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Adler, Julius, 1880-


Found in 8 Collections and/or Records:

Adler, Julius, and Herman Serotsky. Troupe. Group portrait (Poland), 1919-1920

 File — Box 98-Oversize, Folder: 1316
Scope and Contents

Includes: Julius Adler (seated at left) and Amelia Adler (to his right), and Herman Serotsky (seated, second from right). With a placard in Russian, indicating that the troupe is under the auspices of "Intime Teater," director L. Likhterman. Photo by Fantazia, Franciszkańska 12, Warsaw [?]. Stored in Oversize Box 98.

Dates: 1919-1920

Adler, Julius. Troupe. Group portraits in Vilna, circa 1920

 File — Box 97-Oversize, Folder: 1315
Scope and Contents

Two studio photos from the same sitting. Includes (first photo, right to left): first row: unknown (seated far right), Tseshye Zandberg, Meir Winder (with back turned), and Ayzik Rotman; second row: Avraham Sztokfeder, Renina, Julius Adler, Nasberg, Dina Szajewicz (Shayevitsh), David Lui; third row: Joseph [or: Shloyme?] Weingold, Abram Kurtz, Max Brin, Szaja Rotszejn, Shloyme Kon, and Joseph Strugacz. One of the photos appears to have been dated by the donor 1921; however, Julius Adler arrived in the United States in June 1920, and remained there for the next several years. Photo by E. Ceitlin, Vilna. Stored in Oversize Box 97.

Dates: circa 1920

אַדלער, יוליוס / Adler, Julius, undated, 1906, 1909

 File — Box 85, Folder: 1021
Scope and Contents

Includes roles as the title character in Shakespeare's "Hamlet" and as Avromele Ginzburg in "Di tserisene keyn." One photo is dated Białystok, 1906; and one, Philadelphia, 1909. The latter item is stored in Oversize Box 96. 5 items.

Dates: undated, 1906, 1909

אַדלער, יוליוס / Adler, Julius (1880-), undated, 1917, 1931

 File — Box 44, Folder: 4
Scope and Contents

Localities: Łódź, Kielce, Paris, Vilna, Warsaw

Programs for the plays "Libe un erotik" by Anton Wildgans, translated by Yankev Vaksman; "Der gekoyfter man" by Émile Zola; "Der yeshive bokher" by Zolatarevsky; "Hinkeman" by Ernst Toller, translated by Liliput; "Der luftmentsh" by S. Iushkevich; "Der foter" by Strindberg; "200,000" by Sholem Aleichem; and "Otelo" by Shakespeare. Also includes two clippings, Paris, 1931. 13 items.

Dates: undated, 1917, 1931

אַדלער, יוליוס / Adler, Julius (1880-), undated

 File — Folder 4287, Object: 175171-175172
Scope and Contents

- "Dorfishe libe" in Vilna. Guest performers Shloyme Kutner and Franya Winter.

- "Dos skaut-meydel" in Warsaw, with Adler, Serotsky, and actress Goldstein.

Dates: undated

אַדלער, יוליוס / Adler, Julius (1880-), undated, 1926-1929

 File — Folder 4808, Object: 177705-177725
Scope and Contents

Localities: Mainly Vilna and Warsaw; also: Baranowicze (Baranavichy), Brussels, Buenos Aires, Kalisz, Łódź, São Paulo, Ukmergė

The plays featured most frequently are Ernst Toller's "Hinkeman" and Strindberg's "Der foter." Other featured works are from Dumas ("Kin"), Freiman ("Der blinder moler"), Gutzkow ("Uriel Akosta"), Iushkevich ("Der luftmentsh"), Kalmanovitch ("Der vekhter"), Shakespeare ("Otelo"), and Zolatarevsky ("Yeshive bokher"). Three items pertain to Adler's appearances in Brussels with actress Liza Salman. An invitation and a message of well-wishes pertain to the celebration of Julius and Amelia Adler's 25th wedding anniversary in Vilna, in 1926. 30 items.

Dates: undated, 1926-1929

אַדלער, יוליוס / Adler, Julius (1880-), undated, 1928

 File — Folder 4808-P, Object: 177704–177725A
Scope and Contents From the Sub-Series:

This subseries comprises approximately 1,000 oversize posters stored in map drawers. In Jonas Turkow's arrangement and cataloging of the items in the collection, oversize posters were fully integrated with the playbills found in Subseries 3; the item numbers they received fall within the same sequence as those of the playbills. Both types of items were categorized under the Yiddish heading "afishn" (posters, playbills; related to the French: affiche). The arrangement of the posters, therefore, mirrors that of the playbills in Subseries 3, with correponding folder titles and numbers (the folders containing posters are distinguished with the addition of a suffix "P" to the folder number).

Dates: undated, 1928

איבסען, הענריק / Ibsen, Henrik, undated, 1920

 File — Folder 4292, Object: 175179-175183
Scope and Contents

- "Nora" in Vilna. Directed by and starring Ida Kaminska.

- "Di gayster," 4 items. In Warsaw, guest performer Lidia Pototska. In Vilna, guest performers Rudolf Zaslavsky and Berta Zaslavska, translated and directed by Zaslavsky. In Vilna, guest performer Julius Adler, translated and adapted by Adler. In New York, 1920, directed by Anatole Winogradoff.

Dates: undated, 1920