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United States -- Economic conditions

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 78 Collections and/or Records:

Isaacs Family (Easthampton, N.Y.) Papers

 Collection — Box CB-P8, Folder: P-272
Identifier: P-272

Collection contains a promissory note, signed in Hebrew by an unidentified person, for a sum of money owed Isaacs (1761), and a certificate of indebtedness of New York State to Aaron Isaacs for goods purchased, signed by Commissioners William Floyd and Isaac Roosevelt (1781). Also an estate inventory for Isaac Wickham Isaacs, 1816.

Dates: 1761-1816

Isaacs family (New York, N.Y.) papers

 Collection — Consolidated Box P12, Folder: P-417
Identifier: P-417

Collection contains an 1808 invoice, signed by Abraham Isaacs (1737-1815) in Hebrew, for various types of meat sold to Frederick Frazier; and an inventory of the estate of Jacob Isaacs (1793-1831), 1831.

Dates: 1808, 1831

Jacob Lazarus, Jr. papers

 Collection — Consolidated Box P12, Folder: P-415
Identifier: P-415

The collection contains four depositions from four individuals regarding the abduction of Lazarus from Charleston to New York City on a writ. Among the deponents was Solomon Moses. Also includes photocopies of other legal documents.

Dates: 1830

Jacobs family (New York, Charleston, Savannah) papers

 Collection — Box CB-P10, Folder: P-339
Identifier: P-339

Consists of a detailed 1833 listing and appraisal of all items in the estate of Judith Hadassah Jacobs [Myers] (1759-1832). Items listed includes: a "box with Hebrew books." The executor of the estate was Abraham Jacobs, and one of the appraisers was Naphtali Judah. Also includes 1825 inventory of estate of Benjamin R. Jacobs (1744-1824).

Dates: 1825, 1833

John A. Graham Estate

 Collection — Consolidated Box P12, Folder: Collection P-431
Identifier: P-431

This collection consists of the account of the estate of John A. Graham, listing all expenses and moneys owed.

Dates: 1796-1797

Joseph Lopez Dias bill

 Collection — Box CB-P6, Folder: P-199
Identifier: P-199

Collection consists of a bill presented by J.L. Riker detailing costs of defending a suit brought against Dias.

Dates: 1819

Joseph Solomon Cohen letter

 Collection — Consolidated Box P11, Folder: P-374
Identifier: P-374

Cohen was registered as an Indian trader in Pennsylvania in 1773.

Dates: 1775

Joshua Isaacs papers

 Collection — Box CB-P8, Folder: P-271
Identifier: P-271

Collection contains two documents affirming that Isaacs had submitted a true account of goods imported by him.

Dates: 1799

Lazarus Family Collection

Identifier: P-444

This collection contains personal corresponences and legal documents created by and pertaining to the Lazarus family.

Dates: circa 1816-1836, 1852-1864

Lazarus Isaacs estate papers

 Collection — Box CB-P7, Folder: P-239
Identifier: P-239

Contains the inventory and papers relating to the estate of Lazarus Isaacs. Of special interest is the detailed list of contents of his two dry goods stores in New York City.

Dates: 1859

Levy Family (Newport, New York and New Orleans) Papers

 Collection — Box CB-P8, Folder: P-268
Identifier: P-268

Collection includes shipping bill of Moses Levy, letters of administration of Hyam Levy, and printing samples and obituary of Benjamin Levy, as well as other items.

Dates: undated, 1746-1863

Lionel Solomon papers

 Collection — Box CB-P9, Folder: P-296
Identifier: P-296

Contains items from the following members of the Solomon family: 1) Israel J. Solomon, two letters written in December, 1881, to his son, Lionel Solomon, in Singapore, on business matters; 2) the inventory of the estate of Raphael Solomon, made in 1877, the administrator of which was Lionel Solomon.

Dates: 1877, 1881

Louis Heyman estate inventory

 Collection — Box CB-P7, Folder: P-244
Identifier: P-244

Contains the inventory and papers relating to the estate of Louis Heyman. The administrator of the estate was Moritz Binswanger, and the appraisers were Isaac Carlbach and Kalman Jacob. Of special interest is the indication from the inventory that Heyman owned a tavern/boarding house.

Dates: 1843

Louis N. Rosenthal Stock Certificate

 Collection — Consolidated Box P13, Folder: Collection P-476
Identifier: P-476

A stock certificate for the New Mexico Mining Co. lithographed by Rosenthal in Philadelphia.

Dates: ca. 1859

L. T. Levin Letter

 Collection — Consolidated Box P13, Folder: Collection P-447
Identifier: P-447

This collection consists of a letter written by Levin concerning a promissory note, which was refused payment.

Dates: 1866

Lyon J. Levy Business Papers

 Collection — Consolidated Box P13, Folder: Collection P-451
Identifier: P-451

The collection contains four invoices and two checks relating to the business activities of Lyon J. Levy and his successor firm in Philadelphia.

Dates: 1840-1863

M. & E. Meyer & Co. (Selma, Ala.) invoice

Identifier: I-183

An invoice for dry goods bought from M.&E. Meyer & Co., signed by A. Jacobson.

Dates: 1858

Marks Bros. (Philadelphia, Pa.) advertising card

Identifier: I-193

Contains an advertising card for the firm directed to the ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic and the Woman's Relief Corps. The card notes that the store serves as an "Official Public Comfort Station."

Dates: 186?

Mayor's Court (New York, N.Y.) selected briefs

Identifier: I-151

The collection consists of microfilm and bound photocopies of all records in the Marine Court of New York City, called the "Mayor's Court," 1674-1860, in which Jews or Jewish names appear in any capacity. Included are records of briefs, warrants, jury lists, and lists of cases, in chronological order. The entire collection has been indexed by last name.

Dates: 1674-1860

Merryle Stanley Rukeyser papers

 Collection — Box CB-P8, Folder: P-293
Identifier: P-293

Consists of letters written to Rukeyser by various national business and political leaders on a variety of topics. About half of the letters concern Rukeyser's attempts to secure guest columnists to replace him while on vacation, while the other half is concerned with topics of general business and financial interest.

Dates: undated, 1924-1966

Michael Rosenbaum Promissory Note

 Collection — Consolidated Box P13, Folder: Collection P-475
Identifier: P-475

A promissory note, signed by Rosenbaum and Thomas R. Moore, for hire of a slave in Petersburg, Va.

Dates: 1865

Moise Family (South Carolina, Georgia) Papers

 Collection — Consolidated Box P14, Folder: P-499
Identifier: P-499

Contains business and legal papers of several members of the Moise family. Included are papers dealing with a land transfer signed by Rachel Moise Levy, Penina Moise, Jacquiline Levy, Jacob Moise, Abraham Moise, Isaac Moise, and Aaron Moise (1836); a protest against a note of exchange signed by Abraham Moise, Jr. (1850); an insurance policy for the house of Rebecca Cohen Moise (1854); papers regarding the partnership of George Dowie and Benjamin Franklin Moise, also signed by Benjamin Lazarus (1867); and correspondence from Edwin Warren Moise (1832-1902) on legal matters both in his own name and in the name of the firm, Mose & Moise (1868-1869). Also includes land transaction between Raphael Moses and Thomas Jefferson Moise and a mortgage granted by Benjamin F. Moise.

Dates: undated, 1818-1869

Mordecai Cohen Deeds

 Collection — Consolidated Box P12, Folder: Collection P-425
Identifier: P-425

The collection contains two deeds for a piece of land in Charleston, S.C., bought by Mordecai Cohen in 1817 and sold by him in 1829.

Dates: 1817, 1829

Mordecai family papers

Identifier: P-116

Consists of the papers of members of the Mordecai family. Includes those of: Moses Mordecai (1707-1781), a bill of exchange (1771), and letters of administration signed by Elizabeth Mordecai (1744-1804), Isaac Moses, and Barnard Gratz, and inventory of his estate, and the accounts of his administratrix (1781-1782); Jacob Mordecai (1762-1838), a discourse delivered at the consecration of Congregation Beth Shalome (1822), and a notebook manuscript "The Truth of Divine Revelation"; George Washington Mordecai (1801-1871), a stock certificate signed by him as president of the Bank of North Carolina (1863); Alfred Mordecai (1804-1887), four letters on military matters (1838-1859); Alfred Mordecai, Jr. (1840-1920), a commission as captain in the Ordnance Department, signed by President Abraham Lincoln (1864), and a letter of condolence (1870); Rosa Mordecai (1839-1936), three letters to Rosa Mordecai concerning Rebecca Gratz, who apparently served as the model for the Rebecca in Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe (1898-1905); Laura Mordecai (1837-1927), letters to her sister, Miriam, and brother, Alfred, about the Chicago World's Fair (1892-1893); and Miriam Mordecai (1843-1923), letters to her sister, Laura, about a trip to San Francisco and Seattle for the wedding of their niece (1901), and about her trip to Europe (1907). Also includes a letter of recommendation written by Winfield Scott (1786-1866) on behalf of Capt. Alfred Mordecai, who was on his way to Paris on business.

Dates: undated, 1771-1907, 1980

Mordecai M. Levy Promissory Note

 Collection — Consolidated Box P13, Folder: Collection P-452
Identifier: P-452

This collection consists of one note co-signed by Mordecai M. Levy.

Dates: 1841

Mordecai Sheftall papers

Identifier: P-12

The Mordecai Sheftall collection consists of the family papers and business records of the American Revolution patriot, Mordecai Sheftall, and the Sheftall family of Savannah, Georgia from 1761-1873. This collection includes a American Revolution provision returns (1777-1778), and correspondence for the Continental Army and Navy of Georgia and South Carolina. The collection also includes an original Works Progress Administration Guide to the materials.

Dates: undated, 1761-1867, 1873, 1932, 1941; Majority of material found within 1977 - 1978

Moses Henry Nathan Letter

 Collection — Consolidated Box P13, Folder: Collection P-466
Identifier: P-466

A letter to William Sanders, describing the impoverished conditions in Columbia, S.C., at the end of the Civil War.

Dates: 1865

Moses Heyman estate inventory

 Collection — Box CB-P7, Folder: P-242
Identifier: P-242

Contains the inventory of the estate of Moses Heyman, of which one appraiser was Joseph Jacobs. Of special interest is the inventory of his store.

Dates: 1765

Myer Myers Papers

 Collection — Consolidated Box P13, Folder: Collection P-465
Identifier: P-465

Contains a lease for a house signed by Myers and his wife, and a sworn statement signed by Myers regarding a bond he executed to a Mr. Weatherhead in 1772.

Dates: 1767, 1790

Nathan Meyer Rothschild letter

 Collection — Box CB-P6, Folder: P-198
Identifier: P-198

Contains a letter in English, with Yiddish notations, to the firm of Robert and Isaac Phillips, Philadelphia, concerning the sales of quicksilver (mercury) in the United States.

Dates: 1834