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Genealogical tables

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus

Found in 489 Collections and/or Records:

Itzig Family Collection

Identifier: AR 4191 MF 1234
Abstract The Itzig Family Collection contains papers documenting the history and genealogy of the Itzig and related families. Particularly prominent are the careers and significant achievements of Daniel Itzig (1722-1799) and his son Isaac Daniel Itzig (1750-1806). The collection includes family trees, many photocopies of official certificates and letters, an unpublished typescript for a book on Isaac Daniel Itzig and a few copies of photographs of family members.
Dates: 1760-1983; Majority of material found within 1780-1900

Jack Ruppel Collection

Identifier: AR 25336
Abstract This collection contains personal papers from the Simson and Ruppel families of Gotha, Germany as well as materials from the restitution claims made by the family members. The bulk of the materials relate to Jack Ruppel and his mother Margarete née Simson. Materials include family trees, personal correspondence, vital records, identification papers, emigration and naturalization records, educational transcripts and grades, military records, newspaper clippings, maps, oral history transcripts, and legal papers related to restitution claims.
Dates: 1913-2005

Jacob Bernheim Collection.

Identifier: AR 6208 / MF 462
Abstract The Jacob Bernheim Collection contains vital records and business documents pertaining to the Jewish community in Buchau in general and specifically to the Bernheim-Dreyfuss-Maendle families, including contracts, receipts, certificates, and balance sheets. Of special interest is a bound, handwritten manuscript of the Buchau Jewish community’s family register. Also included are a genealogical table of the Bernheim-Dreyfuss-Maendle families, a signed letter from Albert Einstein, newspaper clippings and a photograph.
Dates: 1820-1981

Jacob Jacobson Collection

Identifier: AR 7002 / MF 447 / MF 134
Abstract Records of several Jewish communities assembled by Jacob Jacobson.
Dates: 1450-1988

Jacob Michael Collection

Identifier: AR 2467
Abstract This collection contains genealogical information for the Mainz and Michael families and articles concerning Jacob Michael and his business.
Dates: 1850- circa 1930

Jacob Sinnreich Family Collection

Identifier: AR 5061
Abstract This collection contains material from the Sinnreich family, who were German speakers in Bukovina (present day Romania and Ukraine). The material includes school grade reports for Jankel Sinnreich, Klara Honich, and Nathan Sinnreich (1888-1928). There is a diary from Jacob Sinnreich (1898), and a document containing a 19th through 20th century family tree and family history (1987). The following families are mentioned in this collection: Batelman, Bergman, Birkenfeld, Brecher, Brotman, David, Eisenstein, Feiger, Fuerst, Gierczak, Gluckstern, Grill, Grossman, Gruffat, Hoenich, Juda, Kempenich, Landwehr, Lustgarten, Mandel, Morin, Oelgiesser, Paecht, Pieck, Pilpel, Radumski, Resch, Rosenwald, Rosenzweig, Rosner, Rosner, Sidlin, Sinnreich, Waynberg, Ziffra.
Dates: 1888-1987

Jacobi Family Collection

Identifier: AR 116
Abstract This collection contains a wide range of personal and family papers of the Jacobi, Kornik, and Mosse families of Posen and Berlin, as well as extensive family trees for the Jacobi and Wolff families.
Dates: 1836-circa 1935

Jacoby Family Collection Lychen

Identifier: AR 4624 / MF 1055
Abstract The collection consists of various archival materials pertaining to the Jacoby family in Lychen (Brandenburg, Germany). In particular, it comprises citizenship papers and other vital documents as well as business ledgers from the 19th century. There is 20th century correspondence, mainly about genealogy, and clippings documenting conditions in Germany in 1934.
Dates: 1810-1977; Majority of material found within 1840-1934

Jaffe Family, Posen Collection

Identifier: AR 4037
Abstract This collection documents the genealogy of the Jaffe family that originated in Posen (now Poznań, Poland), as researched by Johanna Jaffé. It includes a large amount of genealogical correspondence, family trees, some photographs and a few clippings.
Dates: 1832-1986; Majority of material found within 1970-1986

Jakob Loewenberg Collection

Identifier: AR 1200 / MF 1030
Abstract The collection contains documents and manuscripts written by and about Dr. Jakob Loewenberg, the director of a girls' school in Hamburg from 1892 until his death in 1929. In addition to overseeing the school, Dr. Loewenberg was a poet and friend of relatively well-known German poets and writers of the day. The collection includes correspondence with the latter as well as articles about these friendships by Dr. Loewenberg and his son, Ernst, published after his father's death. Dr. Loewenberg was proud of being German and Jewish and often wrote on the topic. There is also significant correspondence from the Loewenberg family around the time of the First World War, documents on family genealogy, a large photograph collection, poems written by Loewenberg and numerous official personal documents. It also includes correspondence, manuscripts and personal documents of Dr. Ernst Loewenberg, Jakob Loewenberg's eldest son.
Dates: 1880-1929; Majority of material found within 1890-1925

James Bennett Collection

Identifier: AR 5518
Abstract This collection contains photocopies and transcriptions of documents acquired and generated in research on Jewish families and communities throughout Europe, Israel, and the United States, such as family trees, lists of single Jewish communities and families in Europe, manuscripts, official documents, registers, census records, community records, and cemetery registers.
Dates: 1711 - 1997

James May Collection

Identifier: AR 5110
Abstract This collection contains materials from the life of James May (1921- ). In particular, it documents via correspondence and clippings his ongoing engagement with his home town of Heilbronn, Germany, starting in the 1960s but particularly in the 1980s. It also includes other correspondence, personal papers, military materials, restitution files, genealogical materials relating to the family of his mother, Thekla Sänger May, and clippings and documents about his professional life as a textile designer.
Dates: 1883-2011

Janet Billstein Akaha Collection.

Identifier: AR 10270 / MF 620
Abstract The collection contains family trees of the extended Billstein family in Europe and in the United States.
Dates: 1997-1999

Janet Isenberg Collection

Identifier: AR 6820
Abstract This collection contains a large amount of correspondence and documents of Adolph Bernd's (the father of Janet Isenberg) restitution claims, as well as five family trees documenting the genealogy of the Bernd, Schild, Drucker, Wolff, and Heine families.
Dates: 1958-1970, 1994

Jessurun family collection

Identifier: AR 1213
Abstract The collection pertains to the Portuguese Jewish Jessurun family in 19th century Hamburg, including business and private documents.
Dates: 1798-1841

Jews in Switzerland Collection

Identifier: AR 11925
Abstract This collection contains archival and genealogical materials, as well as clippings, about Jews in Switzerland.
Dates: 1825-2003

Joan Glanz Rimmon Collection

Identifier: AR 6653
Abstract This collection contains genealogical information on the family of Joan Glanz Rimmon.
Dates: 1838-2004

John Kallir Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25081
Abstract The John Kallir Collection contains documents regarding the life of John Kallir, his father Otto Kallir, their ancestors, and genealogical material.
Dates: 1861-1992; Majority of material found within 1894-1984

Joseph Hirsch Collection

Identifier: AR 6538
Abstract The Joseph Hirsch Collection contains papers of the Hirsch family and other related families and documents gathered during genealogical research. There is correspondence concerning his research, as well as family trees and information about Schaffa, the town where Joseph Hirsch's fathers' family came from.
Dates: 1802-2015

Joseph Rothschild Collection

Identifier: AR 6497
Abstract The collection contains an assortment of documents related to the extended family of Joseph Rothschild of Weiterode (now incorporated into Bebra, Germany), especially to the family of his descendent Meinhold Rothschild.
Dates: 1851-1980

Josephthal Family Collection

Identifier: AR 319
Abstract This collection brings together genealogical notes and manuscripts which Hans Josephthal (John Joseph Thal) amassed over his entire life. Among these materials are several notes and drafts from 1920s and 1930s Germany, including forms from the Gesellschaft für jüdische Familienforschung in Berlin.
Dates: 1896-1973

[Judenfamilienregister Zaberfeld]

Identifier: DM 317
Abstract These are pages from the original family register of the town of Zaberfeld in the district of Heilbronn in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, recording the households of Jewish families from the mid-1800s to the 1930s. Mentioned are the names and dates of male and female members of the households; the names of their respective parents; and the households’ children.
Dates: circa 1850 - 1988

Julia B. Schor Collection

Identifier: AR 25062
Abstract This collection consists of photocopies of family trees, vital documents, photographs, and genealogical research notes and correspondence relating to the Ensel, Leitner, Mauthner, Schor, Schink, and Weinberg families.
Dates: 1860-1982

Julian Spiegel Family Collection

Identifier: AR 7235
Abstract This collection contains the family correspondence and papers of the engineer Julian Spiegel. About half the collection consists of copies of the family's letters to Julian and Kaethe Spiegel. In addition the collection includes copies of legal and official correspondence, official documents, family trees, educational and professional papers and various other personal papers.
Dates: 1883-1961

Julie Braun-Vogelstein Collection

Identifier: AR 25034 / MF 473
Abstract This collection contains correspondence and other materials related to the Braun-Vogelstein family.
Dates: 1743-1971

Julius and Elisabeth Hirsch Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25585
Abstract The Julius and Elisabeth Hirsch Collection holds the papers of this couple, with much of the collection consisting of family correspondence. Prominent subjects include the immigration of family members and genealogy of the family. In addition to extensive correspondence and family trees the collection includes notebooks, essays and articles, newspaper clippings, photographs, early drafts of Julius Hirsch's family memoir, and research notes.
Dates: 1842-2008; Majority of material found within 1935-1950, 1990-1996

Julius Glass Collection

Identifier: AR 10178
Abstract The collection contains photocopies of various documents relating to numerous members of the Glass family and their activities during the early 20th century. There are also several family trees.
Dates: 1907-1999

Julius Herz Collection

Identifier: AR 6315
Abstract The collection contains various documents related to the Julius Herz, a goldsmith, and his family.
Dates: 1812-circa 1950s

Julius Picard Family Collection

Identifier: AR 3586 / MF 1114
Abstract The collection documents the lives of members of the Picard, Dreyfuss, Epstein and Kahn families in Alsace/Lorraine (now France) and Baden.
Dates: 1732-1991

Julius S. Held Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25002
Abstract This collection documents the family history of art historian Julius S. Held (1905-2002), who was born in Mosbach, Germany and immigrated to the United States in 1934. The bulk of the collection consists of personal family correspondence. Other materials include genealogical tables, a few business and educational records, personal notes, a few anti-Semitic flyers, clippings, a ketubah, and a portrait of Rabbi David Sinzheim.
Dates: 1800-1999