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Peretz, Isaac Leib, 1851 or 1852-1915



  • Existence: [1851,1852]-1915-04-03- - 1915

Found in 12 Collections and/or Records:

Abraham Sutzkever-Szmerke Kaczerginski Historical Collection

Identifier: RG 223.2

The Abraham Sutzkever-Szmerke Kaczerginski Historical Collection contains letters, manuscripts, and historical documents which were saved by the Yiddish poets Avraham Sutzkever and Szmerke Kaczerginski in the Vilna Ghetto. Sutzkever, Kaczerginski, and other members of the Paper Brigade, conscripted Jewish workers who were forced to work under the Einsatzstab Rosenberg, saved thousands of books, manuscripts and documents at great risk to their lives by hiding them in various places in the Vilna Ghetto. After the war the surviving members recovered many of the hidden items. Sutzkever sent many of these rescued materials to the YIVO Institute in New York from the period 1947 to 1956. The collection consists of 8 series and includes correspondence of writers, intellectuals, communal leaders, rabbinical figures; manuscripts of Yiddish and Hebrew writers; theater documents; folklore materials; rabbinical responsa and writings; historical and legal documents; pinkasim and Jewish communal records.

Dates: 1680-1941

Additional Records of the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research in the Lithuanian Central State Archives

Identifier: RG 8002

The materials in this collection constitute a semi-random sample of the pre-war archive that was transferred to the Central State Archives of the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic following the liquidation of the Vilnius Jewish Museum in 1949. The collection includes records of YIVO work and activities, financial records, correspondence, and publications; documents about pogroms in Ukraine, and Red Army and Soviet activity in Vilna and Bialystok; and a significant amount of records of socialist, communist, and Zionist political parties, as well as associated newspapers and one-time publications.

Dates: 1903-1941

Berl Lapin Papers

Identifier: RG 423
Scope and Contents

Correspondence with writers including Menahem Boraisha, Aaron Glanz-Leieles, Jacob Glatstein, Chaim Grade, Peretz Hirschbein, David Ignatoff, H. Leivick, Kalman Marmor, Isaac Leib Peretz, David Pinsky, Melech Ravitch, Abraham Reisen, Isaac Nachman Steinberg, Chaim Zhitlowsky. Family correspondence. Clippings of articles by and about Lapin. Manuscripts of Lapin's Yiddish translations of Shakespeare's sonnets.

Dates: 1909 - 1954

Di drei neitorins; Die chasseneh, 1928

 Item — Shelf 1-6, Object: 3421
Scope and Contents

Di Drei Neitorins (I.L. Peretz); Die Chasseneh (M. Kulbak)

Standardized YIVO transliteration
Di dray neytorins; Di khasene

English translation
The three seemstresses; The wedding

Luba Kadison, spoken voice

spoken voice and celeste

Label (record company)

Label catalog number

Matrix number
W 109678-1; W 109679-1

Date of recording
1928 September

Place of recording
New York, NY


Dates: 1928

Letters Collection

Identifier: RG 107
Scope and Contents

Letters to and from several hundred Jewish personalities, mainly Jewish writers, political thinkers, community leaders and rabbinical figures. Correspondents include Jacob P. Adler, S. An-Ski, Shalom Asch, Mendel Beilis, David Bergelson, Hayyim Nahman Bialik, Nathan Birnbaum, Ber Borochow, Reuben Brainin, Adolphe Cremieux, Albert Einstein, Zechariah Frankel, Sigmund Freud, Maksim Gorkii, Rabbi Chaim Oyzer Grodzienski, Alexander Harkavy, Rabbi Isaac Herzog, Samuel David Luzzatto, Golda Meir, Mendele Moykher Sforim, Emanuel Ringelblum, Nahum Sokolow, Judah Steinberg, Henrietta Szold, Boris Thomashefsky, Leon Trotsky, Chaim Weizmann, Morris Winchevsky, Leopold Zunz.

Dates: 1800-1970s

Menashe Vaxer Papers

Identifier: RG 564
Scope and Contents

The collection consists for the most part of Vaxer's notes, newspaper clippings, and notebooks on various topics including Yiddish and Hebrew writers and Jewish history in various countries and Jewish folklore. In addition, there are manuscripts by Menashe Vaxer, some correspondence with individuals, libraries, writers, family members. Rabbinic manuscripts, fragments and letters, 19th century. Microfilms of rare manuscripts deposited in Judaica libraries, such as the Bodleian Library at Oxford University, England. The collection also includes manuscripts by M. Vaxer's brother, the Yiddish poet Israel Vaxer (1892-1919).

Dates: 19th century-1950s

Mendl Elkin Papers

Identifier: RG 453
Scope and Contents

Correspondence with Yiddish literary figures and Jewish institutions. Included are Shalom Asch, David Bergelson, Menahem Boraisha, Daniel Charney, Solomon Dingol, Ossip Dymow, Jacob Glatstein, Moses (Moyshe) Leib Halpern, Abraham Joshua Heschel, Peretz Hirschbein, David Ignatoff, Judah A. Joffe, Alter Kacyzne, Leon Kobrin, Leibush Lehrer, H. Leivick, Raphael Mahler, Kalman Marmor, Jacob Mestel, Shmuel Niger, Joseph Opatoshu, David Pinsky, Zalman Reisen, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Elias Tcherikower, Max Weinreich, Chaim Zhitlowsky, Zalmen Zylbercweig. Manuscripts of Elkin's memoirs, plays and adaptations. Manuscripts of plays by others. Elkin's articles about the theater. Photographs of Elkin and friends. Drawings of characters in Amnon and Tamar, produced by the Vilna Troupe.

Dates: 1913 - 1961

Michl Gelbart Papers

Identifier: RG 467
Scope and Contents

Manuscripts of Gelbart's musical compositions. Clippings by and about Gelbart. Several plays for children. A children's operetta. Compositions for solo piano and for full orchestra. Arrangements of liturgical music for solo and choir. Lectures given by Gelbart.

Dates: 1940s-1960s

Papers of David Pinski (1872-1959)

Identifier: RG 204

This collection contains documents relating to David Pinski’s role as a Yiddish writer, playwright, essayist, translator, editor, literary critic, and author of novels, plays, short stories, essays, and poems. There is personal and professional correspondence, manuscripts of novels, plays, poems, essays, and articles, translations of Pinski’s works into English and Russian, lectures made on various occasions, personal documents and photographs, programs, notes, and newspaper clippings. These materials demonstrate Pinski’s important role in Yiddish drama and literature, Jewish community life and Yiddish cultural institutions.

Dates: 1880-1952, 2005-2011

Papers of Shmuel Niger

Identifier: RG 360

This collection contains the personal and professional papers of Shmuel Niger, including correspondence with many important literary figures, as well as manuscripts by Niger, writings about Niger written by others, Niger’s speeches and lectures, selections from his published writings, and biographical materials. These materials serve to illustrate Niger’s great importance to Yiddish literary criticism and Jewish historical writing as well as his role as a writer on contemporary themes, a teacher and lecturer, editor and communal leader.

Dates: 1903-1962; Majority of material found within 1920-1955

פּרץ, יצחק לייב / Peretz, Isaac Leib. די דרײַ מתנות / Di dray matones (The Three Gifts), undated

 File — Folder 4213G, Object: unpaginated
Scope and Contents

Fragment containing lyrics for "Duet," with stanzas labeled "No. 2" and "No. 3." 1 leaf. See also: fragments of related song lyrics for the same work, likely in the same hand (labeled as the prologue, role of "Neshome"), in YIVO's digitized collection RG 8000 (held in the Lithuanian Central State Archives), Shipping List 5 (Poetry), Folder 27 (PDF p. 10).

From an adaptation, by an unidentified author, of Peretz's story.

Dates: undated