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Achtentuch Family Collection

Identifier: AR 10514 / MF 502
Overview The collection holds original documents pertaining to the personal, academic and professional life of Dr. Hermann Achtentuch. Also included are documents pertaining to his wife Paula née Kohn, and to their son, Herbert Achtentuch.
Dates: 1887-1997

Albert Aaron Feldmann Collection

Identifier: AR 11037
Overview Questionnaire I + II of the Austrian Heritage Collection at the Leo Baeck Institute; photocopies of various materials, such as education records, emigration papers, and photographs pertaining to Albert Aaron Feldmann.
Dates: 1920-1999

Anny Bernstein Collection

Identifier: AR 10411
Overview The collection holds Anny Bernstein’s correspondence, which she received from her family in Vienna, Austria and other places, while living in New York. Also included is an offprint with an article about Ann’s husband Frank Zwillinger (1909-1989).
Dates: 1916-1996; Majority of material found in 1939-1941

Antoinette Kahler Collection

Identifier: AR 3095
Overview Works by and about the writer Antoinette von Kahler.
Dates: 1896-1988

Berta Freud Collection

Identifier: AR 11033
Overview The collection contains Questionnaire I + II of the Austrian Heritage Collection at the Leo Baeck Institute. Also included are various photocopied and original documents pertaining to Berta Scheiner’s experiences in Vienna, Austria and in wartime England.
Dates: 1913-1999

Chaim Bloch Collection

Identifier: AR 7155 / MF 513
Overview Correspondence, including letters from Leo Baeck, Salo Baron, Julie Braun-Vogelstein, Martin Buber, Werner Cahnmann, Max Dienemann, Ismar Elbogen, Erich Fromm, Hermann Fürnberg, Nahum Glatzer, Nahum Goldmann, Max Gruenewald, Max Grunwald, Siegfried Guggenheim, Ernest Jones, Hermann Kesten, Guido Kisch, Adolf Kober, Franz Kobler, Joachim Prinz, Lessing Rosenwald, Ingrid Warburg, Alma Mahler-Werfel, and Franz Werfel.
Dates: 1916-1969

Daniel Horn Collection

Identifier: AR 6411
Overview The collection consists of research materials collected by Daniel Horn on anti-Semitism, ritual murder cases, etc. in Austria and specifically in Vienna, as well as on Zionism. The materials include Horn’s notes, excerpts from various publications, many manuscripts and a large amount of clippings, all either in original form or in photocopies.
Dates: 1881-1976

Dannhauser family collection

Identifier: AR 25696
Overview Vital records, education certificates, correspondence, as well as genealogical and other archival materials pertaining to the extended Dannhauser family. Also available are materials pertaining to Fred (Manfred) Roesler.
Dates: 1908-1996; Majority of material found in 1909-1939

Franco - Josefsthal Collection.

Identifier: AR 5427
Overview Various archival materials relating to two members of the Franco family and to Adolf Abraham Josefsthal.
Dates: 1894-1926

Fred Conn Collection

Identifier: AR 11036
Overview The collection contains AHC questionnaires I and II. Also included are photocopies of archival materials pertaining to Fritz Kohn, Ludwig [?] Kohn and Lilly Weiss, such as education and military certificates.
Dates: 1915-1999

Frida Ilmer Grosser Collection

Identifier: AR 10562 / MF 954
Overview Personal papers and writings of Frida Ilmer Grosser, documenting her career as a scholar of German literature.
Dates: 1901-1992

Friederike Reisz Collection

Identifier: AR 11039
Overview Questionnaire I + II of the Austrian Heritage Collection at the Leo Baeck Institute; photocopies of various materials, such as emigration papers, photographs and others pertaining to Friedericke Reisz and her husband, Ladislaus Reisz.
Dates: 1913-1999

George Popper Family Collection.

Identifier: AR 4898 / MF 693
Overview Vital records, educational certificates, professional documents, and other archival materials pertaining to several families who were related by marriage to George Popper. All materials originated from Austria, Bohemia, and Moravia.
Dates: 1832-1944, 1980

Gerta S. Freeman Collection

Identifier: AR 11035
Overview The collection contains Questionnaire I + II of the Austrian Heritage Collection at the Leo Baeck Institute. Also included are photocopies of various documents pertaining to Gerta Spiegel Freeman and her family in Vienna, Austria, such as education certificates, emigration documents, photographs, and others. Typescripts include Gerta Freeman’s autobiographical manuscript after her arrival in the United States in May 1938, and the transcript of an interview with her brother Harry Spiegel.
Dates: 1915-1999

Gertrude Berliner Collection

Identifier: AR 1227
Overview This mostly unorganized collection holds manuscripts, drawings and correspondence, as well as some vital records, photographs and published materials pertaining to the author Gertrude Berliner and her family in Vienna, Austria, and in Hanover, Germany. Most of her writings deal with family and emigration, personal recollections and reminiscences of childhood and adulthood.
Dates: 1881-1990

Gertrude Hammerschlag Berg Collection

Identifier: AR 25862
Overview Correspondence and some official documents pertaining to Gertrude Hammerschlag, her parents and others, from her forced emigration from Vienna in 1939 until after World War II.
Dates: 1939-1949

Gertrude Knopf Family Collection

Identifier: AR 11692
Overview The bulk of the collections consists of correspondence to Gertrude (Trude) Münzer (later Knopf) in Palestine from her parents, Moses and Lisa (Feige Liebe née Bien) Münzer and her siblings Nelly (married Herze, * 1917); Benno (* 1920); Elfriede (* 1925); and Siegfried (* 1927); all of them (except for Benno) perished in the Holocaust.
Dates: 1938 - 2003

Hedi Levenback Collection

Identifier: AR 6425 / MF 865
Overview Handwritten notebooks with recipes, knitting and sewing patterns, cookbooks; index cards of recipes in Box.
Dates: 1907-1930s

Henry Hans Politzer Collection

Identifier: AR 11034
Overview The collection contains Henry Politzer’s Questionnaire I + II of the Austrian Heritage Collection at the Leo Baeck Institute. Also included are original documents pertaining to his father’s emigration from Austria in 1941.
Dates: 1938-1999

Herbert Owens Family Collection.

Identifier: AR 25175 / MF 1017
Overview Diploma and licence for Oskar Weitzmann; photographs taken by Oskar Weitzmann, Herbert Owens' report about his emigration, Nazi and Olympic collectors cards, other photos.
Dates: 1916-1940; 1999

Ilse Rothblat Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25129 / MF 921
Overview Correspondence, documents, cookbook.
Dates: 1857-1970

Jakob Wassermann Autographs Collection

Identifier: AR 253
Overview The collection contains 37 letters and postcards written by Jakob Wassermann to family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, covering a variety of topics, from the deeply personal (his negative feelings toward his wife), to the professional (the sale of his books), and to the mundane (his appreciation for the United States). Most letters are accompanied by typed transcripts.
Dates: 1998-1933

Joseph Willner

Identifier: AR 7288 / MF 900
Overview Photos, clippings, manuscripts, program posters, correspondence, ID's, of Joseph and Adrienne Willner. There are ID cards regarding his work in C.I.C. - Headquarters Command USFA in Vienna, as well as pamphlets on magic tricks, lecture scripts on hypnosis, various scripts for theater plays, and notes and clippings on the death of Joe Willner, the magician.
Dates: 1903-1984

Josephine Zwirn Collection

Identifier: AR 11041
Overview The collection contains questionnaires I + II of the Austrian Heritage Collection at the Leo Baeck Institute. Included are photocopies of correspondence and official documents pertaining to Walter Schwarz’s imprisonment in the Dachau concentration camp; as well as various materials, such as photocopies of vital records and emigration papers pertaining to Josephine Zwirn’s second husband, Otto Zwirn; and photocopies of photographs of Josephine’s parents, Karl and Hilda Schindler.
Dates: 1914-1999

Judith Sander collection

Identifier: DM 309
Overview Materials by and about the opera soprano Judith Sander, including original documents, clippings, photographs and sound recordings.
Dates: 1904-1940s

Kadimah Collection

Identifier: AR 6865
Overview This collection contains the proceedings of the 1. Allgemeiner Jüdischer Studententag (First Jewish Students’ Conference: Vienna, Austria: 1919), as well as two speeches delivered on the 50th anniversary of the student Zionist association Kadimah (1933) and an exchange of letters regarding the unseating of Weizmann as head of the Zionist World Organization.
Dates: 1919-1933

Leo Lauterbach Collection

Identifier: AR 6311
Overview The collection contains 3 typescripts pertaining to the Zionist functionary Leo Lauterbach and to his family.
Dates: 1955, undated

Lotte Friedlaender Family Collection

Identifier: AR 10379
Overview The collection contains materials about the Mandl and the Friedländer families, as well as the Friedländers’ friends, Otto Kokoschka and Heinrich Schnitzler.
Dates: 1917-1972

Lucie Benedikt collection

Identifier: AR 25692
Overview The collection focuses primarily on Lucie Benedikt’s efforts to receive restitution and a pension from the Austrian government. Also included are a few personal items.
Dates: 1966-2000

Mimi Grossberg collection

Identifier: AR 3815
Overview The collection contains manuscripts, clippings, and correspondence pertaining to the poet Mimi Grossberg. Also included are various materials that have been collected by Mimi Grossberg, pertaining to her husband, Norbert Grossberg; her brother, Julius Buchwald; as well as to the writers Ernest Herzog, Erich Juhn and Robert Enoch.
Dates: 1939-1997