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Papers of Berthold Jeiteles

Identifier: RG 717

This collection contains materials collected by Berthold Jeiteles (1872-1958) in Theresienstadt. Jeiteles, a member of a prominent family in Prague, was deported to Theresienstadt in 1939 and survived the war due to a clerical error. After the war he moved to New York and became a Talmudic scholar.

Dates: 1942-1946

Papers of Chaim Gininger

Identifier: RG 1384

Gininger's etymological notes on various Yiddish words. Letters, including from Yudl Mark, Chaim Liberman (Lubavitch librarian), Max Weinreich, Sarah Reisen, Gershon Epstein. Photographs, including Zalmen Reisen, Itsik Manger, Ernest-Henry Levy, Cernauti school groups. Manuscripts of Alexander Harkavi's Der shpanisher lerer. Student examinations, Columbia University, 1971. Published linguistic articles by various scholars. Clippings from the Yiddish press on various writers, especially Itsik Manger. Letters, diary (in German) and poems (in German) by Gininger's wife. Concordance to the Yiddish works of Mendl Lefin Satanover.

Dates: 1930s-1990s

Papers of Chaim Grade and Inna Hecker Grade

Identifier: RG 1952

This collection contains manuscripts of novels, short stories, poems, essays, lectures, speeches, translations, and other writings, correspondence, photographs, and personal documents and materials of Yiddish writer Chaim Grade and his wife Inna Hecker Grade. The collection helps to illustrate Grade’s literary development and impact on Yiddish literature over time, from his earliest poetic works written in Vilna and the Soviet Union, to his prolific and accomplished prose work composed mainly in the United States. The collection illuminates Inna Grade's intellectual and academic prowess, as well as the integral role that she played in the editorial and logistical aspects of Grade's literary output.

Dates: 1910s-2010; Majority of material found in 1940s-2000s

Papers of Chaim Zhitlowsky

Identifier: RG 208

This collection contains correspondence between Chaim Zhitlowsky and many important political figures and organizations, as well as manuscripts and other writings, some written by Zhitlowsky and some written by others. There are also notes and other materials from speeches and lectures that Zhitlowsky gave, financial documents, articles written about Zhitlowsky, newspaper clippings of articles by Zhitlowsky, materials from celebrations held in Zhitlowsky’s honor, photographs, excerpts from his works, and various other assorted items. These materials serve to illustrate both Zhitlowsky’s importance in the Yiddish and Russian literary field and his deep involvement in the American and Russian-Jewish Socialist, Territorialist and Diaspora Nationalism movements.

Dates: 1881-1958; Majority of material found within 1900-1943

Papers of Charles Midlo

Identifier: RG 750
Scope and Contents

Handwritten notes, comments and summaries of Das Deutsche Gaunerthum as well as a microfilm copy of the book. Manuscript fragment of an unpublished article on Ave-Lallement.

Dates: undated

Papers of David Pinski (1872-1959)

Identifier: RG 204

This collection contains documents relating to David Pinski’s role as a Yiddish writer, playwright, essayist, translator, editor, literary critic, and author of novels, plays, short stories, essays, and poems. There is personal and professional correspondence, manuscripts of novels, plays, poems, essays, and articles, translations of Pinski’s works into English and Russian, lectures made on various occasions, personal documents and photographs, programs, notes, and newspaper clippings. These materials demonstrate Pinski’s important role in Yiddish drama and literature, Jewish community life and Yiddish cultural institutions.

Dates: 1880-1952, 2005-2011

Papers of Ephim Jeshurin

Identifier: RG 451

The bulk of the collection consists of extensive card bibliographies relating to the personal lives and careers of hundreds of Jewish writers. There are an estimated 300,000 entries in this bibliography. Clippings of biographical articles about Yiddish writers and of literary reviews. Materials (mainly clippings) for a volume on Vilna which Jeshurin edited and published in 1935. Photographs of personalities active in the Workmen's Circle. Correspondence, including Simon Dubnow, Chaim Grade, Mani Leib, Melech Ravitch, Dov Sadan, Abraham Sutzkever, Uriel Weinreich.

Dates: 1900-1960s

Papers of Eric Oppenheimer

Identifier: RG 437
Scope and Contents

Notes on German political parties after World War I. Term papers for political science courses. Clippings.

Dates: undated

Papers of Esther Lurie

Identifier: RG 2144
Scope and Contents

The papers of artist Esther Lurie, including twelve original etchings and drawings based on her experiences in the Kaunas Ghetto. These are titled as follows: “Several Women Portraits;” “Portrait of a Woman;” “Man with Hat” (Mordechai Levtrov); “Self-Portrait” [two artworks]; “Joseph Lurie” (father of artist); “Girl;” “Potato Pickers” [three artworks]; “Man Sitting;” and “Woman Eating.” There is also a copy of Sketches From a Woman’s Labour Camp by the artist, which includes fifteen drawings by Lurie.

Other original works include: 1) a 24” x 28” oil painting of an European interior dating from 1939; 2) a 15” x 20” oil painting of an outdoor scene with a house, 1937; 3) the artist’s proof etching of a woman with a yellow star, undated; 4) an etching, numbered 1/130, titled “Zionist Congress,” undated; 5) and ten engraved copper or silver plates for the imprinting of etchings.

Also included are personal documents and correspondence, notably between Lurie and academics such as Paul Michaelis, as well as Lurie and Eli Weinberg, a Jewish anti-apartheid trade union activist and photographer in South Africa, during the 1930s. The collection includes approximately 20 photos taken by Weinberg, in addition to a copy of Weinberg’s published photo album, Portrait of a People.

Dates: 1912 - 1955

Papers of George M. Price

Identifier: RG 213
Scope and Contents

The papers relate to Price's work in social medicine and hygiene and include the following: an autobiography of Price; manuscripts by Price in English and Russian relating to social medicine and hygiene; report on a trip to Soviet Russia; clippings from the Buffalo Workers News, 1880s.

Dates: 1880s-1940s

Papers of Grigori Gurevitch

Identifier: RG 88

The Grigori Gurevitch Papers consist of materials pertaining to his involvement with the revolutionary movement in the Russian Empire and abroad. The bulk of the collection consists of Gurevitch’s manuscripts on politics, history of Kiev, anti-Semitism, Russian political immigrants, and Jewish revolutionaries, notes, and drafts and also includes correspondence, small amount of clippings, receipts, two petitions, and a photograph

Dates: 1888, 1901-1928

Papers of Henri Chaim Sloves

Identifier: RG 1128
Scope and Contents

Manuscripts of Yiddish plays. Translations of Sloves's plays into French, German and English. Clippings, posters, programs, letters relating to performances of plays around the world. Photographs of performances. Various materials relating to Congress for Jewish Culture, Paris, 1937. Correspondence with individuals including Simone de Beauvoir, Nathaniel Buchwald, Abraham Golomb, Nachman Meisel, Zygmunt Turkow, Arnold Zweig.

Dates: 1930s-1970s

Papers of Horace Meyer Kallen (1882-1974)

Identifier: RG 317

This collection contains correspondence between Horace M. Kallen and many important individuals and organizations, as well as manuscripts, notes and other materials for speeches, financial documents, research materials, academic records, and various other assorted items. These materials serve to illustrate Kallen’s important role in philosophy, education, religion, and politics and his deep involvement with consumer rights, environmental controls, Jewish issues, and civil liberties.

Dates: 1902-1970; Majority of material found within 1922-1952

Papers of Isaac A. Hourwich

Identifier: RG 587

This collection contains documents relating to Isaac A. Hourwich’s role as an economist, publicist, statistician, lawyer, author, and authority on immigration, as well as his involvement with the labor movement and the formation of the American Jewish Congress. There are reports, minutes of meetings, memoranda, clippings and correspondence, and manuscripts and articles about Jewish labor, Socialism, Russia, Marxism, immigration, and other subjects. These materials demonstrate Hourwich’s important role in American labor, immigration theory, and political and economic theory.

Dates: 1882-1924

Papers of Isaac Nachman Steinberg (1888-1957)

Identifier: RG 366

This collection contains the personal and professional papers of Isaac Nachman Steinberg, a Russian-Jewish political writer, leader of the Left Socialist Revolutionary Party during the 1917 revolution in Russia, People’s Commissar of Justice in the first Bolshevik government, leader of the Jewish Territorialist Movement and of the Freeland League for Jewish Territorial Colonization, and a founding member of the YIVO Institute in Vilna. These materials include Steinberg’s writings, personal correspondence, clippings, journals, meeting announcements, and some photographs. These materials relate mainly to Steinberg’s work with the Freeland League and plans for the large-scale settlement of Jews in various places around the world.

Dates: 1893-1968; Majority of material found within 1919-1956

Papers of Isadore Singer

Identifier: RG 2149
Scope and Contents

The papers of Cantor Isadore Singer, consisting of liturgical compositions in manuscript form for cantor, choir, or piano as compiled or composed by Cantor Isadore Singer. There are some Yiddish compositions as well. There are also as well as pieces of published liturgical sheet music composed by other composers such as Zavel Zilberts, Cantor Joshua Samuel Weisser, and Max Helfman; and Yiddish sheet music, mostly choral or theatrical compositions, from composers such as Leo Low, Sholom Secunda, Rubin Doctor, and Joseph Rumshisky.

Dates: 1905 - 1985

Papers of Israel Elfenbein (1890-1964) Collection

Identifier: RG 773

This collection contains the personal and professional papers of rabbi, Hebrew scholar, author, and editor Israel Elfenbein. These materials include correspondence with and relating to congregations, Hebrew periodicals, organizations, Elfenbein’s writings, personal correspondence, sermons, clippings, and manuscripts by Elfenbein and by other writers.

Dates: 1911-1970

Papers of Israel Goldstein

Identifier: RG 2057
Scope and Contents

All materials relate to Cantor Jacob Goldstein.
Box 1 contains an extensive collection of newspaper clippings, most of them related to Goldstein's cantorial activities, letters of praise and thanks for his performances, business correspondence, and government correspondence related to his legal status in England. Box 2 contains an album of newspaper clippings. Box 3 contains newspaper clippings, a few photographs of Cantor Goldstein, and letters.

Dates: 1925-1962

Papers of Joseph Buloff and Luba Kadison

Identifier: RG 1146

This collection contains the personal and professional papers of Joseph Buloff and Luba Kadison, leading actors of the Vilna Troupe and of the Yiddish and English stage, both in the United States and internationally. Most of the information concerns their theatrical careers, including play manuscripts, drawings and photographs of plays and actors, reviews, flyers, and musical scores. There is also some personal biographical information about Buloff, including his memoirs and audio cassettes of interviews. These materials show the importance and influence of Buloff and Kadison for Yiddish and English theater for over sixty years.

Dates: 1910-1996

Papers of Joseph Regensburg

Identifier: RG 20
Dates: Majority of material found within 1900-1939

Papers of Julian (Yehiel) Hirszhaut (1908-1983)

Identifier: RG 720

This collection contains the papers of Julian Hirszhaut, a Yiddish journalist and author of several works about the Holocaust in Poland. He collected a great number of historical documents on this topic, including hundreds of eyewitness accounts, which make up an important part of this collection. The materials in this collection relate to Hirszhaut’s important work gathering documents and testimonies of the Holocaust, as well as to his other professional activities as a journalist.

Dates: 1921-1988, 2001-2004; Majority of material found within 1939-1945

Papers of Julius (Yudl) Levitt

Identifier: RG 2118
Scope and content

Papers of Julius (Yudl) Levitt, including photographs, albums, and clippings relating to his leadership and involvement with the Forverts and Workmen’s Circle (Abraham Liessen Branch #644) in Los Angeles. Also included is correspondence with contemporaneous Yiddish world leaders such as Abraham Cahan and David Dubinsky. Family photographs include portraits as well as photographs of Levitt’s family with Socialist Party of American leader Norman Thomas.

Dates: 1905 - 1972

Papers of Lawrence Taub

Identifier: RG 2151
Scope and Contents

News clippings, newsletters, letters to and from government officials, legislative resolutions, congressional press releases, and other documents relating to the life, disappearance, possible survival of, and honors for Raoul Wallenberg [1912 - disappeared 1945, likely died 1947], Swedish diplomat who saved thousands of Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust; includes 1985-1986 Anti-Defamation League lecture series on aspects of the Holocaust, copies of Rachel Oestreicher Haspel’s [now Rachel Oestreicher Bernheim] booklet Raoul Wallenberg: A Hero for Our Time (The Raoul Wallenberg Committee of the United States, Inc., ca. late 1980s; she was its president and is now its chairwoman), of Jan Larsson’s booklet Raoul Wallenberg (Uppsala: Svenska Institutet, 1986), letters between Taub and Haspel

Documents on women’s issues, including: English-, German-, Yiddish-, Japanese-language books, booklets, journals, newspaper clippings, bulletins, etc., on women’s issues, many from before the 1960s and 1970s and influenced by the Old Left, among them Betty Millard’s Woman against Myth (New York: International Publishers, 1948), Woman under Capitalism (Saint Louis, MO: The National Rip-Saw Publishing Co., 1912) Newspaper clippings, pamphlets, articles (from such newspapers as Asahi Shimbun, Zenkoku, Fujin Shinbun, and Junon), typescripts, books, zines, etc., primarily about Japanese feminism - among them a booklet of Juliet Mitchell’s Women: the Longest Revolution, copies of the Bulletin of the Japanese Association of Translators

Photos of Taub, his relatives, and others, including photo book of Taub’s bar mitzvah in 1949 and one framed photo apparently of Taub with his parents

Copy of Taub’s book The Spiritual Imperative: Sex, Age, and the Last Caste (Basking Ridge, NJ: Clear Glass Press, 1995/2002) and draft pages of the book

Taub’s resume from ca. 1992

Dates: 1936 - 2018

Papers of Leo W. Schwarz

Identifier: RG 294.1

This collection, which is a sub-group of RG 294 Displaced Persons Camps, consists of the records of Leo W. Schwarz, the Director of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (AJDC/JDC) for the U.S. Occupation Zone in Germany during the years 1946-1947. The papers pertain to his work with the JDC in Germany and to the history of the Jewish displaced persons in Germany after World War II.

Dates: 1940-1954

Papers of Marc Ratner

Identifier: RG 83

The Marc Ratner Papers consist of materials pertaining to Marc Ratner's political activities as one of the leaders of the SERP (Sotsialisticheskaya Yevreyskaya Rabochaya Partiia, Jewish Socialist Workers' Party, Rus: Социалистическая еврейская рабочая партия) which was a left leaning Zionist revolutionary party. The collection consists of correspondence, circular letters, clippings, minutes of meetings, essays, manuscripts, political resolutions and statements. The bulk of the collection consists of correspondence between party members, minutes of meetings and manuscripts.

Dates: 1902-1922

Papers of Maxim Vinawer

Identifier: RG 84

Maxim Vinawer Papers consist of materials pertaining to Maxim Vinawer’s activities as a political and a communal leader. The collection covers the period between 1915 and 1926. These materials illuminate Vinawer’s participation in Russian politics as one of the leaders of the liberal Constitutional Democratic Party (Kadets), his appointment as a Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Crimean Regional Government in 1919, and his activities as a prominent figure among Zionist and émigré groups in Paris. The collection consists of correspondence, circular letters, memoranda, bulletins, clippings, minutes of meetings, essays, manuscripts, drafts and notes

Dates: 1914-1926

Papers of Mendel Osherowitch

Identifier: RG 725

This collection contains correspondence between Mendel Osherowitch and many important literary and political figures, as well as Yiddish manuscripts by Osherowitch, clippings, photos, and obituaries and letters written to his family after his death. These materials illustrate Osherowitch’s importance in the Yiddish literary field as well as his role in various Jewish organizations.

Dates: 1882-1985; Majority of material found within 1920-1967

Papers of Moshe Starkman

Identifier: RG 279

This collection is made up of Moshe Starkman’s correspondence with many well-known literary and political figures, as well as with various New York and international organizations. There are also biographical sketches written by several of the authors that Starkman included in the Anthology of American-Jewish Poetry and the Lexicon of Modern Yiddish Literature, of which he was an editor.

Dates: 1922-1975

Papers of Nachman Blumental

Identifier: RG 2238

The collection contains the papers of Nachman Blumental (1902-1983), a Polish-Jewish historian, scholar, and philologist, who after surviving the Holocaust in a non-German occupied part of the Soviet Union travelled around Poland collecting documents and materials related to ghettos, camps, sites of mass murder, and Holocaust survivors. These materials include, among others, survivor testimonies, witness accounts, original Nazi administrative documents, songs, poems, jokes, parodies, folklore, and children’s schoolwork written during the war, oftentimes in camps and ghettos, as well as Blumental’s extensive notes on Nazi terminology and distinct terminology used by Jews in camps and ghettos. The collection consists of correspondence, published and unpublished articles by Nachman Blumental and other individuals, newspaper clippings, research notes, Nazi documents, and dictionary and bibliography note cards.

Dates: 1901-1983; Majority of material found in 1940s-1970s

Papers of Naftali Hertz Kon

Identifier: RG 1616

This collection consists of Naftali Herz Kon's personal and official documents, personal correspondence, and correspondence with literary editors and organizations, as well as manuscripts, typescripts, drafts, fragments, and notes for both literary work (prose and poetry) and historical and biographical essays and reports. The Kon papers confiscated by the Polish government in 1961 and reclaimed by Kon's daughters in 2013 make up the final portion of the collection, and include personal correspondence, published and unpublished poetry, and historical essays.

Dates: 1939-1971; Majority of material found within 1950s-1960s

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