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Milli Frank Correspondence

Identifier: AR 6686

This collection contains letters and postcards sent to Milli Frank in Brooklyn, New York, between 1937 and 1944, by her parents, aunts, and uncles in Germany, and later, France. None of them appear to have survived the Holocaust. The collection also includes a small number of letters from cousins and others.

Dates: 1937-1945

Miriam Merzbacher-Blumenthal Collection

Identifier: AR 25701

The collection includes memoirs, poems, notes, correspondence, photographs and clippings pertaining to Miriam Merzbacher-Blumenthal, to her husband Peter and to her mother Ilse Blumenthal-Weiss.'Materials concentrate on the 1940s, when Miriam Merzbacher-Blumenthal and her mother Ilse Blumenthal-Weiss lived in Amsterdam and New York, as well as on correspondence from the 1950s and 1960s.

Dates: 1878-2009; Majority of material found in 1927-1975, 1995-2003

Mittler-Herzog-Picard Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25199

This collection contains correspondence and family papers from the Mittler, Herzog, and Picard families, mostly from or concerning the time and events of the Holocaust.

Dates: 1870-2000; Majority of material found within 1939-1944

Mordechai Hampel Papers

Identifier: RG 714
Scope and Contents

The collection consists primarily of newspaper clippings of articles by Hampel and by his wife Tzipora. Included are articles about Jews from the province of Zaglebie in Poland and miscellaneous photographs of memorial events for Holocaust victims from Zaglebie.

Dates: 1960s-1970s

Moritz Schweizer Collection

Identifier: AR 11789

The collection contains documentation of the life of Moritz Schweizer, particularly his persecution during World War II. Included in the collection is a diary excerpt listing concentration camp victims he buried after his liberation; correspondence; documents pertaining to his emigration from Germany to Amsterdam; documents pertaining to his internment in Westerbork and Bergen-Belsen; information kept by Schweizer on children in the orphanage at Bergen-Belsen; and letters of sympathy to his wife after his death.

Dates: undated, 1939-1988

Moses Kligsberg Papers

Identifier: RG 719

The collection consists of the general, personal and professional correspondence of Moses Kligsberg, manuscripts for published and unpublished works, project proposals and outlines, research materials, printed matter and other records relating to Moses Kligsberg's involvement with the Bund and with Jewish refugees from Nazi-occupied Europe, to his functions at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, and to his scholarly interests. Included are Moses Kligsberg's manuscripts on the subjects of Jewish sociology, psychology, youth, and political matters. The collection contains a great deal of YIVO administrative and publicity materials, among others editorial records of the Yedies fun yivo (YIVO News) and YIVO radio programs; materials on the Bund; records of the United Jewish Survivors of Nazi Persecution. Besides the personal documents and both personal and organizational correspondence, the collection also includes original musical compositions, acetate recordings, magnetic reels, and photographs.

Dates: 1928-1974

Nachman Zonabend Collection

Identifier: RG 241

The collection documents life inside the Lódz Jewish ghetto during the Nazi occupation of Poland. It consists predominantly of the records of the Eldest of the Jews in the Lódz ghetto, Chaim Mordechai Rumkowski, and of his administration. Included are original correspondence, announcements, circulars, charts, publications, reports, essays, albums and photographs.

Dates: September 1939-August 1944, 1945, 1947

Nahum Greenberg Papers

Identifier: RG 486
Scope and Contents

A collection of newspaper clippings from the American press on antisemitism and Nazism in the U.S. and Germany, 1930s-1940s. Topics include: Father Coughlin, 1938-1942; America First Committee, 1941-1942; antisemitism in England, Oswald Mosley; Jews in Germany, 1938; report of the Anglo-American Palestine Commission, 1946; Nuremberg trial. There is also a series of clippings arranged chronologically, 1933-38.

Dates: 1933 - 1953

National Council for Bessarabian Jews Records

Identifier: RG 1029
Scope and Contents

Minutes, 1950-1951. Bulletins, 1950s-1960s. Publications including those of the World Federation of Bessarabian Jews, 1960s-1970s. Photograph album of the First World Conference of Bessarabian Jews, 1958. List of World War II survivors from Bessarabia.

Dates: 1950 - 1972

National Refugee Service Records

Identifier: RG 248

This collection contains the records of the National Refugee Service (NRS), a refugee aid organization founded in New York City in 1939 to assist refugees fleeing Nazi persecution. A successor agency to the National Coordinating Committee for Aid to Refugees and Emigrants Coming from Germany, which had operated as an umbrella organization of refugee aid agencies since 1934, the NRS remained in existence until 1946, when it was merged into the new organization United Service for New Americans. The NRS program encompassed a migration service that assisted with affidavits, visas and other legal aspects of the immigration process; temporary relief and casework services; job placement, retraining, and small business loans; help in resettling to localities throughout the country; and social and cultural adjustment to American life. The records include minutes, correspondence, memoranda, and reports related to the board of directors; the executive director; lay advisory committees; the various departments within the NRS; special committees assisting professional groups, including physicians, musicians, rabbis, social workers, and scholars; and cooperating refugee-assistance committees and organizations across the United States.

Dates: 1934-1952; Majority of material found within 1939-1946

National Socialism Collection

Identifier: AR 119

This is a constructed collection of materials on National Socialism in Germany made from several individual items and smaller collections pulled together over more than two decades. The bulk of the collection stems from 1933-1945. Materials include clippings, correspondence, government and police records, memoranda, reports, minutes, awards, personal identification papers, transcripts of speeches and a radio broadcast, Jewish stars, songs, poems, photographs, manuscripts, teaching materials, and ephemera.

Dates: 1920-1992; Majority of material found within 1933-1945

Nehemiah Robinson Papers

Identifier: RG 627
Scope and Contents

The collection consists of reports, bulletins, and clippings by N. Robinson relating to: World Jewish Congress; German-Jewish relations, 1933-63; antisemitism; Nazi war criminals.

Dates: 1950s-1960s

Nora Kronstein-Rosen Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25257

The collection consists of correspondence, predominantly addressed to Nora Kronstein-Rosen (née Kronstein). Prominent topics are art and the relationship between Nora and her mother, Ilona Kronstein (née Neumann), as well as the relationship between Nora and her aunt Klara Mueller (née Neumann). Also included is visual and art-related material.

Dates: 1937-2005; Majority of material found within 1938-1967

Norbert Troller Collection

Identifier: AR 7268 / MF 500

Extensive autobiographical manuscript by Troller, with illustrations and other supporting material, discussing his family and community, his early life, and his experiences during and after the Holocaust.

Dates: 1724; 1900-1998

Nuernberg-Fuerth Reunion Collection

Identifier: AR 6654

This collection consists mainly of materials from the reunions of former Nuremberg-Fürth Jewish community members. These materials include programs, invitations, correspondence, a few notes, a speech, a photograph, and clippings related to various members of the former Nuremberg-Fürth Jewish community. Other materials include a 1938 Rosh ha-shanah bulletin from Fürth and lists of Nuremberg and Fürth community members deported to camps in the 1940s.

Dates: 1938-2006

Oscar M Lifshutz (1916-1990) Papers

 Collection — Container: Consolidated Box P21, Folder: P-735
Identifier: P-735

Rabbi Oscar M Lifshutz (1916-1990), served as Army Chaplain during World War II and Korea. This collection contains photocopies documenting his life.

Dates: 1946-2003

Ostwald Family Collection

Identifier: AR 11029

Documents refer to the Ostwald, Tendlau and Cohen families. One focus is on the life of Alice Witte née Cohn. Of special significance is a letter that Karl Siche wrote to Alice Witte. Together with Alice Witte's former husband Max Witte, Karl Siche was detained in a concentration camp. Here Max Witte passed away. There is also a remarkable letter from Hedwig Ostwald, which she wrote in Theresienstadt in 1944, prior to her deportation to Auschwitz where she died. Her husband Max Ostwald, a lawyer and the head of the Reichsvereinigung der Juden in Deutschland (district Westphalia) had already died in 1942 in Theresienstadt from disease.

Dates: 1816-1976; Majority of material found within 1889-1947

Papers of Abraham Ain

Identifier: RG 336
Scope and Contents

Questionnaires filled out by 512 former residents of Swislocz. Correspondence between displaced persons from Swislocz and Ain.

Dates: 1940s-1950s

Papers of Albert Belton

Identifier: RG 733
Scope and Contents

The collection consists of photocopies relating mainly to a libel suit against the World Federation of Hungarian Jews, which took place in the 1970s in New York. Included are court documents, correspondence relating to Belton's activities in the rabbinate, and clippings relating to the case.

Dates: undated

Papers of Albert Dov Sigal

Identifier: RG 1165
Scope and Contents

The collection consists of art works by Sigal, clippings, exhibit brochures, photographs of his works. Art works include watercolors and sketches of the internment camp in Cyprus, engraved prints on biblical themes.

Dates: 1940s-1970s

Papers of Alexander Pomerantz

Identifier: RG 500
Scope and Contents

Correspondence with Yiddish literary figures, including Abraham Cahan, Daniel Charney, Chaver-Paver, Max Erik, Itsik Feffer, H. Leivick, Kalman Marmor, Shmuel Niger, Melech Ravitch, Abraham Reisen. Correspondence with Yiddish cultural and political organizations in the U.S. Material on the Institute for Jewish Proletarian Culture in Kiev: Pomerantz's lecture notes, diplomas, clippings. Biographical notes on Max Erik. Manuscripts of published and unpublished articles by Pomerantz. Manuscripts and notes on executed Jewish writers in the Soviet Union. Materials relating to Grodno and Grodno landsmanshaftn. Articles about Pomerantz.

Dates: 1920s-1965

Papers of Benjamin Eichler

Identifier: RG 1097

Benjamin Eichler was a rabbi and leader of the Jewish community in Bratislava, Slovakia. This collection includes Rabbi Eichler’s memoirs and some of his personal papers, as well as materials he collected documenting Jewish life in Slovakia. Notable among these is the pinkas (community record book) of Liptovsky Mikulas, also known as Liptau, and the records of cemeteries and mass graves in Slovakia.

Dates: 1845-1980

Papers of Berthold Jeiteles

Identifier: RG 717

This collection contains materials collected by Berthold Jeiteles (1872-1958) in Theresienstadt. Jeiteles, a member of a prominent family in Prague, was deported to Theresienstadt in 1939 and survived the war due to a clerical error. After the war he moved to New York and became a Talmudic scholar.

Dates: 1942-1946

Papers of David Berezer

Identifier: RG 371
Scope and Contents

School materials including class notes and workbooks on various subjects reflecting Berezer's career as a teacher. Miscellaneous correspondence of the United Rescue Committee for Lodz for the period 1935-1954. Photographs of students and teachers of the Workmen's Circle Schools.

Dates: 1935 - 1954

Papers of David Lehrer

Identifier: RG 664
Scope and Contents

The papers consist of notes and clippings relating to antisemitism, Nazism, Jewish situation in Europe before and during World War II.

Dates: 1940 - 1970

Papers of Emil Sommerstein

Identifier: RG 389
Scope and Contents

Sommerstein's autobiography. Speeches delivered in the post-war Polish Provisional Diet (Sejm) and resolutions of this government regarding the situation of Jews in Poland after 1945. Memoranda to Polish and U.S. governments and to American-Jewish relief organizations on post-war Jewish problems. Correspondence from Yizhak Grunbaum, Nachum Goldmann, Joseph Tenenbaum. Reports of the Central Committee of Polish Jews, 1945-1946.

Dates: 1944 - 1946

Papers of Ernst Muller

Identifier: RG 636
Scope and Contents

The collection consists of gutachten (medical reports on behalf of Dr. Muller's patients), who had been victims of Nazi persecution and were submitting restitution claims to the German government.

Dates: 1960s

Papers of Franz Kursky

Identifier: RG 226
Scope and Contents

Correspondence, materials relating to the Victor ter-Henryk Erlich affair (leaders of the Bund party in land, executed in the Soviet Union in 1941).

Dates: 1939 - 1942

Papers of Genia Silkes

Identifier: RG 1187

Genia Silkes, a teacher in pre-war Poland, dedicated her postwar career to the history of the Holocaust. The testimonies of Polish Holocaust survivors, of which there are 64 from children and 9 from adults, have great historical value. Also included are her research notes, records of her speaking engagements, and personal letters and photographs.

Dates: 1931-1983

Papers of Henry Shoshkes

Identifier: RG 484
Scope and Contents

Correspondence with Izhak Ben-Zvi, David Ben-Gurion, Joseph Sprinzak, Rabbinate of Cairo. Report on the Jewish Community in Lebanon, 1956. Correspondence relating to Felix Kersten, personal physician of Himmler. Photostats of Polish underground press, 1940-1945. Manuscripts and notes of a projected book by Shoshkes, Jews in Russia Today. Memoirs by Irene Eskenazi about World War II experiences in Yugoslavia.

Dates: 1930s-1962

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