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Ernst Kantorowicz Collection

Identifier: AR 7216 / MF 561
Overview Correspondence on various topics, including emigration to the United States and Cuba; relocation in academic jobs; denazification and conditions in Germany after the war; and Kantorowicz's scholarship. In addition to family members, correspondents include Ernst Curtius, Ludwig Edelstein, Bernhard Flexner, Felix Frankfurter, Sidney Hook, Robert Maynard Hutchins, Ernst Kitzinger, Theodor Ernst Mommsen, John Ulric Nef, Kurt Riezler, Hans Rothfels, Fritz Saxl, Percy Ernst Schramm, Edward Sproul, Gerd Tellenbach, Paul Tillich, Edward Tolman, Helen Waddell, Earl Warren, and Stanley Weigert.

Unpublished manuscripts, and offprints of articles and reviews by Kantorowicz, largely on medieval cultural history; a brief biography of him by Ralph Giesey.

Manuscripts, correspondence, legal briefs, clippings, and other material on the loyalty-oath controversy; material on Kantorowicz's tenure at the University of Frankfurt, and on his dismissal.

Manuscripts, correspondence, and other papers of family members; an art history essay by Gertrude Kantorowicz and a pamphlet of poetry from Theresienstadt; genealogies; and a manuscript on Simon Kaliphari of Posen; manuscript by Kaete Ledermann, A Memorial of Angi ("Esther") Kantorowicz, c. 1904-1944, 1954, including transcript compiled by Guenther Roth.

Photos of Kantorowicz and of family members.

Papers of Richard Kandt (1867-1918), an African explorer and, from 1908-1914, administrator of Ruanda: poems, letters, maps, and obituaries.

Addenda: Original lectures by Kantorowicz. Photocopies for reader service.

The following individuals and families are mentioned in this collection: Curtius, Ernst R.; Edelstein, Ludwig; Flexner, Bernhard; Frankfurter, Felix; Giesey, Ralph; Hook, Sidney; Hutchins, Robert Maynard; Kaliphari family; Kaliphari, Simon; Kandt, Richard; Kandt, Richard; Kantorowicz, Angela (Angi, Esther); Kantorowicz, Gertrude; Kitzinger, Ernst; Ledermann, Kaete; Lieeschuetz, Hans; Mommsen, Theodor; Nef, John Ulric; Riezler, Kurt; Rothfels, Hans; Saxl, Fritz; Schramm, Percy Ernst; Sproul, Edward; Tellenbach, Gerd; Tillich, Paul; Tolman, Edward; Waddell, Helen; Warren, Earl; Weigert, Stanley.
Dates: 1908-1982

Ernst Kitzinger Collection

Identifier: AR 3086 / MF 568
Overview The collection contains three circumcision registers (Mohelbuecher) with some entries from Prague, 1816 and Baiersdorf, 1819 and mostly from Munich, 1826-1885. In addition there is a ‘Memorbuch’ from Fuerth, Bavaria.
Dates: 1801-1965

Ernst Marckowicz Collection

Identifier: LBIJER 193
Overview The collection contains various materials pertaining to Ernst Marckowicz.
Dates: 1901-1980

Ernst Mueller Collection

Identifier: AR 10006 / MF 623
Overview Personal documents and professional certificates pertaining to Dr. Ernst Mueller
Dates: 1911-

Ernst Wertheimer Family Collection; Restitution Claims

Identifier: AR 6305 / MF 876
Overview Diverse Restitution claims of Ernest Wertheimer and several member of his family (his wife Ruth, his mother Selma, his mother-in-law Alice Wertheimer nee Falkenstein, his son Stephen - his wife's sister Liesel Wertheimer. These claims are directed partly against the German Reich and various German states' authorities, partly against private parties, they are based on a variety of reasons to demand compensation: loss of property (e.g. business, real estate), "Berufs- und Ausbildungsschaden", emigration expenses and loss of Umzugsgut. The claims and related correspondence cover a period of over 20 years (1946-66). The family's attorney throughout the entire proceedings was a New York City (formerly German) lawyer, Dr. Hans Strauss.
Dates: 1946-1966

Erwin Loewenson Collection

Identifier: LBIJER 335
Overview The first folder contains essays and manuscripts written by Loewenson, as well as his letters written to the heads of various Zionist organizations (e.g., Keren Hayesod) during the 1920s. Also included are reminiscences about Erwin Loewenson. The second folder contains newspaper articles written by Loewenson.
Dates: 1924-1979

Esriel Hildesheimer Collection

Identifier: AR 2373 / MF 726 / MF 248
Overview The bulk of the collection consists of letters to Esriel Hildesheimer\ and others from various individuals, mostly rabbis in Germany, Austria-Hungary, Palestine, Eastern Europe, and the United States, and institutions, including Akiba Lehren, David Neimann, Simcha Bunem Sofer, Yeshiva Etz-Hayyim, Adolf Jellinek, and the Oesterreichisch- Ungarisch- Israelitische Gemeinde, Jerusalem. Approximately one-half of the correspondence is transcribed.
Dates: 1821-1920

Esslinger Family Collection

Identifier: AR 4991
Overview This collection contains genealogical information and documents related to the Esslinger, Bloch, and Leib families from Württemberg, Konstanz and Zurich, as well as Isidor Esslinger who immigrated to the US State of Indiana in the 1850s.
Dates: 1838-1981

Eva C. Schiller Janusaukas Collection

Identifier: AR 25298 / MF 1017
Overview Documents, letters, books, artifacts, and photographs pertaining to Eva Schiller Janusaukas' life in Austria, Sweden and U.S.
Dates: 1858-1986

Eva Lesser Stricks Collection

Identifier: AR 10582 / MF 1043
Overview The collection consists of official papers, documenting the life of Eva Lesser Stricks, of her parents and her husband from Berlin via Shanghai to Cincinnati.
Dates: 1939-1997

Ex Libris Collection

Identifier: AR 25017
Overview Scores of bookplates.
Dates: [unknown]

Experiences in the life of Martin Reich.

Identifier: AR 25271 / MF 1017
Overview Personal documents of Martin Reich and his mother, Emma, describing their lives in Mannheim, Germany and Strasbourg, France prior to their immigration to the United States.
Dates: [unknown]

[Familien- und Geschaeftserinnerungen]

Identifier: ME 554 / MM 65
Overview Two edited typescripts by Dr. Emil Sander tell about his family and particularly about his parents, Uri and Helene.
Dates: 1931.

Fega Frisch Collection

Identifier: AR 2555
Overview The collection holds original translations and clippings of Russian and Yiddish literature into German by Fega Frisch. Also included are some personal documents, such as education records and ID papers.
Dates: 1897-1959

Felix Auerbach collection

Identifier: AR 3958
Overview Writings, correspondence, family documents and ephemera pertaining to Felix Auerbach. Felix Auerbach’s diaries, poetry and notes are written in Gabelsberger shorthand. Also included is information about Felix and Anna Auerbach.
Dates: 1849-1926, 1994-1998, diaries: 1876-1891

Felix Hollaender Collection

Identifier: AR 2648
Overview Letters to Felix Hollaender regarding his manuscripts from Berliner Tageblatt and Ullstein & Co. Letter to Ms. Meyer from Erich Reiss Verlag.
Dates: 1913-1921

Felsenstein Family Collection

Identifier: AR 6900 / MF 828
Overview Xerox of family tree; Manuscript by Ernest S. Felsenstein "Introduction to the history of the descendants of Abraham Felsenstein 1813-1885" (1973, 70 typed pages, English)
Dates: 1854-

Firma F.V. (Falk Valentin) Gruenfeld Collection

Identifier: AR 2259 / MF 566
Overview Various published and archival materials pertaining to the textile company F.V. (Frank Valentin) Gruenfeld.
Dates: 1854-1979

Fischl Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25061 / MF 909
Overview Personal documents of various family members of the Fischl family,: certificates, emigration papers, photos; correspondence between Anna Fischl and her daughter Nelly Wilder (1930s); collection of maps from World War I; 4 poetry books; 1 cookbook; 1 prayer book.
Dates: 1869-2001

Four printed documents imposing restrictions on Jewish social and economic life

Identifier: AR 25245 012
Overview Four printed documents imposing restrictions on Jewish social and economic life in Brunswick and in Austria.
Dates: 1711- 1759

Fraenkel – Neugarten Family Collection

Identifier: LBIJER 189
Overview The collection contains materials pertaining to Fraenkel – Neugarten Family.
Dates: 1877-1983

France (concentration camp) Collection

Identifier: AR 3987 / MF 836
Overview The bulk of the collection is an assembly of various reports, amounting to a document of 907 pages in ten sections: the reports originate mainly from the "Comité de Coordination pour l'Assistance dans les Camps" (CCAC; also known as "Comité de Nîmes") and other organizations, such as the “American Friends Service Committee” (AFSC) and YMCA pertaining to foreign – particularly Jewish – refugees in unoccupied France during WW II.
Dates: [unknown]

Franco - Josefsthal Collection.

Identifier: AR 5427
Overview Various archival materials relating to two members of the Franco family and to Adolf Abraham Josefsthal.
Dates: 1894-1926

Franz Rosenzweig - Martin Buber notebooks

Identifier: AR 4219 / MF 877
Overview 22 notebooks (carbon copies), comprising 1,998 pages, dictated by Franz Rosenzweig and addressed to Martin Buber, pertaining to the Rosenzweig-Buber translation of the bible.
Dates: 1925-1929

Fred Conn Collection

Identifier: AR 11036
Overview The collection contains AHC questionnaires I and II. Also included are photocopies of archival materials pertaining to Fritz Kohn, Ludwig [?] Kohn and Lilly Weiss, such as education and military certificates.
Dates: 1915-1999

Fred W. Lessing Collection

Identifier: AR 2235 / MF 483
Overview Family documents, correspondence, genealogical tables, memoirs, photographs
Dates: 1800-1963

Frida Ilmer Grosser Collection

Identifier: AR 10562 / MF 954
Overview Personal papers and writings of Frida Ilmer Grosser, documenting her career as a scholar of German literature.
Dates: 1901-1992

Frieda Friedlander collection

Identifier: AR 4994
Overview The bulk of the collection consists of materials pertaining to the Friedlander/Friedlaender families, descendents of the prominent banker and member of the Prussian House of Lords, Dagobert Friedlaender (1826-1904) from Kolmar, Posen (Chodzież, Poland). Also included are correspondence and other materials, documenting the efforts of Frieda Friedlander to assist the work of OSE in France and in the United States after World War II.
Dates: 1891-1981

Frieda Hirsch Collection

Identifier: LBIJER 30
Scope and Contents "Mein Weg von Karlsruhe ueber Heidelberg nach Haifa" is the memoir of Frieda Hirsch (née Goldberg) (1890- ). She describes the history of her parents, her upbringing in Karlsruhe as daughter of a well-to-do Jewish-orthodox family, her education at a humanistic high school (Gymnasium), her university studies (medicine) in Heidelberg, Karlsruhe and Breslau (1908-1913), and life during World War I in Karlsruhe and Heidelberg. She married Albert Hirsch (1887-1954) in 1915, a medical student and member of the Zionist student organization "Verein Juedischer Studenten" and settled in Heidelberg, where Albert worked as a pediatrician. Frieda Hirsch tells about life in Heidelberg, the births and upbringing of her children, various friendships (among others with Georg Hermann, Frieda Reichmann, Erich Fromm, and Eugen Taeubler), Zionist activities of her husband, and first anti-Semitic persecutions in Heidelberg in 1933. She gives detailed testimony of her emigration from Heidelberg via Salzburg and Triest to Haifa, where the family settled, of the difficult first years in Palestine with her husband opening a new medical office, and describes her experiences during World War II in Haifa, the founding of the state of Israel in 1948 and moving to Kiryat Ono after her husband's death in 1954.

The second text, an attachment of Hirsch's memoir, contains a genealogical table and a detailed history of Frieda Hirsch's (née Goldberg) and Albert Hirsch's families.
Dates: 1965

Frieda Wunderlich Collection

Identifier: AR 3230 / MF 480
Overview Correspondence, including letters from Alvin Johnson and Thomas Mann.
Dates: 1919-1969

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