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Abraham Cohen Benevolent Society Records

Identifier: RG 1008
Scope and Contents

Certificate of incorporation, 1919. Minutes, 1954-1972. Materials pertaining to dissolution, 1973.

Dates: 1919; 1954 - 1973

Agudas Achim Anshei Trembowla Kranken Untershtitzungs Verein Records

Identifier: RG 1070
Scope and Contents

Constitution, 1908. Minutes, 1931-1948. Financial ledger, 1925-1934.

Dates: 1908; 1925 - 1948

Anikster Benevolent Pischei Tshuvo Association Records

Identifier: RG 937
Scope and Contents

Legal documents, 1930s-1940s. Minutes, 1936-1939. Financial records, 1940s-1970s. Meeting announcements. Correspondence. Materials pertaining to sale of synagogue and to the dissolution of the association. Seal.

Dates: 1931 - 1976

Antepoler Young Men's Benevolent Association Records

Identifier: RG 883
Scope and Contents

Constitution of the Antepoler Y.M.B.A. Constitution of the Antepoler Ladies Auxiliary. Financial records, 1950s-1970s. Correspondence, 1960s-1970s. Anniversary journal. Announcements.

Dates: 1923 - 1979

Associated Benevolent Young Men Records

Identifier: RG 930
Dates: 1937 - 1974

Associated Lodzer Ladies Aid Society Records

Identifier: RG 966
Scope and Contents

Minutes, 1937-1973. Financial report, 1948. Photograph. Correspondence. Minutes, United Lodzer Relief Committee, 1961-1967. Materials of the United Emergency Committee for the City of Lodz.

Dates: 1937 - 1973

Baryszer Young Men's Benevolent Association Records

Identifier: RG 887
Scope and Contents

Membership book, 1934-1969. Financial records, 1948-1973. Correspondence.

Dates: 1934 - 1973

Bielsker Bruderlicher Untershtitzungs Verein Records

Identifier: RG 1046
Scope and Contents

Anniversary souvenir journals, 1924, 1928, 1938, 1948. Membership directory, 1949. Correspondence. Memorial book, 1975.

Dates: 1924 - 1949; 1975

Birczer Young Men's Benevolent Society Records

Identifier: RG 1003
Scope and Contents

Constitution. Minutes, 1925-1954 (Yiddish/German written in Roman alphabet). Miscellaneous materials, including letter from artisans' union in Bircza, 1926.

Dates: 1926 - 1954

Bizoner Chebra B'nai Shaul Records

Identifier: RG 934
Scope and Contents

Minutes (Yiddish), 1908-1919. Minutes (English), 1919-1933, 1934-1947. Dues ledger. Membership records. Correspondence.

Dates: 1908 - 1976

Bnai Eleazar Records

Identifier: RG 1113
Scope and Contents

Minute books, 1926-1939, 1940-1944, 1944-1951, 1951-1953. Three photographs, including some of Eleazar Friedman. Constitution, 1944 and constitutional amendments. Banquet programs. Miscellaneous materials including genealogical and historical information about the family.

Dates: 1926 - 1981

Bnai Rezitza Association Records

Identifier: RG 918
Scope and Contents

Constitution. Minutes, 1956-1970. Financial records. Correspondence. Cemetery map.

Dates: 1936; 1956 - 1974

Bneis Rachel Ladies Charity Society of Brownsville Records

Identifier: RG 608
Scope and Contents

Minute book, 1946-1957. Ledgers, journals, 1931-1956. List of members. Accounts of dues, 1931-1937, 1946-1953.

Dates: 1931 - 1957

Bogopoler Unterstutzungs Verein Records

Identifier: RG 895
Scope and Contents

Constitution. Minutes, 1943-1963. Financial records, 1930s-1960s. Membership records. Materials pertaining to burial, including three cemetery maps, 1925-1973. Materials pertaining to anniversary celebrations, including souvenir journals. Meeting announcements, 1940s-1970s.

Dates: 1917 - 1975

Borough of Brooklyn Lodge Records

Identifier: RG 947
Scope and Contents

Rules and by-laws. Financial records. Loan fund materials. Cemetery records. Correspondence. Seal.

Dates: 1933 - 1965

Brainsker Brothers Aid Society Records

Identifier: RG 980
Scope and Contents

Minutes, 1963-1971. Materials pertaining to burial. Anniversary journal.

Dates: 1924 - 1971

Breziner Sick and Benevolent Society Records

Identifier: RG 809
Scope and Contents

Constitution. Minutes, 1953-1970. Financial records pertaining to relief activities in Poland, Germany, Israel. Correspondence pertaining to World War II relief activities, 1941-1976. Untitled manuscript of Jacob Fogel's memoirs of Brzeziny. Anniversary journals, newspaper clippings, photographs, miscellaneous membership records, materials pertaining to the Breziner memorial book.

Dates: 1908 - 1976

Buczacs-American Benevolent Sick and Aid Society Records

Identifier: RG 844
Scope and Contents

Constitution. Minutes, 1937-1948 (German, English). Financial records, 1942-1958. Betshutsher nudnik, handwritten Yiddish newspaper, three issues, 1921-1922. Materials pertaining to the Circle of Buczaczer Friends. Photographs.

Dates: 1921 - 1960

Busker Bnai Brith Sick and Benevolent Association Records

Identifier: RG 810
Scope and Contents

Constitution. Minutes, 1947-1962. Correspondence. Yortsayt (commemoration of the dead) book. Photographs. Memorial book, 1965. Anniversary journals, including those of the New York-Boston Busker Relief Association and the Busker Orphan Asylum Foundation. Materials pertaining to the landsmanshaft in Israel, including statutes, 1957.

Dates: 1947 - 1967

Caucasian Benevolent Society Records

Identifier: RG 890
Scope and Contents

Certificate of incorporation, 1924. Minutes, 1970-1972. Financial records, 1930s-1970s. Membership records, 1950s-1970s. Correspondence. Anniversary materials. Banner.

Dates: 1932 - 1974

Chaim Hersch Weiss First Janower Sick and Benevolent Association Records

Identifier: RG 868
Scope and Contents

Constitutions. Minutes, 1948-1972. Financial records, 1931-1968. Membership records. Cemetery maps. Correspondence. Seal. Stamps.

Dates: 1928 - 1972

Chasnick-Bieshenkowitzer Society Records

Identifier: RG 886
Scope and Contents

Minutes, 1966-1975. Financial records, 1958-1975. Membership records, 1958-1975. Seal.

Dates: 1958 - 1975

Chechelnicker Benevolent Association of Greater New York Records

Identifier: RG 1054
Scope and Contents

Constitution, correspondence, receipts, photographs, certificate. Memoirs of the donor of the collection.

Dates: 1958 - 1971

Cherkasser-Smela Benevolent Association Records

Identifier: RG 786
Scope and Contents

Minutes, United Brothers of the Town of Smila, 1932-1943. Certificate of consolidation, 1962. Correspondence from Smela to the New York landsmanshaft and to the Smiller Benevolent Association in Philadelphia, 1910-1914, 1922, 1931-1932. Lists of relief packages received in the USSR, 1922, 1942-1948. Newspaper clippings. Notes in preparation of the Smeler memorial book. Souvenir journal of the Joint Smela Relief, Inc., 1938. Receipts from the Relief Committee for the Smeler Political Convicts.

Dates: 1910 - 1963

Chevra Ahavas Achim Anshei Korson Records

Identifier: RG 418
Scope and Contents

Pinkas (record book), containing minutes and membership lists, 1923-1946.

Dates: 1923-1946

Chevra Ahavath Achim B'nai Kolo Records

Identifier: RG 1057
Scope and Contents

Constitutions. Minutes of a memorial meeting, 1975. Financial records. Souvenir journals, 1940, 1978. Correspondence. Bulletins, 1946-1979. Memorial book, 1958.

Dates: 1918; 1940 - 1979

Chevra Anshei Antepoler Records

Identifier: RG 1004
Scope and Contents

Certificate of incorporation, 1909. Minutes, 1929-1964. Constitution, Antepolier Untershtitsungs Verein. Charter, United Antipoler Association, 1909. Postcards, Antopol.

Dates: 1909 - 1964

Chevra Bnei Israel Anshei Zurow Records

Identifier: RG 1077
Scope and Contents

Minutes, 1934-1964. Burial permits.

Dates: 1934 - 1964

Chevra Bnei Shomrei Israel of Brownsville Records

Identifier: RG 1180
Scope and Contents

Minutes, 1924-1950s. Ledgers, loan books, stamps, correspondence, photograph.

Dates: 1924-1970s

Chevra Gomle Chesed Anshe Drohobych and Boryslaw Records

Identifier: RG 936
Scope and Contents

Financial records, 1940s-1970s. Materials pertaining to burial. Seal.

Dates: 1940 - 1975

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