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Arnhold family collection

Identifier: AR 2920
Overview This collection consists primarily of clippings and other published materials, amassed to illustrate the family trees of the Arnholds and related families, thus providing a picture of their activities as bankers, collectors, and public benefactors. Emphasis is given to the bank’s retirement plan, ’Gebrüder Arnholdscher Pensionsverein’ and to the art collector Eduard Arnhold and his foundation, Deutsche Akademie Rom Villa Massimo. Of special interest is a handwritten account about Kurt Arnhold’s escape from Germany to Holland in circa 1938.
Dates: 1830-1987; Majority of material found in 1920s-1930s

Arons Family, Berlin Collection

Identifier: AR 5610
Overview Various archival materials pertaining mainly to the banking firm Gebrüder Arons as well as to Paul Arons, his wife Gertrud née Bleichröder, and to his father Albert Arons. Also mentioned are members of the related Arons, Bleichröder, Goldschmidt and Salomon families.
Dates: 1805-1936

Bendix (ben Ephraim) Family Collection

Identifier: AR 10923
Overview This collection contains family trees, as well as photocopies of emigration documents, vital records, correspondence, photographs, and other materials pertaining to the whole Bendix family and some of their members.
Dates: 1810-2000

Correspondence of Joel Heimann’s Children

Identifier: DM 335
Overview These are the translated letters between the Heimann siblings in Germany, Palestine and Uruguay; mainly in 1939.
Dates: 1928-1943

Dannhauser family collection

Identifier: AR 25696
Overview Vital records, education certificates, correspondence, as well as genealogical and other archival materials pertaining to the extended Dannhauser family. Also available are materials pertaining to Fred (Manfred) Roesler.
Dates: 1908-1996; Majority of material found in 1909-1939

Fraenkel – Neugarten Family Collection

Identifier: LBIJER 189
Overview The collection contains materials pertaining to Fraenkel – Neugarten Family.
Dates: 1877-1983

George Popper Family Collection.

Identifier: AR 4898 / MF 693
Overview Vital records, educational certificates, professional documents, and other archival materials pertaining to several families who were related by marriage to George Popper. All materials originated from Austria, Bohemia, and Moravia.
Dates: 1832-1944, 1980

Gertrude Berliner Collection

Identifier: AR 1227
Overview This mostly unorganized collection holds manuscripts, drawings and correspondence, as well as some vital records, photographs and published materials pertaining to the author Gertrude Berliner and her family in Vienna, Austria, and in Hanover, Germany. Most of her writings deal with family and emigration, personal recollections and reminiscences of childhood and adulthood.
Dates: 1881-1990

Gertrude Hammerschlag Berg Collection

Identifier: AR 25862
Overview Correspondence and some official documents pertaining to Gertrude Hammerschlag, her parents and others, from her forced emigration from Vienna in 1939 until after World War II.
Dates: 1939-1949

Gertrude Knopf Family Collection

Identifier: AR 11692
Overview The bulk of the collections consists of correspondence to Gertrude (Trude) Münzer (later Knopf) in Palestine from her parents, Moses and Lisa (Feige Liebe née Bien) Münzer and her siblings Nelly (married Herze, * 1917); Benno (* 1920); Elfriede (* 1925); and Siegfried (* 1927); all of them (except for Benno) perished in the Holocaust.
Dates: 1938 - 2003

Gisela Bloch Collection

Identifier: AR 11010
Overview Documents pertaining to Gisela Bloch and her ancestors, consisting of an 18th century travel journal, two friendship books, diaries, and some official records.
Dates: 1761-1939

Hanna de Mieses Collection

Identifier: AR 4644
Overview The collection holds papers of the Mieses and related families, including family correspondence, business documents and photographs. Included are letters of the chess master Jacques Mieses (1865-1954); the private and business correspondence of Adolph Koritzer, a fur trader in Leipzig, and his fiancée, Nanny Herzberg, 1856-1859; engagement letters of Marcus Pflaum and Emilie Hoeter-Hirsch, 1833; and correspondence and manuscripts of the literary historian Friedrich Gundolf (1880-1931).
Dates: 1833-1981

Henschel Family collection

Identifier: LBIJER 167
Overview Notebooks and other manuscripts, as well as some correspondence and one photograph pertaining to the Rosenfeld and Henschel families.
Dates: 1902-1942

Hope Feitelberg families collection

Identifier: AR 6143
Overview The collection consists of memoirs and other manuscripts by David Feitelberg and other members of the Feitelberg-Hope families.
Dates: 1895-1993

Joseph Fraenkel Family Collection

Identifier: AR 3097 / MF 775
Overview Wedding songs and other celebratory writings as well as school and business materials pertaining to the extended family of Joseph Fraenkel, Berlin
Dates: 1811-1903

[Judenfamilienregister Zaberfeld]

Identifier: DM 317
Overview These are pages from the original family register of the town of Zaberfeld in the district of Heilbronn in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, recording the households of Jewish families from the mid-1800s to the 1930s. Mentioned are the names and dates of male and female members of the households; the names of their respective parents; and the households’ children.
Dates: circa 1850 - 1939

Kantorowicz Family Collection Addenda

Identifier: AR 11983
Overview The bulk of the collection consists of correspondence from Gertrude M. Meyer (Porto Alegre, Brasil) to Prof. Robert E. Lerner pertaining to the Kantorowicz family from Posen, Jan. 2002-[Dec.] 2005.
Dates: 1983-2005

Leo Lauterbach Collection

Identifier: AR 6311
Overview The collection contains 3 typescripts pertaining to the Zionist functionary Leo Lauterbach and to his family.
Dates: 1955, undated

Max Daniel family Collection

Identifier: AR 1644
Overview The collection consists of vital records, other official documents, manuscripts, clippings, and some correspondence pertaining to Max Daniel and his family, reaching back for four generations.
Dates: 1816-1963

Meier Spanier Collection.

Identifier: AR 3566 / MF 560
Overview Original manuscripts, off-prints, and clippings with articles by or about Meier Spanier. Also included are a bibliography as well as biographical and genealogical texts.
Dates: [unknown]

Meier Spanier Collection

Identifier: LBIJER 268
Overview The collection comprises the personal documents, correspondence and manuscripts of Meier Spanier.
Dates: 1884-1942

Neisser Family Collection

Identifier: AR 826
Overview Genealogical tables and accompanying materials pertaining to the Neisser family from Upper Silesia, Germany.
Dates: [unknown]

Porges von Portheim Collection

Identifier: LBIJER 277
Overview Handwritten memoir (photocopy) by Moses Porges and his description of Jakob Frank's "court”, as well as typed transcripts and related correspondence.
Dates: 1959 - 1970

Prager Family Collection

Identifier: LBIJER 372
Overview The collection contains various documents pertaining to Rabbi Dr. Isaac Prager and his son the psychiatrist Dr. Joseph Prager.
Dates: 1863-1998

Raphael Kahn collection

Identifier: AR 25828
Overview The collection contains mostly photographs of Raphael Kahn and his mother, Mirjam in Palestine and in Germany. Also included are Raphael Kahn’s baby-book, covering his development from 1922 to 1927 in the handwritings of his parents (?); and a note book/diary of Fritz Kahn (?) with entries from 1923-1924.
Dates: 1922 - circa 1940

Rosenbacher-Wasserman Collection

Identifier: LBIJER 441
Overview The collection contains personal documents and photographs pertaining to Rosenbacher-Wasserman family.
Dates: undated, 1839-1980

Ruth Beermann Collection

Identifier: AR 25478
Overview Materials pertaining to Ruth Beermann and to her father, Rabbi Max Beermann.
Dates: 1861-1935

Schafranik-Popper-Gruenfeld families collection

Identifier: AR 5924 / MF 842
Overview The collection holds mainly vital and other original documents pertaining to the Gruenfeld and Schafranik families from Moravia.
Dates: 1829-1989; Majority of material found within 1829-1912

Seidenberger-Sondhelm Family Collection

Identifier: AR 10520
Overview The collection contains primarily documents pertaining to Carl (Karl) Seidenberger (1882-1943), such as vital and other official records and correspondence. Also included are papers of his wife, Else Seidenberger née Sondhelm (1897-1996).
Dates: 1872-1987

Selma Berliner Collection

Identifier: AR 1992
Overview The collection holds autographs, correspondence, music scores, official documents and photographs pertaining to the pianist and composer Selma Berliner.
Dates: 1833-1947