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Graenum Berger Papers

Identifier: P-717

The Papers of Graenum Berger (1908-1999) document Berger's involvement with Ethiopian Jewry and his efforts to bring about their rescue from Ethiopia through his organization, the American Association for Ethiopian Jews (AAEJ). The Papers also contain materials regarding Berger's other interests-his writings, his travels throughout the world, his community affiliations, his career as a Jewish social work executive, his commitment to Jewish causes, and his commitment to Israel. Also included are personal and biographical materials from his many long-term friendships and associations; correspondence, minutes, reports, clippings, manuscripts, research materials, journal articles, photographs, and publications.

Dates: undated, [1825]-2002 (bulk 1923-2001)

Gratz family (Philadelphia) papers

Identifier: P-8

This collection contains correspondence, legal documents, and miscellaneous items concerning the personal lives and business interests of brothers Barnard (1738-1801) and Michael Gratz (1740-1811). It also contains the correspondence of Rebecca Gratz (1781-1869), Michael Gratz's daughter.

Dates: undated, 1753-1916

Grayce Perlbinder Papers

Identifier: P-942

Papers of the Soviet Jewry movement activist Grayce Perlbinder of Great Neck, NY reflect her activities as one of the leaders of the Long Island Committee for Soviet Jewry during the 1970s and early 1980s. The materials include speeches, notes, reports, a play script, information on trips to the USSR, correspondence, bulletins, memos, proposals, news clippings, newsletters and photographs.

Dates: undated, 1971-1982

Greater New York Conference on Soviet Jewry Collection

Identifier: I-362

This collection documents the activities of a human rights grassroots organization on behalf of Jews in the Soviet Union. The collection features annual reports, calendars, general correspondence, announcement pamphlets, meeting fliers, banners used at rallies, miscellaneous speakers and conferences information, membership documents, and materials about engineering, legal, medical, youth, and women’s coalitions.

Dates: 1964-1990, 2016

Abrahams family (New York) papers

 Collection — Box: CB-P5, Folder: P-183
Identifier: P-183

Consists of estate inventories and correspondence pertaining to the activities of family members.

Dates: 1848-1867

Benjamin Nathan Cardozo collection

Identifier: P-128

Consists largely of photographs, illustrations, and manuscript drafts of George S. Hellman's Benjamin N. Cardozo, American Judge (New York, 1940); a copy of a letter from Franklin D. Roosevelt to the author in tribute to Cardozo (1939); a note by Hellman containing personal observations regarding Cardozo's funeral; nine letters by Cardozo, including one to Louise W. Wise (1929), and four to George A. Kohut (1931-2), one of which reflects Cardozo's reaction to the possibility of being appointed a U.S. Supreme Court Judge. Part of one letter appeared in PAJHS, v. 59.

Dates: undated, 1845-1970

Caro family genealogies

Identifier: P-245

Contains four genealogies of the Caro family, in both English and Hebrew. Two are printed, and two are in manuscript form (one is a photostat).

Dates: 1922-1962

Purim Association collection

Identifier: I-20

Contains two minute books for the years 1871-1892, and 1896-1906, of the activities of the Association. Includes: its constitution, by-laws, and amendments, a member list, a scrapbook of correspondence containing information on charitable disbursements, an 1866 Purim Ball Program (scroll), and miscellaneous documents.

Dates: undated, 1865-1902, 1979

David Levy Yulee papers

 Collection — Box: CB-P3, Folder: P-115
Identifier: P-115

The collection includes the following items: four letters written by Yulee under his earlier name, Levy, one of which is addressed to Secretary of the Navy Abel Parker Upshur (1842), and three to Senator James Diament Westcott, Jr. (D - Fla.) (1843-1845); and a letter to Secretary of State William L. Marcy regarding the filling of the vacancy left by the death of Judge Bronson of the Northern District of Florida, another to President Franklin Pierce recommending McQueen McIntosh to fill that vacancy (1855); a letter to General William Miles written during the Civil War (1865); an executive order signed by President Andrew Johnson allowing a Mrs. Merrick to send a package to Yulee at Fort Pulaski where he was a prisoner of war (1865), as well as two letters written by Yulee while at Fort Pulaski (1866) a letter to a Mr. Dickinson introducing Capt. Hunter (n.d.); and an unidentified manuscript listing several senators, among whom is Yulee (n.d.). A letter to E. Livingston regarding a consular appointment (1857), and a note to C.L. Perkins of a routine nature (1858) are also included.

Dates: undated, 1842-1866

Emanuel de la Motta Prayerbook Collection

Identifier: P-68

Contains two manuscript prayer books entitled: Evening service for the Sabbath festivals, and New Year transcribed by Emanuel De La Motta from David Levi's English translation. The volumes, including instructions for use, were written by De La Motta for his daughters, Clara and Rachel, in 1820 in Charleston, South Carolina.

Dates: undated, 1820

Esther Levy estate inventory

 Collection — Box: CB-P2
Identifier: P-79

Inventory of estate of a New York widow.

Dates: 1843

Executive Committee on the Celebration of the Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Settlement of Jews in the United States collection

Identifier: I-16

Contains the correspondence and minutes of the Executive Committee, including letters from Theodore Roosevelt, addresses of Bishop David Hummel Greer, Charles W. Eliot, former Pres. Grover S. Cleveland and others; and related material, both printed and manuscript, pertaining to the celebration held at Carnegie Hall, New York, Nov. 30, 1905. Includes also clippings describing various similar celebrations held throughout the country.

Dates: 1904-1906

Gates of Heaven Synagogue (Madison, Wis.) collection

Identifier: I-19

Includes minute book of congregation (in German and English), a translation of the German, and miscellaneous clippings which detail both the history of the synagogue, and its 1971 move to a new location.

Dates: 1856-1987

Hays family papers

Identifier: P-130

Collection includes: the receipt books of Judah Hays (1 original, 1 transcribed); vouchers and estate inventory of Jacob Hays; legal documents pertaining to incarceration of Solomon M. Hays; the correspondence of Moses Michael Hays; a copy of a bill to Isaac Hays; and copies of court documents for case involving Barrak Hays.

Dates: undated, 1755-1850

Isaac W. Bernheim papers

 Collection — Box: CB-P5, Folder: P-177
Identifier: P-177

Consists of typed copies of letters sent to Isaac and Bernard Bernheim by the Board of Park Commissioners, Louisville, KY, and Andrew D. White, U.S. Ambassador to Germany, on the occasion of the Bernheim brothers' gift of a statue of Thomas Jefferson by Moses Ezekiel to the city of Louisville (1899-1900). Also includes a typed copy of a speech given by Isaac Bernheim to the Hillel Club, Denver, Colorado, 1938, in which he expresses his opposition to political Zionism and advocates the founding of a "Reform Church of American Israelites."

Dates: 1899-1938

Israel Baer Kursheedt papers

 Collection — Box: CB-P6, Folder: P-196
Identifier: P-196

Contains promissory note given to Kursheedt by George Bethune English (1815), and a letter, written in Hebrew, to Rabbi Solomon Hirschel in London, asking him questions relating to Jewish law (1831).

Dates: 1815-1831

Israel Goldberg papers

Identifier: P-71

The collection consists primarily of the author's unpublished manuscripts and songs (set to music); printed texts of plays, short stories, essays and other literary works; material relating to several organized attempts to ban The merchant of Venice from the NYC public school curriculum; personal documents and correspondence; newspaper clippings; and other material utilized as sources for his writings. The correspondence is primarily with publishers and Emanuel Neumann and relating to Zionism in general.

It also contains a detailed record, consisting of letters, a dated handwritten account, and news clippings, of the 1927 Zionist Convention in Atlantic City, centering on an internal schism as to the competence of the Lipsky administration, as well as some follow-up material in 1928. Prominent in these papers is correspondence with Louis D. Brandeis; also represented are Henrietta Szold and Chaim Weizmann.

Dates: undated, 1911-1964

Jacob Raphael Cohen collection

 Collection — Box: CB-P3, Folder: P-118
Identifier: P-118

Contains the original of Jacob Raphael Cohen's (1810-1811) will, of and the inventory of his estate (1812). Of special note in the will are his requests regarding the manner of his burial and the furnishing of oil for the eternal light in the Mikveh Israel Synagogue in Philadelphia.

Dates: undated, 1776-1843

John Quincy Adams autograph

 Collection — Box: CB-P8, Folder: P-273
Identifier: P-273

One blank passport form with signature of John Quincy Adams, then Secretary of State. On back of form is notation as follows: Michael Isaacs' passport, dated Aug. 16, 1819.

Dates: ca. 1819

Joseph Krauskopf will

 Collection — Box: CB-P8, Folder: P-289
Identifier: P-289

A photocopy of Krauskopf's will; among the recipients of his bequest was the National Farm School.

Dates: 1919

Judah family (New York City and Richmond) papers

Identifier: P-77

Collection consists primarily of legal documents pertaining to the importation of merchandise from England to the Port of New York by various members of the Judah family. Also contains a detailed list of creditors and debtors of an undidentified member of the Judah family, among which appears the names of A.L. Gomez, Uriah Hendricks, and Henry Breevort of New York (1818-1831). Of special interest is a letter written to Samuel B.H. Judah by Aaron Burr regarding the study of law shortly after Judah's release from prison (1823); and a manuscript copy of a sermon belonging to Rev. Isaac H. Judah, generally considered to be the first reader of the Congregation Beth Shalom in Richmond, VA. The collection also contains inventories of the estates of Moses Judah (1822), Jessy (Jessie) Jonas Judah (1818), and her son, Aaron Hart Judah (1836), and letters of administration for and the inventories of the estate of her grandson, Samuel N. Judah (1849).

Dates: undated, 1794-1849

Lawrence Sampter collection

Identifier: P-67

Consists primarily of 19th century engravings and other illustrations of Christopher Columbus, as well as Jewish themes in general. Also included are several listings taken from book dealers catalogs pertaining to Columbus.

Dates: undated, 1781-1893, 1940-1944

Lissack H. Simpson estate inventory

 Collection — Box: CB-P3, Folder: P-110
Identifier: P-110

Inventory of estate dated 1879. Surrogate's Office, County of New York. Executors: Naphtali L. Simpson, Solomon L. Simpson.

Dates: 1879

Louis Arthur Ungar papers

Identifier: P-137

This collection consists of 100 documents and approximately 350 photographs documenting Ungar's experience as a dental officer with the American Zionist Medical Unit for Palestine. Includes: a biographical sketch, letters pertaining to application for Palestine service and U.S. Army deferment, money, memorabilia, Palestine correspondence, Zionist Medical Unit reports, and commendations of Ungar's service.

Dates: 1915-1919

Louis Brandeis Collection

 Collection — Box: CB-P7, File: P-248
Identifier: P-248

Contains thirteen letters on a variety of subjects. Of interest are: a letter written to Walter Lippmann, referring to a talk with Felix Frankfurter regarding Brandeis' confirmation as a justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1916); and a letter to Abraham H. Sakier regarding Brandeis' wish not to have his name connected with any fund-raising project for a university in Palestine (1930).

Dates: undated, 1886-1940, 1966

Mark Levy estate inventory

 Collection — Box: CB-P2, Folder: P-93
Identifier: P-93

Inventory of estate for a New York resident who founded the firm of Mark Levy amd Brother.

Dates: 1855

Martin Van Buren papers

 Collection — Box: CB-P4, Folder: P-131
Identifier: P-131

Collection contains the resolution and the letter of thanks of the Israelites of Virginia, dated September 4, 1840, to Van Buren for intervening on behalf of the Jews being persecuted in Damascus. Appearing on both documents is the name A.H. Cohen. Also includes a letter from D. Peterkin to Van Buren requesting an appointment for his son.

Dates: 1839-1840

Near East Crisis collection

Identifier: I-18

Contains manuscript and published material from Zionist, rabbinic, and other national Jewish organizations; and from various local Jewish community organizations relating to fund-raising drives, protest demonstrations, and other activities on behalf of Israel. Also contains copies of letters and telegrams sent by various individuals to American government officials and to Arab leaders; published statements of President Lyndon B. Johnson and various U.S. Congressmen; reactions of private American citizens, both Jewish and non-Jewish; personal letters written from Israel during the crisis; several scholarly studies and clippings from various Yiddish, Anglo-Jewish, and Israeli newspapers pertaining to the conflict; and an extensive collection of material from Dr. Nelson Glueck regarding his experiences during and after the war.

Dates: 1967-1971

Papers of Cecilia Razovsky

Identifier: P-290

The papers consist of correspondence and reports of Cecelia Razovsky (married name: Davidson), noted social worker specializing in immigration and resettlement of refugees. The collection includes information about her work with the National Council of Jewish Women in the 1920s, and with the National Refugee Service (and predecessor organizations) in the 1930s. Information is included about her work as a Resettlement Supervisor in the post-World War II Displaced Persons camps in Europe, and as a field worker in the southwestern U.S. for the United Service for New Americans in 1950. The collection contains reports and correspondence from her trips to South America, primarily Brazil, to explore possibilities of refugee settlement in 1937 and 1946; as a representative for United HIAS Service to aid in settling Egyptian and Hungarian refugees in 1957-1958; and as a pleasure trip and evaluation of the changes in the Jewish community of the country in 1963. Also included in the collection are many of Razovsky's articles, plays, and pamphlets.

Dates: undated, 1913-1971

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