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Genealogical tables

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus

Found in 489 Collections and/or Records:

Henriette Fürth Collection

Identifier: AR 11227
Abstract This collection contains materials related to womens' rights activist Henriette Fürth Katzenstein; both photocopies of material created during her life and documents about her created after her death are represented. Among the copies of documents made during her life (or immediately after death) are poems, a letter to her children, two obituarial compositions: one for a Dutch publication and one spoken at her funeral (1912-1938); from material created after her death there is a list of publications by Henriette Fürth and a finding aid for the Kollektion Henriette Furth from an unspecified archive with itemized letters and documents (undated); various newspaper articles about Henriette Fürth (1997-1998); genealogical book with family tree tracing relatives from late 18th to late 20th centuries and including biographical information for family members and copies of photographs and family vital documents. The collection also includes a link to a dissertation entitled Thema: Frauenbewegung, Sozialdemokratie und Judentum Henriette Fürth als Randseiterin (1861-1938).
Dates: 1912-2002

Henry B. Sachs Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25574
Abstract This collection consists of the papers of physician Henry B. Sachs and his family, including members of the related Sachs, Berlowitz and Marcus families. Included is information on the family's immigration, Henry Sachs's professional life, and other topics. The collection contains photographs and a photo album, a diary, correspondence, family trees, military papers, and various other family papers.
Dates: 1917-1960; 2012-2013

Henry Herzog Collection

Identifier: AR 10518 / MF 946
Abstract Miscellaneous materials pertaining to Ruth and Henry H. Herzog's families
Dates: 1762-1938

Herbert Bloch Collection

Identifier: AR 25628
Abstract The Herbert Bloch Collection contains the personal papers of the classicist and medievalist Herbert Bloch, a Harvard professor. Prominent is correspondence between himself and his family, which mentions not only family news and the deaths, deportations, and experiences of family members but also references his own research, writing, and teaching. In addition to family correspondence is correspondence with colleagues and friends, former neighbors, and legal and financial correspondence. Other papers in the collection include poetry, educational certificates and diplomas, material relating to Herbert Bloch's academic career, family trees, obituaries, and photographs.
Dates: 1882-2008; Majority of material found within 1933-1955

Herbert Mautner Collection

Identifier: AR 4715
Abstract This collection consists of genealogical manuscripts compiled by Herbert Mautner, with extensive family trees and genealogical tables. There are also chronicle-like narrative history sections, and several photocopied documents and images.
Dates: 1924-circa 2000

Hermann Ehrlich Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25610
Abstract The Hermann Ehrlich papers contain handwritten documents on the genealogy of the Ehrlich, Rosenbaum, and Romberg families, including family trees. It contains also the collected work of Hermann Ehrlich as a cantor and teacher, including hymn books and sheets of music. Furthermore there are notes on the life of Hermann Ehrlich.
Dates: 1822-1933; Majority of material found within 1850-1880

Herrmann Family Collection.

Identifier: AR 10245 / MF 603

Herta Grove Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25203
Abstract This collection contains personal papers and clippings related to Herta Grove née Levi, her parents Moses and Bertha (Betty) Levi, and her brother Walter J. Levy, a noted oil consultant for the U.S. government. Materials include a family tree, a history of the Cohn-Levi family, an oral history interview transcript, records of memorials of Holocaust victim Betty Levi, clippings and biographical information, photographs of Walter J. Levy with government officials, and a plaque.
Dates: circa 1930s-2003

Herta Leab and Leo Leab Collection

Identifier: AR 7205
Abstract This collection details the lives and immigration experiences of Herta and Leo Leab. Given Herta Leab's experience as an executive in the Scherk cosmetics company and as the owner of her own company, Hedda Maar Cosmetics, it includes significant material on the cosmetics industry in Germany and the United States. Losses suffered by the Marcus, Liebeskind, and Scherk families in Nazi Germany and the Leabs' efforts to receive restitution are also well documented, along with some material on the town of Gilgenburg (now Dabrowno, Poland) and World War I. The collection is comprised of extensive personal and business correspondence, family and official papers, notebooks, clippings, and a few photographs.
Dates: 1858-2010; Majority of material found within 1938-1975

Hertha Bergen Collection

Identifier: AR 10607
Abstract The Hertha Bergen Collection centers on her genealogical research on the Bergen, Behrend, Bernstein, Lorch, Kaufmann, Levy, and related families. Most of the collection consists of correspondence and genealogical research, but an album amoricum (friendship album) is also included.
Dates: 1904-1989; Majority of material found within 1967-1989

Herz-Aschaffenburg Family Collection

Identifier: AR 5625
Abstract The Herz-Aschaffenburg Family Collection holds the personal and professional papers of members of the Herz and Aschaffenburg families, as well as related families. Most prominent among the individuals featured here are John (Hans) Herz and Gustav Aschaffenburg. In addition to the papers of family members, this collection holds material on genealogy and the family history. Included in this collection are family correspondence along with a smaller amount of professional correspondence, professional and official papers, family trees and related correspondence, published and unpublished writings, World War I diaries, and a few clippings.
Dates: 1811-1987; Majority of material found within 1935-1950

Herzberg Family Collection, Berlin

Identifier: AR 3675
Abstract The collection contains documentation of four generations of the Herzberg family of Berlin, including Moses Herzberg, Joseph Herzberg (1799-1871), Philipp Herzberg (1846-1916), and Bruno Herzberg (1887- ).
Dates: undated, 1813-1970

Hirsch Family Collection, Halberstadt

Identifier: AR 3064
Abstract The Hirsch Family, Halberstadt Collection documents the lives of Hirsch family members in the city of Halberstadt and the business of Aron Hirsch & Sohn located there. Included in the collection are personal papers such as vital documents and correspondence, business records including balance sheets and account books, correspondence, certificates and official announcements. Other papers include family trees, genealogical notes, and articles and essays about the family and their business.
Dates: 1765-1980; Majority of material found within 1810-1910

Hirschberg-Goldmann Family Addenda

Identifier: AR 25700
Abstract The Hirschberg-Goldmann Family Addenda holds documentation on the lives and emigration of Harry and Leonor Harter, originally of Breslau. It additionally contains research, conducted by their son, into the history and genealogy of the Hirschberg and Goldmann families and their relations, as well as into the fate of his maternal grandparents, Siegfried and Käthe Goldmann. The collection includes material about the Breslau Jewish community, especially about its Storch synagogue and the Cosel cemetery (Legnica Street cemetery). The collection contains many copies of historical documents, extensive correspondence, photographs and a photo album, copies of articles related to the research of the collection, and some family trees.
Dates: 1814-2011; Majority of material found within 1935-1996

Hirschberg Goldmann Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25047
Abstract The collection includes family trees and genealogical information on the Hirschberg and Goldmann families from Breslau as well as some certificates of citizenship and other documents from various relatives issued in the early 19th century. The bulk of the collection consists of personal documents of the physician Harry Hirschberg (later Harter) and his wife Leonore Goldmann, such as certificates, passports, study books, military documents related to World War I, emigration papers, and new licenses and certificates issued in the United States after World War II.
Dates: 1837-1957

Hirschbruch Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25720
Abstract This collection mainly consists of documents pertaining to the genealogy research of Josef Hadar, as well as personal documents of his parents Elsa Graetz and Ludwig Hirschbruch.
Dates: 1862-1996

Hochheimer Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25469
Abstract The Hochheimer Family Collection contains documents and letters relating to the Hochheimer, Heilbronn, Schoenthal, David, Rothenberg, Neuburg, and Kaunitz families, primarily dating from the late 1930s and early 1940s. The majority consists of the correspondence of Alice and Arthur Hochheimer with family members in Germany during World War Two.
Dates: 1904-1945; Majority of material found within 1938-1941

Hochherr Family Collection

Identifier: AR 6348
Abstract This collection consists of the personal papers of the Hochherr family of southwestern Germany. Materials include vital records, photographs, a genealogical chart, a family history, official records of family members’ deportations and deaths in extermination camps, an account of life in Nazi-occupied Holland, and an account of an escape to Switzerland. With the exception of the photographs, the collection consists entirely of photocopies.
Dates: circa 1910-2014; Majority of material found within 1936-1946

Hoenig Family Collection.

Identifier: AR 5076
Abstract This collection contains two typescripts plus revisions of Leopold Hoenig's genealogical research into his family history.
Dates: 1981-2006

Honigman-Bauer-Pupko Collection

Identifier: AR 6331
Abstract The collection consists of 5 manuscripts written by members of the Honigmann, Pupko, and Bauer families and one family tree.
Dates: 1838-1858, 1973

House of Rothschild Collection.

Identifier: AR 512
Abstract The collections consists of so called “Rothschildiana”, which describe assorted documents of interest pertaining to the Rothschild family and their influence on the economic history of Europe. Specifically, there are original autographs; transcripts of original documents; photographs; correspondence; and manuscripts about aspects of the Rothschild family. Of special interest is an extended family history by Albert J. Phiebig, The descendents of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, which was compiled in the 1940s.
Dates: 1813-1965

Hutzler Family Collection

Identifier: AR 5055
Abstract The collection contains family trees of the Hutzler and Millhiser families.
Dates: 1967-1990

Ida and Nathan Hess Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25426
Abstract This collection contains materials related to Hildegard Hess and to the Hess family. Included is correspondence between Hildegard, Arnulf, and Louis Hess and their parents, Ida and Nathan Hess, during the early years of World War Two. Other materials include a four-part epistolary narrative of the 1940 journey of Arnulf Hess and his family to Bolivia, via Amsterdam, Lisbon, and Costa Rica. The collection also contains additional correspondence, official documents, genealogical tables, and photographs. Much of the German material has English translations.
Dates: 1860s-1999; Majority of material found within 1920s-1949

Ida Loewenson Collection

Identifier: AR 11990
Abstract Various writings - poetry, short stories, essays, etc. - of Ida Loewenson, who used the penname Ida Loefen. Also included are Loewinson family trees.
Dates: 1901-1969

Ilse Strauss Collection

Identifier: AR 3273
Abstract This collection contains documents pertaining to the family history and biography of Ilse Strauss in Krefeld (Germany), England, and Australia. Included are family trees, manuscripts, diaries, photographs and correspondence.
Dates: 1860-1982; Majority of material found within 1935-1982

Immanuel Wohlwill Family Collection

Identifier: AR 2671
Abstract The collection contains correspondence, including several letters from Leopold Zunz and Moses Moser, documents, and family trees related to the teacher Immanuel Wohlwill, the neurologist Friederich Wohlwill, and other Wohlwill family members.
Dates: 1812-1965

Irene Kaminsky Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25260 / MF 853
Abstract Documents, transcripts and correspondence related to Anatol Kaminsky and Lydia Judey, as well as to Ernest Mangold and Mary Judey
Dates: [unknown]

Irene Shomberg Collection

Identifier: AR 6256
Abstract This collection consists primarily of materials documenting Ernst Shomberg's education and career as a physician both in Germany and in New York after emigration. There are a also a few items pertaining to his wife's family and some genealogical materials.
Dates: 1909-1994

Ismar Elbogen Collection

Identifier: AR 64 / MF 515;
Abstract Correspondence of Ismar Elbogen with individuals, including Elias Auerbach, Julius Bab, Leo Baeck, Salo Baron, Markus Brann, Martin Buber, Umberto Cassuto, Ludwig Feuchtwanger, Ludwig Geiger, Robert Raphael Geis, Louis Ginzburg, Ignaz Goldziher, Max Gruenewald, Moritz Güdemann, Julius Guttmann, Bernhard Kahn, Mordechai Kaplan, Adolf Leschnitzer, Lily Montagu, Claude Montefiore, Adolph Oko, Paula Ollendorf, Bertha Pappenheim, Felix Perles, Koppel Pinson, Peter Reinhold, Julius Rosenwald, Cecil Roth, Caesar Seligmann, Selma Stern-Taeubler, Henrietta Szold, Hermann Vogelstein, and Stephen Wise.
Dates: 1703, 1809, 1842-1999

Israel Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25140
Abstract This collection describes the history of the Israel Family of Berlin as well as their firm, the Kaufhaus N. Israel. Material on the N. Israel store includes publications, clippings, photographs, and correspondence concerning restitution for its loss. In addition, this collection also holds family papers, documents pertaining to family history, and family trees.
Dates: 1814-1996; Majority of material found within 1938-1991