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Jewish soldiers

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 85 Collections and/or Records:

Noah Benevolent Society Records

Identifier: I-186
Abstract The Noah Benevolent Society (1849-1980), named after Judge Mordechai M. Noah, provided mutual relief for members, their wives and orphans, and helped with internment costs and burial plots at Cypress Hills and other New York cemeteries. The Society also provided relief for Jews in Morocco and Jerusalem and donated funds to several Jewish charitable institutions as well as the Association for the Advancement of Blind Children. The Society disbanded in 1980 due to dwindling membership. The records of the Noah Benevolent Society contain membership minutes and books, donation and financial records, constitutions and by-laws, newsletters, memorabilia, and photographs.
Dates: undated, 1852-1979

Nones family of Philadelphia papers

Identifier: P-5
Abstract Contains materials from David B. Nones (1783-1837), Benjamin Nones (1757-1826), and Joseph B. Nones (1797-1887). Materials of David Nones are three letters, dated 1810, to his parents, in which David asks for approval of his marriage to a non-Jew, promises her conversion, and describes his cargo's seizure in Cophenhagen; one letter, dated 1825, to David's son, Joseph, offering fatherly advice, two letters, dated 1824, from David's sister Esther and Solomon Jacobs of Richmond, Va., recommending the health spa at Whiter Sulphur Springs; two letters in Spanish, dated 1824 and 1829, from David's brother-in-law, Felix C. Rossi of Cadiz, and a nephew, Chinaud, in Cuba discussing the heavy emigration from Europe to America and their own projected trips to Cuba and the U.S.; and three letters, dated 1829, describing David's settlement of claims against the French from Napoloenic times and U.S. legislation. Materials of Benjamin Nones are three legal documents signed by Nones as a notary public in Philadelphia, and photocopies of letters from Nones to his son, Joseph, and from Joseph to his mother regarding his marriage to Eveline DeLeon. Legal documents are dated 1803-1823; letters are dated 1822-1823. Materials of Joseph Nones include a manuscript biography of experiences in the U.S. Navy during which time Nones served as private secretary to Henry Clay at the negotiations of the Treaty of Ghent. Also includes biographies of Albert Gallatin, Jonathan Russell, and John Lawrence.
Dates: 1803-1829

Prölsdorfer - Lederman Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25554
Abstract This collection documents the Prölsdorfer and Lederman families, of Gerolzhofen and Neckarsteinach, Germany and the United States.
Dates: 1915-2013

Ralph Lager World War II Correspondence

Identifier: P-820
Abstract Lager's correspondence to his family begins with his training in Camp Gordon, GA and Camp Campbell, KY; continues with his service in Italy; and ends with his admission into an Italian hospital.
Dates: 1943-1945, 1984

Records of the Krotoszyn Jewish Community Council

Identifier: RG 14
Abstract The collection comprises a portion of the records of the Jewish community of Krotoszyn, known in German as Krotoschin. The records span the years 1828 to 1919, when the town was part of the Posen (Poznań) region of Prussia and, after 1871, of the German Empire; in 1919, it became part of newly independent Poland. The records are mainly those of the Jewish communal administration, or council, of Krotoschin, along with some records kept by communal voluntary associations, or, in one instance, the teacher of the Jewish elementary school. The collection consists predominantly of correspondence and minutes, with inclusion in some periods of documents such as tax lists and lists of eligible voters; records concerning charitable aid to community members and donations to external causes; and other types of documents, including insurance policies, mortgage records, debt repayment plan, and drawings/plans of property. Highlights include records related to property damage in a town fire of 1827; documentation of income and expenses for the year 1835; records of communal elections, 1834-1872; correspondence concerning marriages, 1838-1841, and requests for death certificates, 1834-1858; a small amount of material pertaining to the religious school, circa 1880s-1902; correspondence with regimental commanders of the German army regarding Jewish soldiers from the Krotoschin area, 1891-1910; applications for the position of rabbi, 1895, and cantor/shochet, 1904-1910; and continuous proceedings of the communal council in the period 1905 to 1913.
Dates: 1828-1919

Records of the National Jewish Welfare Board Military Chaplaincy

Identifier: I-249
Abstract The National Jewish Welfare Board Military Chaplaincy Records document the evolution and activities of NJWB’s military chaplaincy agency, which was known as the Commission on Army and Navy Religious Activities (CANRA) from 1942 to 1947, as the Division of Religious Activities (DRA) from 1947 to 1953, and then as the Commission on Jewish Chaplaincy (CJC) after 1953, during the Executive Directorship of Aryeh Lev (1946-1975) and Philip Bernstein (1942-1946). The collection also consists of Aryeh Lev’s records during his service as assistant to the Office of the Chief of Chaplains of the Army (1940-1945), as well as Lev’s personal papers. Most broadly, the collection chronicles the role of Jewish chaplaincy and Jewish participation in the U.S. military effort from WWII to the Vietnam War. Subjects addressed include the establishment of Judaism as one of the major faiths in the U.S. military, patterns of observance among service members, and post-WWII relief work by Jewish chaplains on behalf of displaced persons. Materials include minutes, reports, correspondence, speeches, sermons, autobiographical writings, photographs, questionnaires and printed materials.
Dates: 1917-1983

Reichsbund Juedischer Frontsoldaten Collection

Identifier: AR 3243
Abstract The collection contains primarily circulars pertaining to the German organization of Jewish soldiers who fought in World War I.
Dates: 1925-1975

Richard Michel Collection

Identifier: AR 25481
Abstract The Richard Michel Collection contains twenty-eight photocopied pages of Richard Michel's World War I diary (March to April, 1915), accompanied by thirteen World War I maps displaying information such as enemy positions, terrain and railroads.
Dates: 1915-1918

Rumänisches Tagebuch

Identifier: DM 136
Abstract Typewritten diary by Sigwart Cahnmann, describing a trip with his military unit of the Bavarian army in 1917, travelling primarily by train through Rumania. He details the villages that he passed through, commenting on their residents, their behaviors, looks, and ethnicities, as well as local events and food.
Dates: 1917

Samuel Stein papers

 Collection — Consolidated Box P22, Folder: P-758
Identifier: P-758
Abstract Composed of copies of V-mail Stein and Assistant Chaplain Emanuel M. Honig sent to Stein's parents in 1944. Includes a photograph of Stein in New London, CT.
Dates: undated, 1944

Sartorius Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25504
Abstract The Sartorius Family Collection holds documentation on the history of the Sartorius family, along with its related families. Most of the collection consists of family trees and correspondence concerning family genealogy, although memoirs and biographical articles are also present, as are a number of family photographs. The collection especially provides information on the family's origins in Germany and lives in the American South, including family members' service in the Confederate forces during the Civil War, in addition to some information on parts of the family who resided in France.
Dates: 1839-2009

Satterlee U.S.A. General Hospital, West Philadelphia lithograph

Identifier: I-472
Abstract This collection contains one colored lithograph portraying a bird's eye view of the army hospital. Israel I. Hayes is listed as the Commanding Surgeon. The lithograph was published by James D. Gay.
Dates: 1864

Schickler-Rosenbaum Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25736
Abstract The Schickler-Rosenbaum Family Collection documents primarily the life of Harry Schickler during his service in World War I for the German Army, by holding his written memoires and photographs. The collection also contains photographs of the Schickler and Rosenbaum families; various or unidentified photographs; and other documents.
Dates: 1914-1997; Majority of material found within 1915-1919

Seligman Solomon Society Records

Identifier: I-6
Abstract The Society was named after "Papa" Seligman Solomon (1822-1884), a German Jewish immigrant who accumulated wealth in New York real estate. Retiring at age 38, Solomon devoted his time to works of charity, particularly in the care of orphans at the Hebrew Orphans Asylum (HOA) in New York. When Solomon died, a group of alumni from the HOA formed the Society to carry on Solomon's work. The group perpetuated Solomon's memory, helped orphans, and performed charitable works. Members included Louis Freund, Max Kaufman, Charles Herman, Edward Lauterbach, and bandleader Edwin Franko Goldman. The Society eventually merged with another group of alumni, The Academy Alumni, to form the HOA Association in 1956. The collection includes correspondence from Jewish World War I soldiers as well as other correspondence, Society member lists, photographs, a Souvenir Journal, and minutes.
Dates: 1912-1922

Simon Levy Army Morning Report

 Collection — Consolidated Box P13, Folder: Collection P-454
Identifier: P-454
Abstract This collection contais a Morning Report for July 28, 1863, in which Levy reports the number of soldiers under his command in the Independent Battalion N.Y. Volunteers, stationed at Camp Folly Island, S.C.
Dates: 1863

Sol Grossbard papers

 Collection — Consolidated Box P4, Folder: P-151
Identifier: P-151
Abstract Collection consists of: a typescript written by Grossbard while serving in the Signal Corps with the U.S. Expeditionary Forces in Siberia, 1918-1919, which critiques the attitudes and policies of the Allies towards Russia, the various political groups which led to the Allies' intervention in Siberia in 1918, and how these shared Russian attitudes toward each of the Allies and contributed to the final outcome of the Allies' venture in Russia. Grossbard also presents his views regarding the steps he thought the U.S. should have taken to have put in place a stable democratic Russian government.
Dates: 1919

Papers of the Solis-Cohen Family

Identifier: P-642
Abstract Family papers of the American Sephardic Solis and Cohen families, composed of materials created through circa. 19860, through to the 1930s, with some additional materials prior to and after the time period. Contains correspondence, diaries, journals, medical papers, and eulogies of the family; materials relating to Zionist and Jewish organizations in the United States and abroad; genealogical research and correspondence of several famous Jewish personas; and artifacts, art work and other ephemera.
Dates: undated, 1808-1990

Strasburger family (New York, N.Y.) papers

 Collection — Consolidated Box P6, Folder: P-217
Identifier: P-217
Abstract Contains a certified copy of the declaration of intent to be naturalized by Louis Strasburger in Rochester, N.Y., 1854, and the citizenship paper issued to him in 1866 in New York City. Also contains a document showing Strasburger to be a member of the New York State Militia, 1856, and discharge paper, 1865. Contains three letters from Strasburger to his fiance, Lenore Wertheimer, their marriage certificate signed by Gustav Gottheil, rabbi of Temple Emanu-El, New York City, and messages of congratulations. Also included is Strasburger's calling card and a small needlepoint on punched card.
Dates: 1854-1888

Sylvan M. Dubow collection on Otto Mears

Identifier: P-781
Abstract This collection contains research Sylvan Dubow accumulated for an article on Otto Mears. In addition to articles and an obituary on Mears, Mears' military service and pension record from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is available. Copies of archival documents also include annual reports of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs (1873, 1879-1882), an annual reportof the Secretary of War (1880), documents from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (1882-1883), an official compilation of the Navajo Campaign in New Mexico (1889), and the incorporation papers for the Chesapeake Railway Company. Additional material consists of Dubow's correspondence and notes concerning his research, his article "Simon Wolf: Champion of the American Jewish Fighting Men," and articles regarding a California War Paper (1861), the general and Jewish history of Colorado and New Mexico, and the Civil War in the Southwest.
Dates: undated, 1970-1971

Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America Records

Identifier: I-66
Abstract Collection documents the activities and missions of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America (UOJCA), primarily during the presidencies of William Weiss (1933-1942), Samuel Nirenstein (1942-1948), Moses Feuerstein (1954-1965), and Rabbi Pinchas Stolper’s tenure as Executive Vice President (1976-1994).

Founded in 1898, the UOJCA, also known as the Orthodox Union, serves as the leader, organizer, and voice of affiliated Orthodox Jewish congregations in North America. Divisions of the UOJCA reflected most prominently in the collection include the National Conference of Synagogue Youth, the Women’s Branch, the Kashruth Division, the Department of Synagogue Services, the Israel Center, as well as regional branches.

Subjects addressed in the collection include Sabbath and high holiday observance, dietary laws, Baal Teshuva, slaughterhouse legislation, funeral standards, education, and synagogue management and outreach. Materials include correspondence, minutes, clippings, speeches, UOJCA publications, financial documents, and a few photographs.
Dates: 1911-1915, 1925-1997; Majority of material found within 1933 - 1992

Uriah P. Levy Collection

Identifier: P-43
Abstract Uriah Phillips Levy rose to the rank of Commodore in the United States Navy despite religious hostility. He succeeded in abolishing corporal punishment in the Navy, and is credited for preserving Thomas Jefferson's estate, Monticello. His papers consist of correspondence, financial and legal records, publications, papers, newspaper articles, a notebook, and a book.
Dates: undated, 1787-1948, 1959, 1961, 1985, 2005

Vera Meyer Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25075
Abstract This collection documents the lives of Vera Meyer's family members, especially her parents, Alfred and Eva Meyer, but also involving her grandparents and uncles. Prominent in the collection are the many family photographs and copies of family correspondence, including immigration and wartime letters. Other material consists of some biographical essays and a family tree.
Dates: 1890-2000; Majority of material found within 1916-1949

Vivian White Soboleski papers

Identifier: P-772
Abstract Collection consists of papers pertaining to Vivian White Soboleski and the White family, including: Vivian White Flaxer's divorce papers; copies of Vivian White Soboleski and her second husband Jospeh Soboleski's last will and testament; Vivian White Soboleski's Russian emigration papers; and Vivian White Soboleski's father's, Philip White (1865-1926), who immigrated from London in 1892, New Hampshire citizenship declaration.

Also included are Vivian's brother, Abraham White's (1888-1971) US citizenship papers; birth certificate; death records; his World War I promotion, recommendations, and discharge papers; and two copies of his "So We May Not Forget" journal regarding his time in the World War I Air Service 1st Squadron, 1st Provisional Regiment.

Materials relating to Vivian's sister, Leah White Horwitz, include: report cards; class promotion information; photographs from her time Radcliffe College; and an extensive file on her son, Henry M. Horwitz, who was killed in World War II. Regarding Henry M. Horwitz, the collection includes his high school and college commencement programs, V-mail letters, the telegram reporting "missing in action," a photograph of his French gravesite, and eulogies.

White family histories and a family tree, written by Vivian White Soboleski, consists of information on the above family members as well as her cousins.
Dates: undated, 1896, 1900-1986

William Werner Bloch Collection

Identifier: AR 25619
Abstract The William Werner Bloch Collection documents chapters in the life of William Werner Bloch, especially his involvement as an American soldier in World War II, as well as the history of his family and the claim for compensation against Germany after World War II.
Dates: 1918-1998; Majority of material found within 1933-1960

Willy May Collection

Identifier: AR 49
Abstract The collection contains documents pertaining to the Willy May, Salomon Kahn, Herz Levi, and Auerbach-Ehrlich families. Included are documents pertaining to Willy May's work as a butcher, his service in World War I, and the civilian war work of May and his wife Martha May née Levi during World War II; documents pertaining to the military service of Salomon Kahn and Julius Kahn; documents pertaining to work the as butchers of Levi Levi II and his son Hermann Levi, as well as genealogy of their family in Griesheim; and family tree of the Auerbach-Ehrlich family from 1600 to the early 20th century, including birth and death dates and locations.
Dates: 1858-1944