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Iraqi-Jews Rally Correspondence and Statements, 1969

 File — Box: 24, Folder: 17

Scope and Contents

From the Series: This 18-box Series is the heart of the Synagogue Council of America Records. This series contains files on the multitude of activities emanating from the SCA and its Committees, Task Forces, and Commissions. Though the collection does not make a direct correlation connecting this Series to Subseries G: Standing Committees and Subseries H: Committees, Commissions, and Task Forces, some of the materials overlap and should be used in conjunction with this series. However, much of the actions of the Committees resulted in Activities from the larger SCA community. Each of these actions must have started from a source, that source either being the Committees of the SCA, the organizational hierarchy of the SCA, or the factions of the SCA, Orthodox, Reform, and Conservative Jews. Some materials also may have sprung out of ad-hoc committees. Also included are files on meetings with certain officials including Abba Eban (Minister of Foreign Affairs, Israel, Box 21, Folder 17); Israeli Prime Minister Levi Eshkol (Box 22, Folder 1); Greek Orthodox Archbishop George Hakim (Box 23, Folder 21); Rev. William Granger Ryan (Box 32, Folder 17); President Zalman Shazar of Israel (Box 32, Folder 25); and a reception with Haim Zohar (Box 37, Folder 23).

Box 25, Folder 4, Jerusalem, Conference of Leaders of Jewish Organizations Correspondence, 1968, contains letters from Israeli leaders such as Prime Minister Levi Eshkol, Yaacov Herzog, Arvraham Avi-hai, and Foreign Minister Abba Eban. The letters regard a meeting of Jewish leaders in Israel to discuss issues pertinent to Israeli matters, including aliyah. There is also some correspondence with President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Vice President Hubert Humphrey, one piece of correspondence from NYC Mayor John Lindsay, and Monsignor John W. Oesterricher. Also of interest is Box 19, Folder 18: Bertelsen Reception Honoring Scandinavian Refugee Work Correspondence, Arrangements, Remarks and Press Releases, 1954, honoring the Bertelsens of Denmark in their work helping Jewish refugees. See also SG-II, Series 4: Photographs, Bertelsen, Aage, Dr., and Gerda, Mrs., with SCA President Noman Salit, 1954.

Primarily, the material contains correspondence, memoranda, statements, resolutions, proposals, addresses, and minutes. The following contains a brief listing of the types of material in the Series 5.

--Aid to Religious Rehabilitation of French Jewry: This folder (Box 18, Folder 17) contains correspondence, memoranda, and lists in English and French concerning the needs of the Central Consistory of French Jewry for Reestablishing Religious Life, outlining the needs of the French community in regards to functioning Jewish communities. Also contains a list of the numbers of Jews left in France. See also SG-I, Series 3: Committees, Subseries G: Standing Committees, Religious Rehabilitation Committee Correspondence, Questionnaires, and Lists, Box 13, Folders 8-9.

--Airlines: Correspondence concerning the implementation of kosher meals on airline flights, 1953-1960. Includes a letter of complaint from Maxwell Abbell, who writes that he initiated the meal changes for the airlines after the SCA took credit for it. He says, "As you know, I am a stronger supporter of the Synagogue Council, but it should not take credit for what someone else has done and in any event should likewise give proper credit to the individuals and organizations who have been largely responsible for that accomplishment." For a photograph of a Stewardess with a Meal Tray, presumably a kosher tray, see SG-II, Series 4: Photographs, Airlines [Kosher Meals] - Stewardess with Meal Tray, undated, Box 44, Folder 2.

--American Association for the United Nations Conference: Correspondence, Addresses, Programs, and Memos, 1951-1964. Includes an address by Eleanor Roosevelt. The collection says there is an accompanying photograph, but the only photograph in the collection of Mrs. Roosevelt (located in SG-II, Series 4: Roosevelt, Eleanor, with Unidentified Persons, undated, Box 45, Folder 18) has no identifying remarks.

--Bahamas Jewish Community: letter from Harold Hoffer, Chairman of the Nassau Hebrew Congregation giving a history of the Jewish community in the Bahamas. Mr. Hoffer also asks advice on how to proceed with an affiliation since half the Jews in the small community favor the U.S. or Britain, and also mentions that there are no kosher restaurants on the island. (Box 19, Folder 16.)

--Federal Penitentiaries: Correspondence, memos, questionnaires, and statements establishing Jewish chapels in federal prisons. Correspondence regards rabbi assignments, ordering materials such as Torahs, and reports on services. Penitentiaries mentioned are: Alcatraz, CA; Alderson, W. VA, Ashland, KY; Atlanta, GA; Benton City, WA;, Chillicothe, OH; Danbury, CT; El Reno, OK; Englewood, CO; Greenlee, VA; La Tuna, TX; Leavenworth, OH; Lewisburg, PA; McNeil Island, WA; Milan, MI; Mill Pt. W. VA; Montgomery, AL; New York, NY; Petersburg, VA; Sandstone, MN; Seagoville, TX; Springfield, MO; Tallahassee, FL; Terre Haute, IN; Texarkana, TX; Tucson, AR; Walla Walla, WA; and Washington DC.

This series of folders (Box 22, Folders 12-15, Box 23, Box 1) is a good background snapshot of the emerging Jewish Synagogue movement in Federal Penitentiaries. The correspondence is primarily between chapels, prison officials, and SCA officials, but contains some correspondence from inmates.

--Freedman, Benjamin H.: The correspondence in this folder deals with James Forman's Black Manifesto (Black Economic Development Center), regarding Forman's interruption of services at the Riverside Church in New York (1969) in which he demanded Jews and Christians proffer reparations to blacks. This folder contains the only mention found about the document, which caused a stir in religious circles during the period of 1969-1972, causing many Jews and Christians to rethink their position on blacks in America or refute the arguments proffered by Foreman. (Box 23, Folder 4.)

--German Expert Consultants Program of the Office of Military Government for Germany (OMGUS), 1949-1950: An excellent assembly of materials documenting the SCA's involvement with the rebuilding of the Jewish presence in Germany after WWII. The SCA primarily worked with the OMGUS Education Cultural Relations Division in conjunction with the America Express Company. Germany-related expert representatives were recruited to plan for reorientation, rehabilitation, and cultural exchange of the German state. The Religious Affairs Branch of OMGUS sponsored 80 religious (Jewish and non-Jewish) experts to and from Germany, with the SCA acting as sponsors for the Jewish delegation, which was a requirement by the Federal Government for all participants. The persons were picked because they did not wish to immigrate to the U.S., but were interested in rebuilding and reorienting the German people "for life in the Democratic Germany." Also included are reports from the Jewish experts on their travels in the U.S., and resumes of their work. Also includes several letters from Harry S. Jones, Chief of Interfaith Section of the Religious Affairs Branch of the Office.

Materials include reports, project descriptions, speeches, resumes, correspondence, and memoranda. Includes the German Jewry Final Report written by Rabbi Simon Kramer. (Box 23, Folder 12-16.)

--High Holidays: Two folders concerning the observation of the High Holy Day Holidays as observed in the United States Navy. Correspondence is from 1942-1944 and discusses sailors and observance during military tours of duty. (Box 24, Folder 3-4.) Includes correspondence between the SCA and the Navy concerning induction, and naval shipyard jobs and the High Holidays.

--Immigration: Contains correspondence, statements, analysis, press releases, and minutes concerning immigration legislation. (Box 24, Folder 9-10.) Folder 9 contains a letter from Leon Machlis of the Shanghai, China Jewish community, along with two other Shanghai-related documents concerning Polish Jews who have been "forgotten" in China after WWII.

--Jewish Cultural Reconstruction Commission Objects Distributed Abroad: Correspondence and Jewish Cultural Reconstruction Commission Burial of Damaged Objects Correspondence and Press Release; five folders of information concerning the details of Judaica brought from Europe at the end of WWII and placed for safekeeping or permanently with Synagogues in the U.S. and abroad. Contains some records of item placement and correspondence with U.S. cities as well as Montevideo, Uruguay, Santiago, Chile, Montreal, Canada, and Johannesburg, South Africa. (Box 25, Folder 8-12.) See also Religious Rehabilitation Committee, Box 13, Folders 8-9.

In addition to the materials listed above, there are other highlights in regards to this series:

--Agricultural Correspondence and Fact Sheets, undated, 1946-1961 (Box 18, Folder 16) contains factsheets on the Jewish farm movement in the United States.

--Back to the Synagogue, 1935-1956, provides correspondence, reports, and editorials concerning PR campaign to revive Jewish participation in the Synagogue (Box 19, Folders 11-15).

--Black Market Meat Industry Correspondence and Report, 1942-1943 (Box 19, Folder 22) documents allegations regarding black market activities by Jewish butchers.

--Civil Rights Correspondence, Reports, and Statements, 1963-1964 (Box 20, Folder 23), includes a report of August 28, 1963 of events leading up to the March on Washington concerning Jewish representation at the Washington memorial and correspondence concerning SCA statements on Civil Rights.

--Federal Communications Commission Paul Richman Correspondence and Statement, 1948 (Box 22, Folder 9) contains documents concerning the FCC testimony regarding allowing atheists equal time on the air. Mr. Richman presented the SCA's position on the matter.

--Iraqi-Jews Rally Correspondence and Statements, 1969 (Box 24, Folder 17): contains correspondence dealing with a rally held at Dag Hammerskold Park in New York in 1969 after 53 Iraqis were executed, including Iraqi Jews, on charges of espionage by the Iraqi government.

--Stamp, Liberty, Dedication Correspondence, Minutes, Press Releases, Benediction, and Address, 1954 (Box 34, Folder 15) includes remarks of Norman Salit in which he criticized the US stance on Israel, includes correspondence regarding the Salit remarks.

--Tercentenary Celebration, 1942, 1954-1955 (Box 35, Folders 8-10) contains correspondence, memos, planning documents, addresses, press releases, and announcements regarding the planning of the 300th Anniversary of Jews in America. (See also Box 46, Folder 32 for a program and service booklet in ephemera.)


  • 1969

Language of Materials

From the Series: The Series in in English with a few documents in Yiddish and French.

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The collection is open to all researchers by permission of the Executive Director of the American Jewish Historical Society, except items that are restricted due to their fragility.


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