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Hesse (Germany)

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 23 Collections and/or Records:

Arthur Levi Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25049
Abstract This collection contains genealogical tables and family histories of the Levi and Dorfzaun families, as compiled by Arthur Levi. It also contains photocopies of legal documents from the 19th century and family photos.
Dates: 1817-2001; Majority of material found within 1994-2001

Betty and Morris Moser Collection

Identifier: AR 25497
Abstract This collection consists of letters to Betty and Morris (Moritz) Moser and their daughter Lore in New York from friends and family in Germany. The primary topic is the search for emigration opportunities.
Dates: 1937-1958; Majority of material found within 1938

Bueding Family Collection

Identifier: AR 7265
Abstract The Bueding family papers contain handwritten and printed original documents of the Bueding, Goldschmidt, Cohnheim and Mardorf families in Kassel, Hesse, including royal commissions, letters of protection, business matters, and family histories. They also hold documentation collected by the Bueding family about Jewish history in Kassel, especially about the history of French Jews, from the Middle Ages until the 19th century.
Dates: 1745-1926

Deborah Hertz research collection

Identifier: AR 5393
Abstract Various archival materials from archives in Hesse, Nuremberg, Trier, Oldenburg, Regensburg, Maarburg, Mecklenburg, Frankfurt, Cologne, and Luebeck, pertaining mainly to the history of conversion and assimilation of Jews in Germany. The materials were collected by Deborah Hertz for her research on the book “How Jews Became Germans”.
Dates: 1216-1943

Elizabeth Strauss Plaut Collection

Identifier: AR 25309
Abstract This collection contains the genealogical research of Elizabeth Strauss Plaut. Papers to be found here include extensive correspondence, family trees, and research notes on the genealogy of the Plaut and Strauss families.
Dates: 1738-2006; Majority of material found within 1973-1999

Ella Werner Collection

Identifier: AR 3079
Abstract This collection contains family papers and several items such as articles and flyers documenting the Jüdischer Frauenbund (Jewish Women's Association) in Frankfurt and elsewhere.
Dates: 1744-1963

Ernest R. Stiefel Family Collection

Identifier: AR 3591
Abstract This collection represents a lifetime of genealogical research by Ernst R. Stiefel about his family history. Files about individuals and families contain documents that are almost entirely photocopies from various German archives. Various family trees and photocopies of articles about Jews in Germany are also in this collection.
Dates: 1668-1999

Gelnhausen, Jewish Community Collection

Identifier: AR 6397
Abstract The collection consists mainly of the correspondence of Johanna Boetz, Richard Scheuer and the city of Gelnhausen about its Jewish community in general and particularly about the rededication of the local synagogue on September 25, 1986. Also included are press releases and newsletters, manuscripts such as "Das Schicksal der Juden im Main-Kinzig-Kreis, Jugendliche suchen eine Erklaerung," and clippings.
Dates: 1981-1993

Goldschmidt Family Collection, Oberlistingen.

Identifier: AR 10457 / MF 646
Abstract Genealogical information for the Goldschmidt family, descendants of Meyer Goldschmidt (1787-1858) from Oberlistingen, xeroxes of photographs.
Dates: undated, 1999

Guides to other archives

Identifier: AR 25054
Abstract Guides to archives and special collections in the USA, Europe and Israel that were sent to and/or collected by LBI archivists over the years.
Dates: 1932-1998

Hesse Decrees Collection

Identifier: AR 25198 / MF 647
Abstract Collection of decrees mainly related to the Jews of Hesse and Frankfurt am Main in particular.
Dates: 1705-1804

Ivan Wolff Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25154
Abstract The main content of this collection consists of materials documenting the genealogical research of Dr. Ivan A. Wolff. The bulk the material is correspondence with archives and genealogy institutes, as well as friends and relatives concerning Dr. Wolff’s ancestors and family history in Germany. The collection also contains papers relating to his research, including birth, death and marriage certificates, photographs, newspaper articles and family trees, specifically about his mother’s relatives from small towns such as Bebra, Pfungstadt, Essingen, Alsbach, Morschen, Binsfoert and Niederstein, all located in the state of Hesse. A study of Jewish cemeteries of this region as well as books and pamphlets concerning general genealogical research can also be found in the collection.
Dates: 1808-1999; Majority of material found within 1952-1998

Jacob Jacobson Collection

Identifier: AR 7002 / MF 447 / MF 134
Abstract Records of several Jewish communities assembled by Jacob Jacobson.
Dates: 1450-1988

Joan Glanz Rimmon Collection

Identifier: AR 6653
Abstract This collection contains genealogical information on the family of Joan Glanz Rimmon.
Dates: 1838-2004

Julia and David Hoexter Correspondence Collection

Identifier: AR 25241
Abstract The Julia and David Hoexter Correspondence Collection contains the courtship correspondence of this couple in addition to some later letters and some letters of others, including of family members.
Dates: 1881-1888; 2006

Julius Voehl Collection

Identifier: AR 5820 / MF 917
Abstract School documents; reports; photos. Letters from World War I (Feldpostbriefe). Diaries from World War I
Dates: 1895-

Kassel Jewish Community Collection

Identifier: AR 454
Abstract This collection contains clippings, photocopied documents, a bibliography, and manuscripts pertaining to the history of Kassel and its Jewish community.
Dates: 1827-2004

Ludwig Rosenthal Collection

Identifier: AR 7282
Abstract The Ludwig Rosenthal Collection includes Ludwig Rosenthal’s writings as well as genealogical materials on the Rosenthal family.
Dates: 1872-1873, 1941-1980s

Norbert Stern Family Collection

Identifier: AR 11975
Abstract Various documents pertaining to Jewish families in Hesse, Germany.
Dates: 1846-1950

Papers of Michael Bernet

Identifier: AR 25416
Abstract The Michael Bernet Collection includes genealogical materials pertaining to Bernet and other related families from areas around Nuernberg and Fuerth in Germany Materials were collected to establish a Standard Pedigree Tree for Manfred Michael Bernet. They consist of copies of original documents from various archives, some family correspondence, printed materials such as clippings as well as copies of the Nuernberg/Fuerth Newsletter.
Dates: 1928, 1989-2007

Paula Brandes Family Collection

Identifier: AR 781
Abstract Letters from her parents and siblings, collected by Paula Brandes, 1892-1903. The letters were primarily sent from the small town of Oberaula, with some of them coming from Frankfurt/Main, Hannover, Harburg, Langenschwalbach, Paris, Soest, and Wolfenbuettel.
Dates: 1892-1903

Schmitten Jewish community collection

Identifier: AR 12008
Abstract The collection contains archival materials pertaining to past Jewish life in the town of Schmitten in Hesse, Germany and neighboring communities.
Dates: 1812-2013; Majority of material found within 2009-2013

Volkmarsen Jewish community collection

Identifier: AR 5803
Abstract The collection consists of documents about Jews in the town of Volkmarsen, Germany.
Dates: 1986-2008