
Abstract Materials pertaining to the Jewish community in Stuehlingen, covering roughly years 1615-1820.
Dates: [unknown]

Susan Ehrlich Losher Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25304 / MF 931
Abstract A compilation of the Ehrlich family's saved documents and records of recent events, covering 75 years
Dates: 1929-2007

Tcherikower Archive YIVO Administration Records

Identifier: RG 82
Abstract This collection contains documents and records accumulated by Elias Tcherikower in his capacity as co-founder of YIVO, member of the Executive Office, and Chair of the Historical Section, 1925-1943. It is particularly significant for its records of the YIVO Historical Section, and extensive correspondence documenting the founding of the Institute.
Dates: 1921-1962; Majority of material found within 1925-1943

Temmer Family Collection

Identifier: AR 7272 / MF 889
Abstract Most of the documents in this collection pertain to Margaret(e) Neff (other names: Margarete Temmer, Margarete Klein-Rogge, Margarete Junck, Margaret Neff-Jerome), an actress, born in Vienna in 1892, who got her first engagement at the "Deutsches Theater" in Berlin by Prof. Max Reinhardt. Later she was engaged at the "Deutsches Landestheater" in Prague, at the Berliner Staatstheater, and at the "Deutsches Nationaltheater" in Weimar.
Dates: 1892-1950

The Margaret and Kurt Rosenberg Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25280
Abstract Correspondence, manuscripts,documents and photographs of Kurt Rosenberg and Margarethe Rosenberg, née Levinson.
Dates: undated, 1797-2003