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Genealogical tables

Subject Source: Art & Architecture Thesaurus

Found in 491 Collections and/or Records:

Obermayer Family Collection

Identifier: AR 10323 / MF 635
Abstract The collection contains various materials regarding the Obermayer family history as well as publications concerning the recently established Obermayer German Jewish History Award, presented to Germans who have made significant voluntary contributions to preserving the Jewish history, culture, and material remains in their local communities.
Dates: 1996-2005

Oppenheimer and Sander Families Collection

Identifier: AR 6943
Abstract The Oppenheimer and Sander Families Collection provide details of family members' lives via profuse personal correspondence, especially the letters of Emilie Oppenheimer and her daughter Betty. In addition to the many letters and postcards are a family tree, some poems and notes.
Dates: 1868-1905, 2006; Majority of material found within 1868-1900

Oscar H. Netter Family Collection

Identifier: AR 4097
Abstract The Oscar H. Netter Family Collection contains detailed genealogies and a history of the Netter (alternately spelled Neter or Noether) family with supporting papers, including clippings, articles and family and business documents.
Dates: 1805-1972

Otto Neubauer Collection

Identifier: AR 25339
Abstract The focus of this collection is on the experiences of Otto Neubauer (1907-2000) and his family members from 1938-1945 with a particular emphasis on their efforts to secure emigration visas for Maximilian Neubauer, Ernst (Elias) Neubauer, and Frieda Weil. Most of the collection consists of correspondence. Other materials include a diary, a cookbook, limited immigration and restitution documents, and records of Otto Neubauer’s schooling, apprenticeships, and employment.
Dates: 1914-2005; Majority of material found within 1938-1945

Papers of Berthold Jeiteles

Identifier: RG 717
Abstract This collection contains materials collected by Berthold Jeiteles (1872-1958) in Theresienstadt. Jeiteles, a member of a prominent family in Prague, was deported to Theresienstadt in 1939 and survived the war due to a clerical error. After the war he moved to New York and became a Talmudic scholar.
Dates: 1942-1946

Papers of Victor D. Sanua

Identifier: ASF AR-30
Abstract This collection contains the personal and professional papers of Victor D. Sanua, including published and unpublished articles, materials used in researching these articles, correspondence, and documentation of the various organizations with which Professor Sanua was involved. These materials reflect his work as a psychologist and his active involvement with the history of Jews from Egypt. In addition, there are various materials relating to various Sephardic communities, Israel and the Middle East and cultural factors in mental illness, particularly among Arabs and Jews.
Dates: 1938-2009; Majority of material found within 1960-2005

Pappenheim and Ernst Family Collection

Identifier: AR 6956 / MF 788 / MF 805

Patricia H. Weiner Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25532
Abstract The collection contains family trees, family histories, biographical notes, correspondence, and photographs pertaining to the Goldschmidt-Oldenburg, Frankel, Oppenheimer, Hochschild, Buxbaum, and Markus families.
Dates: circa 2002

Paul Ehrlich Collection

Identifier: AR 339
Abstract This collection contains primarily letters and cards written by Nobel-Prize-winning chemist Paul Ehrlich to his nephew Franz Sachs, as well as some handwritten manuscripts by Ehrlich and some manuscripts and other materials about Ehrlich and commemorative events and societies dedicated to his memory.
Dates: 1878-1996

Paul J. Jacobi Collection

Identifier: AR 10339
Abstract The Paul J. Jacobi Collection consists of two heavily annotated typescripts, exploring aspects of German-Jewish genealogy and accompanying materials.
Dates: 1994

Paul Lindau Collection

Identifier: AR 6015
Abstract Correspondence regarding theater and writing; photographs of Lindau; poetry; Lindau family history written in letter to Berlin State Archives; family tree tracing family from 18th-20th century; caricature of Albert Wolff and Henri Rochefort from "La Lune" May 4, 1867.
Dates: 1881-1930

Paul Mühsam Family Collection

Identifier: AR 719
Abstract This collection contains a broad range of Mühsam family documents, genealogical materials, and photographs, mostly from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
Dates: 1770-1980

Paul Muehsam and Muehsam Family Collection

Identifier: LBIJER 23
Abstract This collection consists of materials pertaining to Paul Muehsam (1876-1960) and the research of Else Levi-Muehsam (1910-2004), Paul Muehsam's daughter, on her family history.
Dates: 1855-2002

Pepper-Eisen Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25068
Abstract This collection documents the experiences of the Eisen and Pepper (formerly Pieprzynski) families from the turn of the 20th century to the 1950s. The papers mainly concern Emma Eisen née Lowenthal, Benno Eisen, Dora Pepper née Eisen, and Saul Pepper. Included are vital records, immigration and naturalization records, restitution papers, correspondence, photographs, a family tree, and miscellaneous items such as sheet music, an address book, and memorabilia from Berlin. Also included are a few posters from Baruch Sperber, a music teacher and composer related to the Eisen family.
Dates: 1905-1963; Majority of material found within 1933-1953

Perl Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25190
Abstract This collection contains photocopies of documents pertaining to Anton Felix Perl’s emigration from Vienna to Canada, as well as has medical training and career as a physician in Canada, including school and medical certificates, correspondence, vital records, and photographs. Also included are family trees of the Perl and Richter families, as well as an essay, photographs, and clippings about Dr. Frederick Ludwig Eid, with whom Perl worked in Macklin, Saskatchewan.
Dates: 1905-2004

Perlmann Family Collection

Identifier: AR 886
Abstract The Perlmann Family Collection consists of papers of members of the Perlmann and related families, including the Spiero and Jolowicz families. It includes genealogy and biographies of these families and also of members of the related Lewald and Simson families. Some material on the city of Königsberg is also present. The collection consists of correspondence, genealogical research, family trees, biographies, articles, newspaper clippings, official documents, a few postcards and photographs, a memorial book and a few pamphlets.
Dates: 1863-1979; Majority of material found within 1940-1979

Peter Hereld Collection

Identifier: AR 25422
Abstract This collection contains eulogies for Curtis L. Hereld (1923-2005), and genealogical tables and other family information for Peter Hereld, Curtis Hereld, and the Steinberg family.
Dates: 1936, 1987-2010

Pinkus Family Collection

Identifier: AR 7030
Abstract The collection contains papers including vital documents, membership cards, awards, medals, diaries, memoirs, diaries, manuscripts, legal papers, correspondence, business records, wills, genealogies and family histories regarding the Pinkus family, notable textile manufacturers in Neustadt (now Prudnik, Poland) in Upper Silesia, and their personal and business affairs. The family was also highly regarded for its support of civic and cultural affairs in the area, and corresponded with several notable cultural figures.
Dates: 1500s-1994,; Majority of material found within 1725-1994

Pinkus Fränkel Ehrlich Genealogy Research Collection

Identifier: AR 25807
Abstract The collection focuses on the genealogical research of Elizabeth Brody and John Peters of the related Ehrlich, Fränkel, and Pinkus families. The collection primarily contains correspondence; however it also includes: genealogical notes, family trees, photographs, a small travel diary, and papers relating to Elizabeth Brody's trip to Europe in 2010.
Dates: 1989-2018

Plaut Family Collection

Identifier: AR 4778
Abstract This collection contains a wide variety of genealogical research materials, especially family trees, as well as photocopied and original family documents, on the both the Plaut family and other families, all assembled by Elizabeth Strauss Plaut.
Dates: 1736-1985

Prölsdorfer - Lederman Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25554
Abstract This collection documents the Prölsdorfer and Lederman families, of Gerolzhofen and Neckarsteinach, Germany and the United States.
Dates: 1915-2013

Rabbi Gunter and Ruth Hirschberg Collection

Identifier: AR 25206
Abstract This collection consists of the writings of Gunter Hirschberg and Hedwig Burchard (Ruth Hirschberg's mother). The bulk of the collection is Hedwig Burchard's writings. In addition, Ruth Hirschberg's Poesiealbum (1929) can be found in the collection, along with a family tree of the Burchard family.
Dates: 1890-1989

Ralph and Rose Weigert Collection

Identifier: AR 10266 / MF 617
Abstract The collection contains a variety of photographs pertaining to the Weigert family, older ones (19th century) and recent post-war photographs. Folder 3 contains Ralph Weigert's family history and family pictures, the memoirs of Hermann Elias Weigert and Abraham Weigert, family trees and genealogy of the Weigert family (by Paul Jacobsohn, Berlin, 1934).
Dates: undated, 1819-1970s

Raunheim Family Collection

Identifier: AR 5702
Abstract The collection contains manuscripts and family trees on the history of the Raunheim family of Frankfurt am Main.
Dates: 1860-1980s

Reis Rosenberg Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25319
Abstract This collection documents the history of the Rosenberg family originally of Hamburg, Germany and the Reis family originally of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Materials include correspondence, photographs, family trees, genealogical information, clippings, announcements, and certificates of citizenship.
Dates: 1864-2006

Reiss Family of Stargard Collection

Identifier: AR 5017
Abstract Manuscript on the family history and genealogy of the Reiss and Perez families, personal and family correspondence, family photos, and a poetry journal.
Dates: 1796-circa 1920, 1981

Renate Bridenthal Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25810
Abstract The Renate Bridenthal Family Collection primarily documents the lives and especially the emigration experiences of Renate Bridenthal's parents, Elchunon and Irene Rubin. Papers of Irene Rubin are prominent in the collection and include restitution correspondence and her writing. Documents related to Renate and her brother Harribald's early lives and emigration is are also present. The collection consists of extensive personal and restitution correspondence, official documents, newspaper clippings regarding Irene Rubin's death, drafts of her writing, and three albums.
Dates: 1891-2016; Majority of material found within 1930-1963

Renate Herzfeld Modern Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25608
Abstract The collection includes correspondence; poetry and manuscript drafts; official, educational and military documents; sermons; newspaper clippings; family trees; notes; and a few photographs.
Dates: 1815-2014; Majority of material found within 1868-1961

Richard A. Ehrlich Collection

Identifier: AR 11
Abstract The core of this collection contains published as well as unpublished manuscripts by Richard A. Ehrlich, centering on his life in the Prussian town of Rogasen and his internment in Thersienstadt. Also included are his correspondence with Albert Einstein, Bertha Badt-Strauss and others, as well as documents pertaining to the extended Alexander-Ehrlich family.
Dates: 1854-1969

Richard Lebrecht Collection

Identifier: AR 25077
Abstract The Richard Lebrecht Collection includes genealogical and other types of materials pertaining to the Lebrecht, Gutmann, and Einstein families as well as materials dealing with the personal life and professional activities of Richard Lebrecht. The collection includes a wealth of original genealogical materials such as charts, tables, documents, photographs, and correspondence as well as materials pertaining to Richard Lebrecht.
Dates: 1826-2005