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Manuscripts (documents)

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus

Found in 728 Collections and/or Records:

Salin Family Collection

Identifier: AR 5060
Abstract The collection consists of two manuscripts by Lothar Salin regarding the Salin family and the Jewish community of the small Bavarian town of Thuengen.
Dates: 1981

Sally Baron Collection

Identifier: AR 825
Abstract This collection contains a number of Kaiserslautern Rabbi Sally Baron's homiletic writings and notebooks, as well as a small number of his documents and papers.
Dates: 1850-1944

Sally Bodenheimer Collection

Identifier: AR 7169
Abstract The Sally Bodenheimer collection has a direct bearing on Jewish history in Germany and Austria throughout the 16th to 19th centuries and well into the middle of the 20th century. It encompasses manuscripts, rare printed documents, autograph letters, stamps, artwork (engravings), posters, broadsides, photographs, ex-libris, and various memorabilia.
Dates: 1494-1975


Identifier: AR 2360
Abstract Manuscript by Friedrich Thieberger, Salomo, typescript, 273 pages, in German, along with a bibliography and photo of Thieberger.
Dates: undated

Salomon Baer Spiro Collection

Identifier: AR 7055
Abstract The collection from the estate of Salomon Baer Spiro holds two volumes of bound manuscripts containing the Hebrew writings and religious interpretations of rabbis and community members in Silesia. Also included are explanatory notes for the manuscripts and one of its authors - Joseph the Preacher, as well as loose leaves found between the manuscript pages.
Dates: circa 1690-circa 1960; Majority of material found in 1600s-1800s

Salomon Samuel Collection

Identifier: LBIJER 36
Scope and Contents The first folder contains a two part typescript by Salomon Samuel, a reflection on the period of Jewish emancipation (5600-5700, i.e. circa 1840 to 1938) titled "5600-5700. Rueckblick auf ein Jahrhundert juedischer Weltenaera". In the first part (27 pp.) Samuel describes the historical events from the so called "Damascus affair" (1840) to the Évian Conference (1938), in the second part titled "Religioese und geistesgeschichtliche Entwicklung" (179 pp.) the Jewish religious and intellectual developments in the Era of emancipation.

The second folder contains a photocopied typescript titled "Einfuehrung", the introduction to Samuel's "Ein Lehrbuch juedischer Religion" (published in 1930) and a biographical article by Samuel's son Jochanan Samuel (1901-1976) titled "Rabbiner Dr. Salomon Samuel" published in: Muenster am Hellweg. 6/9 (June, 1978). pp. 81-88.
Dates: circa 1930-1978

Samuel Calmin Kohs papers

Identifier: P-90
Abstract The collection contains manuscript and published material pertaining to Kohs' career as a psychologist and social worker. Also included are lecture notes, bibliographies for academic courses, as well as personal memorabilia.
Dates: undated, 1916-1960

Samuel Echt - Bernhard Kamnitzer Collection

Identifier: AR 7016 / MF 569
Abstract Correspondence and materials by and about Kamnitzer and Echt on Danzig; personal materials on life in emigration; childhood memoirs in Danzig.
Dates: 1913-1970

Samuel L. Sumberg Collection

Identifier: AR 7285
Abstract In 1961 Samuel L. Sumberg received a grant from the Leo Baeck Institute in New York to work on a project entitled Jewish Directors of the German Stage. Included in the collection are his notes, writings, correspondence and printed materials related to the subject. This work was not published.
Dates: 1911-1970s

Samuel Meyer Ehrenberg Collection

Identifier: AR 4025
Abstract The Samuel Meyer Ehrenberg Collection contains correspondence in personal matters, a biographical manuscript and various documents concerning the family history.
Dates: 1763-1881; Majority of material found within 1806-1855

Sartorius Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25504
Abstract The Sartorius Family Collection holds documentation on the history of the Sartorius family, along with its related families. Most of the collection consists of family trees and correspondence concerning family genealogy, although memoirs and biographical articles are also present, as are a number of family photographs. The collection especially provides information on the family's origins in Germany and lives in the American South, including family members' service in the Confederate forces during the Civil War, in addition to some information on parts of the family who resided in France.
Dates: 1839-2009

Schermbeck Community Collection

Identifier: AR 5108
Abstract This collection consists primarily of photocopies, largely of materials pertaining to memorial and reconciliation events for the Jewish community of Schermbeck in the 1980s.
Dates: circa 1900-1988

Schmitten Jewish community collection

Identifier: AR 12008
Abstract The collection contains archival materials pertaining to past Jewish life in the town of Schmitten in Hesse, Germany and neighboring communities.
Dates: 1812-2013; Majority of material found within 2009-2013


Identifier: AR 2961 / MF 599
Abstract Handwritten fund raising book, German and Hebrew, with 700 names of various donors in multiple European cities.
Dates: Publication: 1838

Seligsohn Kroner Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25128
Abstract The Seligsohn Kroner Family Collection consists of material that reflects the life and work of the philosopher Richard J. Kroner (1884-1974), his wife Alice Kroner née Kauffmann (1885-1968), their daughter Gerda M. Seligsohn née Kroner (1909-2002), and their son-in-law Rabbi Rudolf Seligsohn (1909-1943). The collection primarily consists of correspondence relating to the emigration experiences of each of the family members. In addition, the collection contains personal documents, newspaper clippings, off-prints of the philosophical writings of Richard Kroner, photographs, a photo album, and a few paintings.
Dates: 1850-1990; Majority of material found within 1935-1974

Selke-Eissler Family Collection

Identifier: AR 10926 / MF 875
Abstract Material from the estate of Ruth and Kurt Eissler consisting of documents pertaining to the Eissler and Selke families. Material on Jenny Selke née Lewin including correspondence of Jenny and Ludwig Selke 1914-ca. 1933, Selke family correspondence 1930s-1940s, documents pertaining to emigration, vital documents and passports. Manuscripts and poetry by Ruth Selke Eissler and correspondence.
Dates: 1906-1999

Selma Stern-Taeubler Collection

Identifier: AR 7160 / MF 479
Abstract The Jewish historian and scholar Selma Stern-Taeubler was born in 1890 in Kippenheim, Baden, and was the first archivist of the American Jewish Archives. This collection is comprised of extensive research notes used by her in the preparation of her book Der Preußische Staat und die Juden (The Prussian State and the Jews). It also contains other material pertaining to her scholarly writing such as a few manuscripts, reviews of her works, and correspondence concerning publications of her writing. Some personal information is also available in the form of diaries and poetry, biographical clippings and obituaries, and a few photographs.
Dates: 1713-1995

Senta Gerstein Collection

Identifier: AR 6207
Abstract This collection contains the text of several speeches delivered by Senta Gerstein (née Meyer), as well as numerous award certificates for Gerstein's social work and a few letters of recommendation dating to her life in 1930s Hamburg.
Dates: 1930-1990

Shalom Adler-Rudel Collection

Identifier: LBIJER 159
Abstract The collection consists of 6 boxes and 46 folders.
Dates: 1918-1974

Shalom Schwarzbard Papers

Identifier: RG 85
Abstract The collection contains the papers of Shalom Schwarzbard (1886-1938), the Russian-born French Jewish watchmaker, revolutionary, writer and activist for Jewish self-defense. In May 1926 in Paris, Schwarzbard assassinated the exiled Ukrainian nationalist leader Simon Petlyura, whom he held responsible for the pogroms against the Jews in the Ukraine in 1918-1921. His trial in October 1927, at which he was acquitted, drew worldwide attention. The collection consists of correspondence, manuscripts of Shalom Schwarzbard's autobiographical writings, personal documents, clippings, and printed ephemera, as well as poems by Schwarzbard's wife Anna and others. Materials in this collection mostly relate to Shalom Schwarzbard's writings, his speaking engagements following his acquittal, and his efforts in the 1930s to organize Jewish war veterans and war victims of the First World War.
Dates: 1891, 1912-1958; Majority of material found within 1920-1937

Shloyme Rosenberg Collection

Identifier: P-712
Abstract The Shloyme Rosenberg Collection contains manuscripts and newspaper columns written by Rosenberg. Also included are some personal materials such as correspondence, certificates, and international documentation. Newspaper columns comprise the majority of the collection and are written under a variety of pseudonyms, including S.R. Berg, A. Prashker, I. Prashker, S. Prashker, Reb Shloyme, and Shrage. The manuscript and newspaper and journal publications series are divided into works written under Shloyme Rosenberg's own name and works written under any of his pseudonyms. A majority of the material is written in Yiddish, with some manuscripts translated into English and some articles in Hebrew. Yiddish titles have been transliterated and are arranged according to transliterated title.
Dates: undated, 1940-1977

Siegfried Altmann Collection

Identifier: AR 1788
Abstract The Siegfried Altmann Collection contains primarily his correspondence with various luminaries and other personalities, the International Red Cross, as well as materials pertaining to the Jewish Institute for the Blind in Hohe Warte, Vienna. Documents consist of a guestbook, a manuscript, articles, an obituary, autographs, and correspondence.
Dates: 1872-1963

Siegfried Fehl Collection

Identifier: AR 3665
Abstract The collection holds vital records, education certificates, private and professional correspondence, as well as other documents pertaining to the dentist Siegfried Fehl.
Dates: 1879-1955

Siegfried Jacoby Family Collection

Identifier: AR 6517 / MF 1016
Abstract This collection contains the papers of members of the Siegfried Jacoby family, depicting the family's private lives as well as their literary work. Most prominent among the papers here are many unpublished manuscripts, family correspondence, and Siegfried Jacoby's herbarium. There is also personal correspondence with others, some professional correspondence, official and personal papers, newspaper clippings, and a few notebooks and family photographs.
Dates: 1892-1991; Majority of material found within 1920-1939

Siegfried Ochs Collection

Identifier: AR 1932
Abstract This collection consists of a letter to editors of Vorwärts, a few music manuscripts (some sent as correspondence), personal correspondence, a publicity photo, clippings and programs for 25th anniversary of the Philharmonischer Chor Berlin, and a program for 'Euphonia.'
Dates: 1888-1922

Siegmund Salfeld Collection

Identifier: AR 7017
Abstract This collection documents the personal and professional life of the rabbi Siegmund Salfeld, who served in Dessau and Mainz. Although the major focus of the collection is on the rabbi himself, there is also some material on the Mainz Jewish community and correspondence exchanged with prominent Jewish individuals. The collection is composed of official documents, correspondence, manuscripts of articles and sermons, published works, and clippings.
Dates: 1854-1990

Sigismund and Jenny Asch correspondence

Identifier: AR 539
Abstract This collection contains the correspondence - in photocopied originals and typed transcripts - between Sigismund Asch (1825-1901) and his wife Jenny, née Bauer (1832-1907). The bulk was written 1867-1900; also included are transcribed courtship-letters from Sigismund Asch to Jenny Bauer in 1853, as well as a published article about Sigismund Asch.
Dates: 1853-1996; Majority of material found in 1853-1900

Silesia Jewish Community Collection

Identifier: AR 292
Abstract Various original materials and photocopies pertaining to the history of Jews in Silesia from the 19th century until 1938.
Dates: 1933-1985

Simon Dubnow Papers

Identifier: RG 87
Abstract This collection consists of materials gathered by Simon Dubnow, an influential political thinker, educator, writer, activist, and preeminent historian of Russian Jewry. The materials reflect central subjects of his historical research, such as communal organization, persecutions, and Hasidism, as well as pressing issues of his time, most significantly pogroms and the question of Jewish emancipation. Much of the material comprises information meticulously copied and sent to Dubnow by individuals throughout the Russian Empire for the purpose of aiding his research. The collection demonstrates Dubnow's importance in helping to establish the idea of Jewish ethnographic history.
Dates: 1632-1938; Majority of material found within 1700-1900

Simon Hirschland Family Collection

Identifier: AR 766
Abstract The Simon Hirschland Family Collection includes genealogical material about the Hirschland and Simon families. These materials were collected by Albert J. Phiebig.
Dates: 1937; 1959