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Family histories

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 18 Collections and/or Records:

C Theo Marx Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25207
Abstract The C. Theo Marx Family collection consists entirely of the materials used by C. Theo Marx for his book The Kohnstamm and Allied Families. By and large the materials collected here consist of photocopies form various archives and print-outs. Original materials consist of correspondence with archives and other research institution and other members of the Kohnstamm family, genealogical tables, photographs, manuscripts.
Dates: 1917-2004

The Dr. I. Edwin Goldwasser Papers

Identifier: P-1047
Content Description The Dr. I. Edwin Goldwasser Papers document the professional achievements and personal life of Dr. Goldwasser and his extended family. The bulk of the materials are related to his work as the first Executive Director of Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York, and his subsequent philanthropic activities. The collection also contains a series with genealogical materials related to the larger Goldwasser family, assembled by his descendants. There are drafts and notes on his various writings, both published and unpublished; essays on “Jewish Women of the Bible” and “Jewish Women at the Bar of History” are included in the collection, as is a copy of his published book Method and Methods in the Teaching of English.
Dates: 1900-2007

Edith Broch-Weisz Collection

Identifier: AR 10678
Abstract The collection consists of various types of documents - education, professional, immigration, and vital -, a large amount of photographs, and some correspondence.
Dates: 1846-2000

Ehrenberg-Rosenzweig Family Collection

Identifier: AR 4584 / MF 914
Abstract The collection contains correspondence among members of the Ehrenberg and Rosenzweig families, including let-ters from Franz Rosenzweig, Adam Rosenzweig, Philipp and Richard Ehrenberg, as well as with other parties, including Rudolph von Jhering, Betty Mauthner, Claire von Gluemer, Jacob Freudenthal and, in copies only, Leopold and Adelheid Zunz and Heinrich Heine. Also included are engagement contracts, marriage banns, school curricula and certificates, character refer-ences, eulogies, family histories, and other documents concerning family members. This material also reflects much of the history of the Samsonschule in Wolfenbuettel of which members of the Ehrenberg family were principals.
Dates: 1772-1930

Gerda Dittmann Collection

Identifier: AR 10484
Abstract The Gerda Dittmann Collection includes personal and business materials pertaining to the Dittmann and Ottensooser families and consists of correspondence, personal, business, and legal documents, clippings, poetry, and notebooks.
Dates: 1889-1979

Gersuny Family Collection

Identifier: AR 7271/MF 754
Abstract The collection consists of papers of the members of the Gersuny family form Teplitz, Bohemia (now Teplice, Czech Republic). It documents the history of the family, their involvement with real estate, trading, and other types of business. Included here are business records, financial records, personal and business correspondence, vital documents, and personal documents.
Dates: 1777-1950s; Majority of material found within 1838-1935

Gustav Beck Collection

Identifier: AR 25290
Abstract The Gustav Beck Collection includes materials documenting Gustav Beck's genealogical efforts, personal correspondence, documents, memoirs, and a large amount of photo albums.
Dates: 1882-2007

Hans David Blum Research Collection

Identifier: AR 25360
Abstract The Hans David Blum Research Collection documents his research on the Jews of Breisach and his ancestors that culminated in a book entitled Juden in Breisach, that was published in 1998. The collection includes Hans David Blums’s research materials such as printed materials, documents (mostly copies), correspondence with archives and individuals, genealogical charts and tables, lists, and a large amount of notes.
Dates: 1832-2000; Majority of material found within 1960s-2000

Hymes Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25172
Abstract This collection contains documents regarding the lives of those in the Hymes Family.
Dates: 1879-1950

Loewentheil Family and Brevda Family Genealogy

 Collection — Consolidated Box P26, Folder: P-921
Identifier: P-921
Abstract The collection contains a family member-written biographical and narrative genealogy of the Loewentheil and Brevda families entitled, An American Dream: The Story of the Loewentheils and the Brevdas in America, documenting the family slightly before their arrival in America prior to 1906 to approximately to 2003. The text is 125 pages long and includes family historical narrative and color photograph pages. The author is Stephen Loewentheil. Photograph pages include family members, death certificates, transcripts, correspondence, and ephemera. The narrative weaves the Loewentheil's and Brevda's family history from the viewpoint of an immigrant family in America.
Dates: undated

Lotte Strauss Collection

Identifier: AR 25287 / MF 938
Abstract The Lotte Strauss Collection documents Lotte and Herbert Strauss’ efforts to leave Germany, their experience in Switzerland and the fate of Lotte Strauss’ family during World War II. The collection includes clippings, eye-witness accounts, personal and official correspondence, vital, and immigration documents, lists, photographs, audio-visual materials, reports, and manuscripts.
Dates: 1868, 1933-2005; Majority of material found in 1933-2005

Ludwig Rosenthal Collection

Identifier: AR 7282
Abstract The Ludwig Rosenthal Collection includes Ludwig Rosenthal’s writings as well as genealogical materials on the Rosenthal family.
Dates: 1872-1873, 1941-1980s

Moos-Moore Family Collection

Identifier: AR 3127
Abstract The Moos-Moore Family Collection includes materials pertaining to the history of the Moos-Moore family and other closely associated families. The bulk of the collection consists of materials comprising the unpublished book Erinnerungen eines Konstanzer by Samuel Moos. Materials for Moos’ unpublished book include family correspondence and correspondence with other researchers and archives, photographs, original family documents, manuscripts (drafts), clippings, genealogical charts and family trees. Materials collected here are predominantly original documents.
Dates: 1832-1984

Papers of Michael Bernet

Identifier: AR 25416
Abstract The Michael Bernet Collection includes genealogical materials pertaining to Bernet and other related families from areas around Nuernberg and Fuerth in Germany Materials were collected to establish a Standard Pedigree Tree for Manfred Michael Bernet. They consist of copies of original documents from various archives, some family correspondence, printed materials such as clippings as well as copies of the Nuernberg/Fuerth Newsletter.
Dates: 1928, 1989-2007

Paula Baum Family Collection

Identifier: AR 1314
Abstract This collection documents the life and work of the Paula Baum family. The earliest contents are legal documents from the 18th century. Other material documents the work of David Reiss (1869-1954), who served as Community President in Elmshorn, the emigration of family members, and private and business correspondence. There is also information about the Jewish community of Elsmhorn in the 1930s.
Dates: 1776-1982

Ralph Bettelheim Collection

Identifier: AR 25359
Abstract The Ralph Bettelheim Collection includes materials documenting Ralph Bettelheim’s involvement with the Committee for Fair Play in Sports working towards boycotting the Olympic Games in Germany in 1936 and genealogical materials on the Bettelheim family. Included in the collection are correspondence, brochures, and clippings, copies of vital documents, genealogical charts and family trees.
Dates: 1940s-2002

Simon Hirschland Family Collection

Identifier: AR 766
Abstract The Simon Hirschland Family Collection includes genealogical material about the Hirschland and Simon families. These materials were collected by Albert J. Phiebig.
Dates: 1937; 1959

Walter Hochstadter Collection

Identifier: AR 25344 / MF 1051
Abstract Materials comprising the Walter Hochstadter Collection are quite fragmentary in nature and give us only a rather patchy understanding of the history of the Hochstadter family and Walter Hochstadter’s professional activities. Included here are correspondence, photographs, and printed materials
Dates: 1876-2002; Majority of material found within 1900s-1970s