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Leipzig (Germany)

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 26 Collections and/or Records:

Ahlfeld-Zeitlin Family Collection

Identifier: AR 4733
Abstract Three volumes of Fritz Zeitlin's correspondence sent from the front, and a short notebook containing genealogical information on the Ahlfeld-Zeitlin families.
Dates: 1844-1916

Deportations to Riga Collection

Identifier: AR 25096
Abstract This collection comprises deportation lists from several German cities to Riga.
Dates: 1941-1942

Edward Luft Collection

Identifier: AR 6957
Abstract Various articles, excerpts, maps, and books related to the Jewish community in Posen/Poznan, collected by Edward Luft.
Dates: 1698-2009

Ernst Bloch Collection

Identifier: AR 219 / MF 692 / MF 998
Abstract Clippings; photos; obituaries; article by Bloch: "Heimat und Friede" on patriotism.
Dates: 1934-1980

Fein Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25171
Abstract This collection consists mostly of correspondence between the Fein family and Fein & Co. relating to the Fein family's immigration to the U.S. There are also letters and documents about the death of Sigmund Fein and the return of Anselm Feuerbach's painting Maedchenkopf
Dates: 1872-1990; Majority of material found within 1930-1990

Frank families collection.

Identifier: AR 11941
Abstract Writings (all photocopies) by Richard Frank and his sister, Hedwig Ems, as well as by Reinhard Frank.
Dates: [unknown]

Fred Grubel Collection

Identifier: AR 3695 / MF 1020
Abstract Personal and professional documents of Fred Grubel relating to his work in the Jewish community in Leipzig and later on in the Leo Baeck Institute.
Dates: 1883-1999; Majority of material found within 1920-1997

Georg Steindorff Collection

Identifier: AR 10029
Abstract The collections contains Georg Steindorff's 1937 journal, calendars, various photographs and some biographical data.
Dates: 1937-1972; Majority of material found within 1937-1947

Gunter J. Neumann Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25570
Abstract The collection holds papers, photographs, notes and documents pertaining to three generations of the Neumann family.
Dates: 1899-2001; Majority of material found in 1928-1940, 1964-1993

Hanna de Mieses Collection

Identifier: AR 4644
Abstract The collection holds papers of the Mieses and related families, including family correspondence, business documents and photographs. Included are letters of the chess master Jacques Mieses (1865-1954); the private and business correspondence of Adolph Koritzer, a fur trader in Leipzig, and his fiancée, Nanny Herzberg, 1856-1859; engagement letters of Marcus Pflaum and Emilie Hoeter-Hirsch, 1833; and correspondence and manuscripts of the literary historian Friedrich Gundolf (1880-1931).
Dates: 1833-1981

Jung-Juedischer Club Collection

Identifier: AR 7126
Abstract The collection contains documents and correspondence related to the Jung-Juedischer Club from Leipzig. Prominent topics in this collection are the organizational structures of the club, its activities and membership. The collection comprises organizational documents, such as bylaws, a vast amount of minutes from the Club's monthly meetings and an ample amount of correspondence to and from the club.
Dates: 1928-1930

Leipzig Jewish Community Collection

Identifier: AR 2167
Abstract This collection includes various material concerning the Jewish Community in Leipzig. It contains administrative files and correspondence from the Third Reich as well as lists of deportations. It also contains speeches and essays about Jewish life in Leipzig.
Dates: 1422-1997; Majority of material found within 1925-1968

Leipziger Mendelssohn-Kolloquium Collection

Identifier: AR 6551
Abstract The collection comprises materials related to the Mendelssohn colloquium held in Leipzig in 1993 at which Fred Grubel presented a paper: Die Mendelssohns: Geschichte einer Familie. Materials include Grubel's manuscript, drafts of the same, research notes, and program.
Dates: undated

Mankiewitz Family Collection

Identifier: AR 722
Abstract Official and vital documents and family papers pertaining to the Mankiewitz and Magnus families of Mühlhausen, Leipzig, and Berlin.
Dates: 1806-1972; Majority of material found within 1806-1935

Martin Drucker Collection

Identifier: AR 5556
Abstract This collection contains summaries of archival materials as well as speeches on the life of Martin Drucker, a prominent Leipzig attorney who was permitted to practice law until 1944 despite his Jewish ancestry.
Dates: 1901-1989

Max Breit Collection

Identifier: LBIJER 464
Abstract Personal documents and photographs of the extended Breit family.
Dates: 1863-1957

Max Jacobson Family Collection

Identifier: AR 3793
Abstract This collection contains Max Jacobson's family papers, as well as a substantial number of materials related to the Jacobson family's internment in the Theresienstadt concentration camp and to Max Jacobson's life as a displaced person in Germany in 1945.
Dates: 1864-1946

Prager Family Collection

Identifier: LBIJER 372
Abstract The collection contains various documents pertaining to Rabbi Dr. Isaac Prager and his son the psychiatrist Dr. Joseph Prager.
Dates: 1863-1998

Renate Bridenthal Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25810
Abstract The Renate Bridenthal Family Collection primarily documents the lives and especially the emigration experiences of Renate Bridenthal's parents, Elchunon and Irene Rubin. Papers of Irene Rubin are prominent in the collection and include restitution correspondence and her writing. Documents related to Renate and her brother Harribald's early lives and emigration is are also present. The collection consists of extensive personal and restitution correspondence, official documents, newspaper clippings regarding Irene Rubin's death, drafts of her writing, and three albums.
Dates: 1891-2016; Majority of material found within 1930-1963

Rimalower Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25529
Abstract The bulk of the collection contains letters to Harry Rimalower in Argentina from his parents and other family members in Leipzig, Germany, (1936-1940). Included in the letters are updates on family members and friends in Germany, discussion of the ever-worsening situation there, and discussion of efforts to facilitate the emigration of Harry Rimalower's parents from Germany. English-language translations of several letters are included. Also included is a brief history of the Eppstein family of Mannheim and a family tree of the Bernhard Solomon family from the 17th century to 1937, with birth and death dates and locations.
Dates: 1936-2002

Robitscher Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25012 / MF 880
Abstract The Robitscher collection roughly covers a period beginning in the early 20th century to the mid 70’s. The bulk consists of a huge volume of correspondence concerning Thomas’ efforts to gain U.S. citizenship and a substantial amount of correspondence dealing with restitution claims. Most of the collection deals with Thomas, with smaller portions allotted to his mother, Magdalena Robitscher-Hahn, and his common-law wife Anne Kelemen.
Dates: 1910-1970

Schild-Scheier family collection

Identifier: AR 6263
Abstract Official documents pertaining mainly to the estate of the fur broker Werner Schild (1901-1976), including vital and educational records, correspondence, immigration and restitution papers. Also included are documents for his wife, Suzanne (Susanne) Schild née Scheier, and also their son, Frank Schild.
Dates: 1905-1985

Spiegler-Weinrauch Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25328
Abstract This collection contains personal papers and a 2003 questionnaire of John (formerly Hans) Spiegler as well as correspondence of his wife Meta Weinrauch’s family prior to and following their immigration to the United States in 1941. Also included are letters from Herman(n) Felber.
Dates: 1938-1956, 2003

Stanton Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25893
Abstract The Stanton Family Collection contains documents, correspondence, and photographs representing several centuries of Henry Stanton’s German-Jewish ancestors from the Sobernheim, Hinrichsen, Bütow, Bendix, Reiche, Abraham, Goldschmidt, Bleichröder, and Mond families. Family histories by Stanton based upon these materials are also included.
Dates: undated, 1815-2018

Thekla Stein Nordwind Collection

Identifier: AR 25316 / MF 888
Abstract The collection contains materials related to Thekla Stein Nordwind as well as prominent family members, such as Rudolf Callman (former board member of the LBI), Gustav Kirstein (publisher and art collector), Edith Jacobson (psychoanalyst and friend of Anna Freud's), and Reinhold Baer (mathematician).
Dates: 1920-1997

Verband Ehemaliger Leipziger in Israel Collection

Identifier: LBIJER 465
Abstract Documents pertaining to Irgun Olei Leipzig (Verband Ehemaliger Leipziger – Association of Leipzig Immigrants) in Israel.
Dates: 1953-1956, 1992-1993