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United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Jews

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 17 Collections and/or Records:

Abraham Charles Myers Papers

 Collection — Consolidated Box P13, Folder: Collection P-463
Identifier: P-463

The collection consists of three letters signed by Myers in his capacity as quartermaster general of the Confederate Army, and a printed circular concerning mileage for discharged soldiers and the use of the telegraph.

Dates: 1861-1862

Bernard Baruch papers

 Collection — Box CB-P6, Folder: P-200
Identifier: P-200

The collection consists primarily of letters from Baruch on various subjects. Included are ten letters to Rudolph Kommer, author and playwright (1923-1941); a letter to Mrs. Samuel Gompers regarding her husband (1932); a letter to the editor of the Washington star regarding U.S. loans to foreign governments (1945); two letters to Herbert Bayard Swope regarding his work on the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission (1947); seven routine letters; the printer's proof for Baruch's entry in Who's Who in America, 1926-1927; three signed photographs; addresses delivered by Baruch when awarded the Churchman's Medal, and upon being awarded a gold medal by the National Institute of Social Sciences (1944); a medical certificate, signed by Simon Baruch (1840-1921), verifying that R.S. Desportes, an officer of his regiment, was unfit for duty (1862); and Baruch's declaration of intention to become a citizen of the United States (1870).

Dates: undated, 1862-1957

B'nai Brith Missouri Lodge letter

Identifier: I-194

A laminated and mounted copy of a letter written by the lodge to Abraham Lincoln protesting Gen. Ulysses S. Grant's General Order No. 11. The location of the original is unknown.

Dates: 1863

Civil War Centennial Jewish Historical Commission records

Identifier: I-40

Contains the correspondence, minutes, and reports of the various committees of the Civil War Centennial Jewish Historical Commission relating to the exhibition held in New York, December, 1960-February, 1961 and in other cities thereafter.

Also includes printed copies of catalogues and announcements issued in connection with the exhibitions.

Dates: 1960-1962

DeLeon family papers

 Collection — Consolidated Box P12, Folder: P-405
Identifier: P-405

The collection contains a deed of gift signed by Jacob DeLeon giving his daughter, Louisa, a mulatto slave (1813); and a circular signed by David Camden DeLeon as Acting Surgeon General of the Confederate States of America (1861). This letter was published in PAJHS, vol. 50, p. 331.

Dates: 1813, 1861

David Levy Yulee papers

 Collection — Box CB-P3, Folder: P-115
Identifier: P-115

The collection includes the following items: four letters written by Yulee under his earlier name, Levy, one of which is addressed to Secretary of the Navy Abel Parker Upshur (1842), and three to Senator James Diament Westcott, Jr. (D - Fla.) (1843-1845); and a letter to Secretary of State William L. Marcy regarding the filling of the vacancy left by the death of Judge Bronson of the Northern District of Florida, another to President Franklin Pierce recommending McQueen McIntosh to fill that vacancy (1855); a letter to General William Miles written during the Civil War (1865); an executive order signed by President Andrew Johnson allowing a Mrs. Merrick to send a package to Yulee at Fort Pulaski where he was a prisoner of war (1865), as well as two letters written by Yulee while at Fort Pulaski (1866) a letter to a Mr. Dickinson introducing Capt. Hunter (n.d.); and an unidentified manuscript listing several senators, among whom is Yulee (n.d.). A letter to E. Livingston regarding a consular appointment (1857), and a note to C.L. Perkins of a routine nature (1858) are also included.

Dates: undated, 1842-1866

Jonas Phillips Levy papers

Identifier: P-412

Contains papers and documents dealing with Levy's involvement in the disposition of Monticello, owned by his brother, Uriah P. Levy; Jonas P. Levy's claims against the U.S. government for losses suffered during the war with Mexico, 1843-1846; and two items relating to the Civil War.

Dates: undated, 1851-1882

Joseph Kline letter

 Collection — Box CB-P8, Folder: P-254
Identifier: P-254

Marcus M. Spiegel Pay Voucher

Identifier: P-483

A pay voucher for March-April 1860 for Spiegel, Capt. of the 67th Regiment Ohio Infantry Volunteers, and his servant.

Dates: 1860

Military order for M. Friedman

 Collection — Box CB-P10, Folder: P-348
Identifier: P-348

Orders appointing M. Friedman regimental quartermaster in the 3rd Regiment Freedmen Enrolled Militia, District West Tennessee.

Dates: 1864

Mordecai family papers

Identifier: P-116

Consists of the papers of members of the Mordecai family. Includes those of: Moses Mordecai (1707-1781), a bill of exchange (1771), and letters of administration signed by Elizabeth Mordecai (1744-1804), Isaac Moses, and Barnard Gratz, and inventory of his estate, and the accounts of his administratrix (1781-1782); Jacob Mordecai (1762-1838), a discourse delivered at the consecration of Congregation Beth Shalome (1822), and a notebook manuscript "The Truth of Divine Revelation"; George Washington Mordecai (1801-1871), a stock certificate signed by him as president of the Bank of North Carolina (1863); Alfred Mordecai (1804-1887), four letters on military matters (1838-1859); Alfred Mordecai, Jr. (1840-1920), a commission as captain in the Ordnance Department, signed by President Abraham Lincoln (1864), and a letter of condolence (1870); Rosa Mordecai (1839-1936), three letters to Rosa Mordecai concerning Rebecca Gratz, who apparently served as the model for the Rebecca in Sir Walter Scott's Ivanhoe (1898-1905); Laura Mordecai (1837-1927), letters to her sister, Miriam, and brother, Alfred, about the Chicago World's Fair (1892-1893); and Miriam Mordecai (1843-1923), letters to her sister, Laura, about a trip to San Francisco and Seattle for the wedding of their niece (1901), and about her trip to Europe (1907). Also includes a letter of recommendation written by Winfield Scott (1786-1866) on behalf of Capt. Alfred Mordecai, who was on his way to Paris on business.

Dates: undated, 1771-1907, 1980

Morris Joseph Asch papers

 Collection — Box CB-P6, Folder: P-201
Identifier: P-201

Contains a letter from Asch to Brig. Gen. William Alexander Hammond, Surgeon General, regarding an appointment (1862), and a certificate of membership in the Military Service Institution of the United States (1884).

Dates: 1862-1884

Moses Family of New York Papers

Identifier: P-1

This collection contains the personal and business papers of the Moses family, along with family genealogical materials. Isaac Moses (1742-1818) was a prominent New York businessman and American patriot who helped fund and supply the US forces during the Revolution. His descendants were prominent Jewish businessmen in New York who traveled internationally, and served in the Union Army during the Civil War.

Dates: undated, 1767-1941, 1971

Simon Guggenheimer Letter

 Collection — Consolidated Box P14, Folder: P-504
Identifier: P-504

Contains a letter to General John Henry Winder (1800-1865) requesting that Isaac Guggenheimer be allowed through the Confederate lines to "visit the U.S.".

Dates: 1863

Simon Levy Army Morning Report

 Collection — Consolidated Box P13, Folder: Collection P-454
Identifier: P-454

This collection contais a Morning Report for July 28, 1863, in which Levy reports the number of soldiers under his command in the Independent Battalion N.Y. Volunteers, stationed at Camp Folly Island, S.C.

Dates: 1863

Solomon Benjamin Collection

 Collection — Consolidated Box P12, Folder: Collection P-428
Identifier: P-428

This collection contains an 1864 letter by Calvin --- and an 1834 letter by John M. Clapp of Beaufort, SC.

Dates: 1834, 1864

Tobias Family Papers

 Collection — Consolidated Box P13, Folder: Collection P-487
Identifier: P-487

Contains papers concerning the following members of the Tobias family: Augustus Levy (1825-1879), a stock certificate of the South Carolina Insurance Co. signed by Tobias as president (1857), and a letter of recommendation about Tobias for a military position (1860); Virginius Jenkins Tobias (1827-1895), a conveyence for a piece of land witnessed by Tobias and Harmon Hendricks DeLeon (1849), a stock certificate of the Charleston Bridge Co., signed by Tobias as secretary (1857), and a mortgage for purchase of a slave, witnessed by Tobias as a notary public (1858).

Dates: 1849-1860