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Congress for Jewish Culture Records

Identifier: RG 1148
Scope and Contents

Materials on the founding conference of 1948, such as minutes and speeches. Press releases. Photographs. Correspondence. Minutes of meetings.

Dates: 1948-1970s

Constance S. Kreshtool Papers

 Collection — Container: Consolidated Box P27, Folder: P-935
Identifier: P-935

The papers of the Soviet Jewry movement activist Constance S. Kreshtool of Wilmington, DE, who was active in the Delaware Committee on Soviet Jewry contain her correspondence with the Refuseniks in the Soviet Union and postal return receipts, a newspaper article describing her trip to the USSR in 1978, and a letter to the Jewish Family Services on behalf of a Soviet Jewish family.

Dates: 1978-1988

Constantin Brunner Collection

Identifier: LBI/JMB-2009/2 LBI AR 1024

This Collection contains the almost complete estate of Constantin Brunner (a.k.a Leo Wertheimer) as well as a comprehensive collection of documents and especially letters from the Brunner circle and those pertaining to the Brunner reception.

Dates: 1866-2010

Corporate Governance and Committees Records in the Hadassah Archives

Identifier: I-578/RG 12

This record group documents the work of the Hadassah national board through board and executive committee meeting minutes, board member subject files, correspondence and reports, as well as minutes and materials generated by Hadassah ad-hoc and non-Executive committees, from 1912-2012. This record group also includes files from milestone anniversaries of Hadassah and legal documents pertaining to its projects.

Dates: 1912-2012

Cortell Family Collection

Identifier: AR 10552

This collection contains family trees, marriage records and passports from the 19th century and 1930s, as well as correspondence and several photographs documenting Jules Cortell's professional and philanthropic activities.

Dates: 1806-2003

New York Court of Common Pleas selected naturalization certificates

Identifier: I-152

The collection consists of microfilm and bound photocopies of all naturalization certificated in the Court of Common Pleas, New York City, 1816-1845, in which Jews or people with Jewish-sounding names appear, in alphabetical order. This collection is now deposited in the Hall of Records, New York City. The entire collection has been indexed by last name.

Dates: 1816-1845

Dagobert Nellhaus Collection

Identifier: AR 3237

The collection contains documents of Dagobert Nellhaus, mostly pertaining to his work as a rabbi. Included are a marriage contract; sermon; correspondence; essay by Nellhaus on the Jews of Silesia; birth, death, and marriage records of the Jewish community of Pirmasens for the years 1931 to 1939; and Nellhaus' records for his activities as a rabbi in Hirschberg (Jelenia Góra) and Pirmasens for the 1920s and 1930s, including records of sermons, bar mitzvahs, and birthdays.

Dates: 1810-1963

Davega family papers

 Collection — Container: Consolidated Box P12, Folder: P-404
Identifier: P-404

The collection contains a deed for land purchased by Isaac Davega, Sr. (1819), and an assignment of rights to an inheritance witnessed by Isaac Davega, Jr. (1856). The latter document was also signed by Augustus E. Cohen. Collection includes another deed. as well (former P-421).

Dates: 1819-1856

David and Dina Westheim Collection

Identifier: AR 25627

The collection includes the correspondence 1937-1946 between members of the Westheim family, who lived in Amsterdam, and their two sons, Alfred and Benno Bodo Westheim, who lived in New York City.

Dates: 1937-1946; Majority of material found in 1940-1941, 1945-1946

David Baumgardt Collection

Identifier: AR 797 / MF 553

The collection contains extensive correspondence of Baumgardt including letters from the front to his family during World War I, and correspondence with Conrad Aiken, Hannah Arendt, Julius Bab, Bertha Badt-Strauss, Leo Baeck, Isaiah Berlin, Walter Benjamin, Hugo Bergmann, Kurt Blumenfeld, Ilse Blumenthal-Weiss, Martin Buber, John Dewey, Dora Edinger, Albert Einstein, Ismar Elbogen, Elisabeth Foerster-Nietzsche, Felix Frankfurter, Sigmund Freud, Georg Heym, Salomo Friedlaender (Mynona), Max Gruenewald, Hermann Hesse (including photos, watercolors, autographed poems), Sidney Hook, Rudolf Kayser, Wolfgang Koehler, Hans Kohn, Georg Landauer, Heinrich Mann, Thomas Mann, Hans Margolius, Reinhold Niebuhr, Erwin Panofsky, Jacob Picard, Kurt Pinthus, Joachim Prinz, Hyman Rickover, Eleanor Roosevelt, Arthur Schlesinger, Hans Joachim Schoeps, Gershom Scholem, Toni Sender, Ernst Simon, Chaim Weizmann, Beatrice Webb, Robert Weltsch, and Arnold Zweig.

Also included are manuscripts, articles, lectures, and offprints by and about Baumgardt on philosophy, ethics, religion, literature, politics, and other subjects; transcripts of conversations with Einstein and Freud.

Correspondence and reviews about publication of Horizons of a Philosopher (the Festschrift for David Baumgardt).

Letters, notes, and manuscripts by Dorothy Canfield Fischer.

Photos of Baumgardt's family and friends.

Organizational records of the Zionist youth group Ha-Poel Ha-Zair, including minutes of the central council of the organization in Berlin and letters from Georg Landauer, Eugen Taeubler and Robert Weltsch, 1919-1921.

[AV collection (records)] Interview with Voice of America, February 23, 1955 ( 1 record)

[OS 80] Article "Erwachen der Romantik" (1930) (copy in Box 16, Folder 16); page from the Juedische Rundschau with notes by Baumgardt (copy in Box 18, Folder 19); speech "Jeremy Bentham, an Englishman, to the Citizens of the Several American United States, London 1817" (copy in Box 24, Folder 2)

[R 12] Sigmund Freud Autographs (copies in file).

Dates: 1800-1983

David Cohen insurance policy

Identifier: P-250

Contains an insurance policy issued to Cohen to cover the contents of his store. The policy is signed by Samuel Hart, secretary of the insurance company. In 1842, the policy was transferred to Henry Cohen.

Dates: 1839

David Diamond papers

Identifier: P-59

This Collection contains correspondence relating to Diamond's legal and political career, during which he served as Corporation Counsel for the City of Buffalo, New York State Supreme Court Justice, and on the faculty of the University of Buffalo Law School; material on his activities in the mayoral, gubernatorial, and presidential political campaigns, 1928-1952, among which was the chairmanship of the Buffalo Volunteers for Stevenson, and on his extensive communal and philanthropic activities.

The material concerning his philanthropic activites is cprimarily concerned with the American Civil Liberties Union, the Buffalo Jewish Center, the United Jewish Fund of Buffalo, the United Jewish Appeal, the American Jewish League for Israel, the American-Israel Cultural Foundation, the American Fund for Israel Institutions, the American Friends of the Hebrew University, the State of Israel Bonds, the Independent Zionists of America, the American Zionist Council and the American Christian Palestine Committee.

Collection also includes materials from the Civic Affairs Committee of Erie County; the Children's Aid Society; the United War and Community Fund; the Emergency Committee to Save the Jewish People of Europe; anti-Nazi materials; material on civil rights and anti-discrimination legislation; the problem of church and education; speeches; general correspondence; newspaper clippings; and memorabilia.

Dates: undated, 1928-1968

David Friedman Collection

Identifier: AR 6988/MF 742

David Friedman (Friedmann; 1893-1980) was an artist in Berlin. During the Nazi Holocaust, he was incarcerated in the Lodz Ghetto and Auschwitz. He resumed his artistic career immediately after the war and then immigrated to the United States. His papers include artwork, memoirs, and essays focusing on his experiences in the Holocaust.

Dates: 1910-2007

David Heimann Collection

Identifier: AR 7284

The bulk of the collection consists of the personal correspondence generated by a number of the members of the Heimann family and prose and poetry composed by David Heimann for various celebratory family events. Other materials include photographs, documents, and genealogical materials.

Dates: 1891-2008; Majority of material found in 1901-1951

David Kohn Papers

 Collection — Container: Consolidated Box P13, Folder: Collection P-443
Identifier: P-443

This collection contains papers relating to the case of David Kohn of Sacramento, Calif., vs. Isaac Weisberg of Yreka, Calif., in which Weisberg was found guilty of owing Kohn $1,512.

Dates: 1858

David Naar Papers

 Collection — Box: CB-P10, Folder: P-337
Identifier: P-337

Collection consists of a letter from Naar, U.S. commercial agent at St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, to Joseph Ridgway and Thomas Pott, asking them to survey a damaged ship, report on its condition, and suggest its disposition. Also attached is the report, and the bill for the examination.

Dates: 1846

David S. Kaufman Legal Agreement

 Collection — Container: Consolidated Box P13, Folder: Collection P-441
Identifier: P-441

This collection contains an agreement between Kaufman, attorney for the plaintiffs, and J. Autry, attorney for the defendants, regarding the judge in the trial of Fuller vs. The State of Texas.

Dates: 1846

David Werner Amram papers

 Collection — Box: CB-P7, Folder: P-229
Identifier: P-229

Contains the typescripts with manuscript corrections of twenty-two Yiddish sketches written by Amram. The stories, set in Philadelphia's Jewish district between 1890 and 1910, reflect the immigrants' feelings toward Philadelphia Jewish life, Reform Judaism, and American life in general. Also includes 4 items of ephemera.

Dates: undated, 1904-1920, 1933

David Wolfe

 Collection — Box: CB-P4, Folder: P-133
Identifier: P-133

Contains owner or consignee's oath dated in New York, June, 1809, for goods delivered on the ship, Yorkshire.

Dates: 1809

Delatizer Aid Benevolent Society Records

Identifier: RG 889
Scope and Contents

Constitution. Financial records, 1932-1971. Meeting announcements. Constitution of the Drisser Brothers Benevolent Society.

Dates: 1932 - 1974

DeLeon family papers

 Collection — Container: Consolidated Box P12, Folder: P-405
Identifier: P-405

The collection contains a deed of gift signed by Jacob DeLeon giving his daughter, Louisa, a mulatto slave (1813); and a circular signed by David Camden DeLeon as Acting Surgeon General of the Confederate States of America (1861). This letter was published in PAJHS, vol. 50, p. 331.

Dates: 1813, 1861

Dembitzer Landsleit Records

Identifier: RG 1047
Scope and Contents

Certificate of incorporation, 1955. Constitution. Minutes, 1953-1970. Bulletins. Memorial book, 1960.

Dates: 1953 - 1974

Denise Wilde Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25189

The Denise Wilde Family Collection holds the papers of members of the Wilde and Szymanski families, with much of the material centering on the life of dentist Herbert Wilde. The collection largely focuses on the immigration of the Wilde family, the education and Belgian dental practice of Herbert Wilde, and the restitution claims of several family members. The collection consists of official and educational documents, correspondence, photographs and family trees.

Dates: 1906-2010; Majority of material found within 1929-1951

Deutsch-Edel Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25826

This collection contains the papers of the Deutsch-Edel family, originally from Vienna, and in particular the family of Georg and Sabina Deutsch and their children. The bulk of the collection – dating 1940 to 1990 -- is correspondence, but there are also large sections of educational and immigration records, as well as memoirs documenting the history of the family authored by George Deutsch. The collection documents the lives of family members in Vienna, including their educational and professional lives, up to the time of the Nazi annexation of Austria and the flight of different members of the family to England and the United States. Post-World War II materials (the largest portion) consist mostly of correspondence between Thomas Deutsch and his parents, and material pertaining to Thomas’s academic career and travel.

Dates: 1895-2006; Majority of material found within 1950-1980

Dimon-Kurrein Family Collection

Identifier: AR 25652

The Dimon-Kurrein Family Collection contains the assorted papers of the Kurrein, Blau, Dimon, and Loewe families. A special focus is on the family correspondence during and after their emigration to the United States and Palestine in 1934. Official documents, a biographical essay, a family photo album, articles on Max Kurrein and several family trees are included in the collection.

Dates: 1835-2013; Majority of material found in 1930s and 1960s

Dolores Wilkenfeld Papers

Identifier: P-927

Papers of the Soviet Jewry movement activist Dolores Wilkenfeld of Houston, TX. The materials reflect the Women’s Plea for Human Rights for Soviet Jewry--an interreligious event to promote Soviet Jewry movement, organized by Mrs. Wilkenfeld on December 6, 1971 in Houston, TX. The materials include correspondence, memos, petitions, proclamations, programs (documents), transcripts, pamphlets and clippings.

Dates: 1971

Dombier Benevolent Society Records

Identifier: RG 781
Scope and Contents

Constitution. Minutes, 1916-1922. Personal materials and photographs pertaining to the Kash family in Dabie and in the U.S., 1913-1939. Pall cloth.

Dates: 1880s, 1913-1939

Donald W. Stein Family Collection

Identifier: AR 11482

The collection contains documentation of the Stein and Kaufman families, including family correspondence and histories.

Dates: 2004-2008

Doris H. Goldstein Papers

Identifier: P-887

The papers of Doris H. Goldstein represent the activities of the American Soviet Jewry Movement activist from Atlanta, GA. The collection contains notes, photos and memorabilia from two trips to the USSR to meet with the Soviet Jews, a DVD recording of the program presented at an Atlanta rally on behalf of Soviet Jewry in 1987, local press coverage of Doris H. Goldstein’s activism, her correspondence and memos of the Atlanta Jewish Federation regarding Jews in the Soviet Union. Materials include memorandums, correspondence, clippings, photographs, a DVD and a scrapbook.

Dates: 1979, 1981, 1987-1988, 2009

Duboier Young Men's Progressive Association Records

Identifier: RG 1022
Scope and Contents

Minutes, 1939-1958. Anniversary journal. Meeting announcements, 1938-1979, including those of the Duboier Young Ladies Club, 1940s.

Dates: 1938 - 1979

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