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Bendix Family Collection

Identifier: AR 6138

The collection contains documents relating to the Bendix family, particularly to Fritz Bendix and his wife, Johanna Bendix née Hahn. There are also many papers and photographs concerning the family company, a linen factory in Silesia.

Dates: 1873-1950

Benjamin Benedikt Collection

Identifier: AR 25152

This collection contains materials about the education of Benjamin Benedikt and his professional work as a teacher in Vienna.

Dates: 1897-1940; Majority of material found within 1900-1919

Benjamin Franklin Peixotto family papers

 Collection — Box: CB-P6, Folder: P-195
Identifier: P-195

Contains primarily papers of Benjamin Franklin Peixotto, including: addresses to Constitution Grand Lodge of B'nai B'rith and to YMHA; a letter from Ulysses S. Grant appointing Peixotto as U.S. Consul-General to Romania; correspondence during Peixotto's residency as Consul in Bucharest and Lyons; and the estate papers of Moses Levy Maduro Peixotto.

Dates: 1828-1829, 1864, 1870, 1873, 1875-1876, 1881, 1884-1885, 1887

Benjamin Frederick Reiner Diaries and Essays

 Collection — Container: Consolidated Box P25, Folder: P-847
Identifier: P-847

The collection documents Reiner's life as a boy in Yugoslavia and his problems adjusting to his new life in America. Reiner attended public high school and later worked in various factories after graduation. His papers contain copies of typed diary entries and essays he wrote from ages 15-21, as well as a copy of his ship manifest. His writings touch on social activities and economic hardships of a young teenager, his improvement with the English language, his drift away from Orthodoxy, and his impression of labor movements.

Dates: 1928, 1930-1933, 1936

Benjamin Jacobs Writ

 Collection — Container: Consolidated Box P13, Folder: Collection P-437
Identifier: P-437

This collection contains a writ ordering the sheriff of New York City to produce Jacobs for a court appearance on November 9, 1784.

Dates: 1784

Benjamin Laikin Papers

Identifier: RG 605
Scope and Contents

The collection consists of correspondence, circulars, invitations, and newsletters, relating to the Jewish community of Detroit. Organizations include the Jewish Community Council of Detroit, Jewish Teachers Seminary and Jewish Welfare Federation of Detroit. Correspondence of B.M. Laikin with Jewish writers: B.I. Bialostotsky, Menahem Boraisha, David Ignatoff, N.B. Minkoff, I.J. Schwartz, Abraham Twersky.

Dates: 1940s-1978

Benjamin Mordecai Collection

 Collection — Container: Consolidated Box P14, Folder: P-497
Identifier: P-497

Contains two bills of sale, documenting the purchase of a slave by Benjamin Mordecai on December 3, 1851, and the resale of the same slave by him on January 19, 1852. Also contains a letter from Christopher Gustavas Memminger (1803-1888), Secretary of the Treasury, referring to the case of B. Mordecai, probably Benjamin Mordecai.

Dates: 1851-1864

Benjamin Nadel Papers

Identifier: RG 1957
Scope and Contents

The Papers of Benjamin Nadel (historian of Jewish communities in the Caucasus and Eastern Europe), including research papers, personal and professional correspondence, and documents on the administration of the Jewish Labor Bund.

Dates: Dates before processing unknown.

Benjamin Ressler Papers

Identifier: RG 1173
Dates: undated

Benjamin Roth Collection

 Collection — Container: Consolidated Box P16, Folder: P-603
Identifier: P-603

Consists of an ethical letter written in German by Benjamin Roth to his son, Solomon, before he departed from Germany for the United States in 1854, and a copy of an article from the American Jewish archives journal describing the Roth family history with the translation of the ethical letter.

Dates: undated, 1854, 1952-1969

Benjamin Storch Association Records

Identifier: RG 2209
Dates: 1928 - 2016

Benjamin Wend Papers

Identifier: RG 395
Scope and Contents

Manuscript of Wend's work Unzer alte literatur (Our Old Literature), in Yiddish and English.

Dates: undated

Benno and Pesha Bermann collection

Identifier: AR 25661

The collection consists of personal letters that Benjamin ("Benno") and Pesha Bermann exchanged between 1926-1927 from Frankfurt to Jerusalem; official documents and passports of Germany, America and Palestine pertaining to the couple; family trees; and copies of photographs.

Dates: 1897-2012; Majority of material found within 1920-1930

Berele Chagy Papers

Identifier: RG 1278
Scope and Contents

Scrapbook of clippings. Includes several photographs and letters.

Dates: 1921 - 1983

Berend & Co. Collection

Identifier: AR 1571

The Berend & Co. Collection holds information about the Berend & Co. banking house and later sugar refining company and the Berend family itself. Prominent topics are business matters and Samuel Bacher Berend's son Herz Berend. The collection consists of correspondence, bank checks, birth certificates, military documents, protection papers, royal recognitions, academic documents, and other certificates.

Dates: 1769-1855; Majority of material found within 1830s

Berlin to Broadway Collection

Identifier: AR 25584

This collection contains scripts, newspaper clippings, musical scores, playbills, correspondence, reviews, advertisements, photographs, and other documents pertaining to the production of “Berlin to Broadway with Kurt Weill: A Musical Voyage.” The show was written and produced by Hank Kaufman and Gene Lerner who created the show to honor the life of Kurt Weill through his music. Also included are musical scores of various pieces by Kurt Weill.

Dates: 1971-1994; Majority of material found within 1972-1975; Majority of material found within 1986-1988

Berliner Family, Hannover Collection

Identifier: AR 1906 / MF 688

The collection contains a large number of original historical documents related to the family Berliner of Hanover. Folder 1 contains original materials including residency permit for Moses Berliner from 1817 and a bundle of business and family documents of the Berliner family dating 1789-1898. There are also clippings from pre-war newspapers and 20th century family certificates and documents, including a short handwritten family history penned in 1964, author unknown.

Dates: 1798-1997

Bern Trial on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion Collection

Identifier: AR 34

This collection contains materials from and about the famous Bern trial on "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" of 1933-1935, when Swiss Jewish groups sued the Swiss Nazi party and successfully had the antisemetic Protocols declared a forgery.

Dates: 1921-1936; Majority of material found within 1934-1935

Bernard Baruch papers

 Collection — Box: CB-P6, Folder: P-200
Identifier: P-200

The collection consists primarily of letters from Baruch on various subjects. Included are ten letters to Rudolph Kommer, author and playwright (1923-1941); a letter to Mrs. Samuel Gompers regarding her husband (1932); a letter to the editor of the Washington star regarding U.S. loans to foreign governments (1945); two letters to Herbert Bayard Swope regarding his work on the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission (1947); seven routine letters; the printer's proof for Baruch's entry in Who's Who in America, 1926-1927; three signed photographs; addresses delivered by Baruch when awarded the Churchman's Medal, and upon being awarded a gold medal by the National Institute of Social Sciences (1944); a medical certificate, signed by Simon Baruch (1840-1921), verifying that R.S. Desportes, an officer of his regiment, was unfit for duty (1862); and Baruch's declaration of intention to become a citizen of the United States (1870).

Dates: undated, 1862-1957

Bernard Bernstein Archive

Identifier: YUM 02

Bernard Bernstein Collection documents professional activities of Bernard Bernstein, a jeweler, metal smith, writer, and teacher. The collection includes artifacts, correspondence, documents, manuscripts, printed materials, photographs and other visual materials, and sketches.

Dates: 1941-2008; Majority of material found within 1960-1984

Bernard Blum Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25429

The Bernard Blum Family Collection consists of materials pertaining to the members of the Blum family and includes correspondence, printed materials, photographs, and vital and business documents.

Dates: 1920-1990s

Bernard C. Ehrenreich Papers

Identifier: P-26

The Papers of Bernard Calonius Ehrenreich, a Rabbi and civic leader in Montgomery, Alabama, document his personal and professional life over seven decades, and highlights his involvment in a broad range of organizations and activities. The collection is valuable to those researching topics such as Zionism; Progressivism; boys' camps; Montgomery, Alabama's Jewish community; Christian-Jewish relations in the South; and soldiers' correspondence from World War I and World War II. In addition, Ehrenreich's involvment in organizations such as the National Jewish Welfare Board; National American Woman Suffrage Association; Intercollegiate Menorah Association; Federation of American Zionists; and Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity are documented within the collection as well as postcards displaying various Jewish images.

Dates: undated, 1871-1971

Bernard Choseed Papers

Identifier: RG 1395
Scope and Contents

Choseed's doctoral dissertation "Reflections of the Soviet Nationalities Policy in Literature: The Jews, 1938-1948" (Columbia University, 1968). Approximately 600 slides of Japan, the Soviet Union, and Birobidzhan. Also 13 postcards and photographs of Birobidzhan. Academic correspondence and notes. Offprints of Choseed's articles. Clippings on Birobidzhan, Soviet Jewry, and Jewish life in Japan. Clippings and excerpts of English translations of writings by Soviet and Polish Yiddish writers and Soviet Russian-language writers.

Dates: 1940s-1980s

Barnard E. Bee Letter

 Collection — Container: Consolidated Box P12, Folder: Collection P-423
Identifier: P-423

This collection contains a printed letter of endorsement, signed "Many Friends," favoring the election of Bee as Receiver of Tax Returns in Savannah, Georgia. Bee was formerly employed by the firm of Cohen & Hertz.

Dates: 1852

Bernard Eckstein Collection Addenda

Identifier: AR 25795

The Bernard Eckstein Addenda Collection focuses on providing documentation of the life of the chemist Bernard Eckstein, especially his early life in Ulm, Germany, his education in England and the United States, and his military service during World War II. Documentation of the lives of his parents, brother, and other family members are also present. The collection includes official and personal documents, scrapbooks, family correspondence, biographical and autobiographical narratives, photographs, military documents, newspaper clippings, and other documents.

Dates: 1872-2018; Majority of material found in 1938-1946; 1990-2012

Bernard G. Richards Papers

Identifier: P-868

The collection contains Bernard G. Richards personal and official correspondence, papers from his involvement with the American Jewish Congress and Jewish Information Bureau, published and unpublished writings, publications collected by Richards, articles about Richards and his activities, correspondence and articles from testimonial dinners in honor of Richards, and photographs. Significant correspondents include Joseph Barondess, Louis D. Brandeis, Vladimir Jabotinsky, J.L. Magnes, Louis Marshall, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jacob H. Schiff, Philip Slomovitz, Arthur Hays Sulzberger, Morris Winchovsky, and Stephen S. Wise.

Dates: undated, 1820, 1868, 1895-1996, 1999

Bernard Gotfryd Papers

Identifier: RG 1380
Scope and Contents

Collection consists of photographs of the following: S.Y. Agnon, Woody Allen, Aharon Appelfeld, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Menachem Begin, David Ben Gurion, Saul Bellow, Jacob Berman, Leonard Bernstein, Edgar Bronfman, Pearl Buck, Joel Carmichael, Arthur Cohen, Edward Dahlberg, Moshe Dayan, E.L. Doctorow, Abba Eban, Peter Farb, Leslie Fiedler, Allan Ginsberg, Ralph Ginzburg, Nadine Gordimer, Benny Goodman, Ber Green, Gerald Green, Chaim Gross, Robert Heilbroner, Lillian Hellman, D. Abraham Heshel, Nat Hentoff, Joseph Hirshorn, Philip Hochstein, Irving Howe, Israel Horowitz, Sol Hurok, Clifford Irving, Rona Jaffe, Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, Jacob Javitz, E.J. Kahn, Garson Kanin, Alfred Kazin, Andre Kertesz, Jerzy Kosinski, Stanley Kunitz, Max Lerner, Ira Levin, Meyer Levin, Roy Lichtenstein, Betty Lifton, Yakov Lind, Jacques Lipshitz, Norman Mailer, Bernard Malamud, P.B. Maryan, Golda Meir, Arthur Miller, Frederick Morton, Barnet Newman, S.J. Perelman, Norman Podhoretz, Otto Preminger, Nathan Rapoport, Abe Rosenthal, Philip Roth, Charles Silberman, Sidney Shore, Abraham Sutzkever, Janos Starker, Isaac Stern, Jacqueline Susann, Harvey Swados, Alvin Toffler, Lionel Trilling, Richard Tucker, Simone Weil, Immanuel Velikovsky, Andrei Voznesensky, Elie Wiesel, Frederick Wiseman, and Irving Wallace. Also, 24 slides of Sidney Simon, Chaim Gross,and Nathan Rapoport sculpting. Clipping on Bernard Gotfrydand his book. 13 slides ofthe Warsaw Ghetto Monument (1983). Photographs (copies) of the "Przyjaciol Wiedzy" school in Radom (1983), of Godfryd and of his family (1935). Photographs of the killing of a Jewish DP in Stuttgart in 1946. Photographs of the unveiling of a monument to the Jews of Radom, Long Island, 1960. Stills from Jack Eisner's film Children of the Holocaust. 110 slides of the gathering of Holocaust survivors in Washington, 1983. Photographs of the Holocaust exhibit in the Children's Museum in Washington, 1988.

Dates: 1960s-1990s

Bernard Hart Voucher

 Collection — Container: Consolidated Box P16, Folder: P-576
Identifier: P-576

Contains one voucher for payment by the city of New York to Hart "for powder and making cartridges for 4th July.".

Dates: 1810

Bernard Jacob Bamberger Papers

Identifier: RG 568
Scope and Contents

The collection consists of correspondence between Bamberger and U.S. soldiers during World War II. Most of the correspondents were members of Bamberger's congregation.

Dates: 1942 - 1945

Bernard Lichtenstein Collection.

Identifier: AR 10416 / MF 505

Documents and photographs (all photocopies) pertaining to Bernard Lichtenstein

Dates: 1919-1950, 1996

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