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United States -- Economic conditions

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 78 Collections and/or Records:

Aaron Louzada papers

 Collection — Box CB-P5, Folder: P-188
Identifier: P-188

Contains briefs filed by Louzada against Evert Duyckink (1746), John Deare (1747), and the estate of John Parker (1756) for the non-payment of debts.

Dates: 1745-1756

Abraham Wolff Papers

 Collection — Consolidated Box P13, Folder: Collection P-491
Identifier: P-491

Letters to Thomas Jones Co. regarding the sale of pencils for Wolff, and a souvenir book from 1895 fair in aid of the Educational Alliance and the Hebrew Technical Institute.

Dates: 1817, 1895

The Alexander Isaacs Papers

Identifier: P-418

This collection contains a bond, issued by the Savannah and Charleston Rail Road Co., signed by Alexander Isaacs, president.

Dates: 1869

Asher Marx import declarations

 Collection — Box CB-P5, Folder: P-190
Identifier: P-190

Contains lists of merchandise imported by Marx from Liverpool, England, on behalf of his firm, Marx and Linsley. Attached to the lists are Marx's signed oaths as consignee.

Dates: 1815

Benjamin Franklin Peixotto family papers

 Collection — Box CB-P6, Folder: P-195
Identifier: P-195

Contains primarily papers of Benjamin Franklin Peixotto, including: addresses to Constitution Grand Lodge of B'nai B'rith and to YMHA; a letter from Ulysses S. Grant appointing Peixotto as U.S. Consul-General to Romania; correspondence during Peixotto's residency as Consul in Bucharest and Lyons; and the estate papers of Moses Levy Maduro Peixotto.

Dates: 1828-1829, 1864, 1870, 1873, 1875-1876, 1881, 1884-1885, 1887

Benjamin Mordecai Collection

 Collection — Consolidated Box P14, Folder: P-497
Identifier: P-497

Contains two bills of sale, documenting the purchase of a slave by Benjamin Mordecai on December 3, 1851, and the resale of the same slave by him on January 19, 1852. Also contains a letter from Christopher Gustavas Memminger (1803-1888), Secretary of the Treasury, referring to the case of B. Mordecai, probably Benjamin Mordecai.

Dates: 1851-1864

Barnard E. Bee Letter

 Collection — Consolidated Box P12, Folder: Collection P-423
Identifier: P-423

This collection contains a printed letter of endorsement, signed "Many Friends," favoring the election of Bee as Receiver of Tax Returns in Savannah, Georgia. Bee was formerly employed by the firm of Cohen & Hertz.

Dates: 1852

Cohen Family (Philadelphia, London) Papers

 Collection — Consolidated Box P11, Folder: P-373
Identifier: P-373

Contains invoice for items imported by Henry Cohen from England; letter of recommendation for Solomon L. Cohen by William Henry Seward; power of attorney given by Barnet Solomon Cohen to Morris Tobias Levitt, and Levitt's transfer of the power of attorney to Henry Cohen, brother of Barnet Cohen; and Charles Joseph Cohen's collection of pressed flowers from Europe.

Dates: 1855-1871

Davega family papers

 Collection — Consolidated Box P12, Folder: P-404
Identifier: P-404

The collection contains a deed for land purchased by Isaac Davega, Sr. (1819), and an assignment of rights to an inheritance witnessed by Isaac Davega, Jr. (1856). The latter document was also signed by Augustus E. Cohen. Collection includes another deed. as well (former P-421).

Dates: 1819-1856

David Cohen insurance policy

Identifier: P-250

Contains an insurance policy issued to Cohen to cover the contents of his store. The policy is signed by Samuel Hart, secretary of the insurance company. In 1842, the policy was transferred to Henry Cohen.

Dates: 1839

David Kohn Papers

 Collection — Consolidated Box P13, Folder: Collection P-443
Identifier: P-443

This collection contains papers relating to the case of David Kohn of Sacramento, Calif., vs. Isaac Weisberg of Yreka, Calif., in which Weisberg was found guilty of owing Kohn $1,512.

Dates: 1858

David Wolfe

 Collection — Box CB-P4, Folder: P-133
Identifier: P-133

Contains owner or consignee's oath dated in New York, June, 1809, for goods delivered on the ship, Yorkshire.

Dates: 1809

Eleazer Cohen receipt

 Collection — Box CB-P7, Folder: P-249
Identifier: P-249

Collection consists of a manuscript receipt signed by Cohen to Charles Graff of Philadelphia.

Dates: 1800

Emanuel Isaacs entry of baggage

 Collection — Box CB-P8, Folder: P-266
Identifier: P-266

Consists of the listing of baggage imported by Isaacs from Jamaica to New York.

Dates: 1797

Etting family collection

Identifier: P-143

Contains the personal papers, including correspondence and documents, of Elijah Etting, his sons, Solomon and Reuben, and his three grandchildren, Samuel Etting, Kitty (Etting) Cohen, and Elijah Gratz Etting (frequently referred to as Gratz Etting).

Dates: undated, 1755-1769, 1787-1830, 1836, 1913

Franklin J. Moses Papers

 Collection — Consolidated Box P14, Folder: Collection P-495
Identifier: P-495

Contains a receipt for a payment and two letters on legal matters.

Dates: 1847, 1849, 1873

Franks Family Papers

Identifier: P-142

Originally from England, the Franks family were colonial merchants who settled in New York City in the 1700s. This collection documents parts of their life through correspondence, legal documents, and financial records. The correspondence is primarily written by Abigail Franks in New York to her son, Naphtali, in England. Also included in the collection are the notes and correspondence of Dr. Leo Hershkowitz, who co-edited a book on the letters of the family entitled the Lee Max Friedman Collection of American Jewish Colonial Correspondence: Letters of the Franks Family (1733-1748), written with Isadore S. Meyer in 1968.

Dates: 1711-1821, [1965-1968]

Gomez family papers

Identifier: P-62

This Collection consists of the papers of the following members of the Gomez family of New York: Lewis Moses (1654/60-1740); Jacob (d. 1722); Daniel (1695-1780); Mordecai (1688-1750); Moses; Aaron Lopez (d. 1860); and Aaron and Hetty Gomez. It also contains also a photograph of the Gomez family coat of arms.

Dates: undated, 1688-1905

Esther Levy estate inventory

 Collection — Box CB-P2
Identifier: P-79

Inventory of estate of a New York widow.

Dates: 1843

Hays family papers

Identifier: P-130

Collection includes: the receipt books of Judah Hays (1 original, 1 transcribed); vouchers and estate inventory of Jacob Hays; legal documents pertaining to incarceration of Solomon M. Hays; the correspondence of Moses Michael Hays; a copy of a bill to Isaac Hays; and copies of court documents for case involving Barrak Hays.

Dates: undated, 1755-1850

Judah family (New York City and Richmond) papers

Identifier: P-77

Collection consists primarily of legal documents pertaining to the importation of merchandise from England to the Port of New York by various members of the Judah family. Also contains a detailed list of creditors and debtors of an undidentified member of the Judah family, among which appears the names of A.L. Gomez, Uriah Hendricks, and Henry Breevort of New York (1818-1831). Of special interest is a letter written to Samuel B.H. Judah by Aaron Burr regarding the study of law shortly after Judah's release from prison (1823); and a manuscript copy of a sermon belonging to Rev. Isaac H. Judah, generally considered to be the first reader of the Congregation Beth Shalom in Richmond, VA. The collection also contains inventories of the estates of Moses Judah (1822), Jessy (Jessie) Jonas Judah (1818), and her son, Aaron Hart Judah (1836), and letters of administration for and the inventories of the estate of her grandson, Samuel N. Judah (1849).

Dates: undated, 1794-1849

Simson family papers

Identifier: P-109

Contains primarily business and official papers of the New York Simson family. Papers include: a photocopy of a 1713 document declaring Nathan Simson, (d. 1725), Samuel Levy, Moses Levy, Moses Michalls, Moses Hart, and Mordecai Nathan "free denizons" of Great Britain and photocopies of receipts made out to Nathan Simson for the years 1710-1716; a manuscript copy of the Simson family history and genealogy deposited by Jacob Franks, Miriam Levy, and Francis Simson covering the years 1718-1760; photocopy of the 1781 will of Joseph Simson (1686-1787); a letter from Solomon Simson (1738-1801) to Polly Israel Levy concerning the business activities of her husband, Joseph Israel Levy (d. 1785); three copies (two in English and one in Hebrew) of an address delivered in Hebrew by Sampson Simson at the Columbia College commencement in 1800; photocopies of documents relating to his military service (1814); photocopies of maps and a document relating to land owned by Sampson Simson in the town of Yonkers, New York (1811-1892), and an inventory of Sampson Simson's personal estate.

Dates: 1713-1892

Salomon Auerhaim papers

Identifier: P-166

The collection contains correspondence and other personal documents (1854-1861) from Germany (including 2 letters in Yiddish, and one in German) to Auerhaim and a letter written by Auerhaim while visiting Saugerties, New York in 1854.

Dates: 1854-1888

Hart family papers

Identifier: P-18

This Collection contains the personal and business correspondence, legal documents, and account and ledger books of the Hart family, 1755-1898. The papers are primarily concerned with Aaron Hart (1792-1801); Adolphus Hart (1846-1876), Benjamin Hart (1792); and Ezekiel Hart (1799-1862). Hart family corresponts included in this collection include Sir James Henry Craig, governor of Canada; and James Reid, Chief Justice of Lower Canada.

Gerald Hart's (1869-1897) papers constitute half of the collection. Among the latter are extensive references to paintings and coins collected by Gerald Hart, and information relating to the Society for Historical Studies-Society of Canadian Literature and the Numismatic and Antiquarian Society.

Also included is a family biography in manuscript, and an 1821 militia roll of Captain Hart's company.

Dates: undated, 1755-1898

Haym Salomon collection

Identifier: P-41

This collection contains original manuscripts of Haym Salomon, one of the main financiers of the American Revolutionary War, including his marriage contract, financial records, personal and business correspondence, and items related to his own estate, as well as the estates of his family and business associates. The collection also contains a family record kept by Salomon's son, bilingual Hebrew-English family bibles and prayer books, and items of Haym Salomon's wife, Rachel, as well as other family members.

Dates: undated, 1776-1983

Hendricks family papers

Identifier: P-376

Collection contains renunciation of Rebekah Hendricks to administer estate of Uriah Hendricks; renunciation of right to administer estate of Sarah Hendricks; estate inventories of Harmon, Frances, and Washington Hendricks; administrator's bond for estate of Harmon Hendricks.

Dates: undated, 1798-1870

Henry Aaron import declaration

 Collection — Box CB-P5, Folder: P-174
Identifier: P-174

Record of merchandise imported from London by Aaron, and the duty paid on that merchandise.

Dates: 1799

Henry L. Philip Estate Inventory

 Collection — Consolidated Box P24, Folder: P-829
Identifier: P-829

Estate is signed by A.L. Philip.

Dates: 1829

Isaac Levy Bill of Lading

Identifier: P-439

This collection contains a bill of lading for Samuel Hart & Co., Philadelphia, signed by Isaac Levy.

Dates: 1847

Isaacks family (New York and Newport) papers

 Collection — Box CB-P8, Folder: P-280
Identifier: P-280

Collection contains the following: 2 items of Abraham Isaacks (d. 1743): deed for land in New Jersey and estate inventory; ship cargo listing countersigned by Sampson Mears Isaacks, official in Naval Office, New York City; and marriage settlement of Abraham M. Isaacks and Rebekah Simson.

Dates: undated, 1731-1815