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Records of Richard Cohen Associates, Inc. (1979-2000)

Identifier: I-314

Scope and Content Note

The Richard Cohen Associates Records consist of material produced and collected by the firm that relates to its clients and journalism contacts. The records also contain biographical information on the founders Richard Cohen and Aphrodite Clamar-Cohen, and publications written by Richard Cohen.

Richard Cohen Associates served a wide diverse range of clients. The firm’s records therefore documents a great span of events, issues and concerns regarding the American Jewish community. Literally every significant event in contemporary Jewish history, particularly those events occurring in Israel, United States, and Russia are documented within its records. The records are also valuable for their insight into the public relations field.

Although it is difficult and somewhat unjust to base research value on quantity, extensive areas represented in the records include the Union of American Hebrew Congregations; Appeal of Conscience Foundation; Presidential Campaigns in the years 1980, 1984; news clippings relating to Israel and Arab/Palestinian relations; Soviet Jewry; Jewish Braille Institute of America; Committee for the Economic Growth of Israel; Cantors Assembly; and Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.

Researchers should be careful to not overlook less represented areas of the collection. Among the interesting areas covered are Orthodox feminism, homosexual rights, African-American and Jewish relations, Christian and Jewish relations, Jewish arts, and Holocaust remembrance. Researchers should pay careful note to the Miscellaneous News Clippings folder located in Series III: Subject Files, Subseries D: Other, Box 13 and the Richard Cohen Associates folders located in Series IV: Press Releases, Folders 236-239. Both of these folders contain miscellaneous news clippings and press releases that may prove of great interest to researchers.

The collection is primarily composed of press releases and news clippings. Other types of material include correspondence, publications, books, programs, greeting cards, invoices, promotional mailings, reports, speeches, surveys, memorandum, photographs, and 3¼” computer disks.


  • undated, 1961-1999

Access Restrictions

The collection is open to all researchers, except items that may be restricted due to their fragility, or privacy.

Use Restrictions

No permission is required to quote, reproduce or otherwise publish manuscript materials found in this collection, as long as the usage is scholarly, educational, and non-commercial. For inquiries about other usage, please contact the Director of Collections and Engagement at

For reference questions, please email:

Historical Note

Richard Cohen Associates, Inc., was founded in 1979 by Richard Cohen and Aphrodite Clamar-Cohen. A public relations firm based in New York City that served a wide variety of commercial, non-profit and individual clients, it was known particularly for its role in promoting the political and social views of the Jewish community.

The firm’s focus was on articulating a liberal and secular Jewish voice. It served major Jewish organizations, such as the American Jewish Congress, World Jewish Congress, Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations and the American Zionist Movement. It was a significant promoter of Reform Judaism in the United States. A primary client of the firm since its inception was the Union of American Hebrew Congregations. Its involvement in liberal issues included Jewish homosexual rights, disabled rights, Orthodox feminism, and interfaith relations. Its clients included the Appeal of Conscience Foundation, the Jewish Braille Institute of America, and the International Conference on Feminism & Orthodoxy. It was an important publicist for the arts, marketing the work of filmmakers, writers, sculptors, painters and musicians. Among its projects included publicizing the Steven Spielberg film Schindler’s List, and the work of the Russian artist Ernst Neizvestny.

A core of the firm’s work was concerned with the State of Israel. Interested in all aspects of Israel, Richard Cohen Associates provided public relations for both American and Israeli organizations and individuals committed to Israel’s welfare. These aspects included working with Zionist groups, fundraising organizations, economic promoters, and political lobbyists. A small sample of the diversity of clients contains Pioneer Women/Na’amat, American Friends of the Israel National Museum of Science, Committee for Economic Growth of Israel, and the Zionist Organization of America.

The strength behind the firm’s success laid in the diverse backgrounds offered by its founders. Richard S. Cohen (1923-1994) began his public relations career in 1945 as a publicity writer for the Joint Distribution Committee in Paris. He returned to New York in 1955 where he worked for the American Jewish Congress, hosted a television program called “Jewish TV Chronicle,” served as chief press officer for three World Conferences on Soviet Jewry (1971, 1976, 1983) and for plenary assemblies of the World Jewish Congress (1975, 1981, 1986), and wrote for various magazines. He also served on the staff for several Democratic presidential campaigns. These include Senator George McGovern in 1972, Jimmy Carter in 1976, Senator Edward M. Kennedy (primary) and Carter re-election in 1980, and Gary Hart (primary) and Vice-President Walter Mondale in 1984. His wife, Dr. Aphrodite Clamar-Cohen is a clinical psychologist who also worked as a management consultant and a faculty member of Columbia University and Yeshiva University. She has published widely and made radio and television appearances. Dr. Clamar-Cohen served as President and CEO of Richard Cohen Associates until it closed on January 1, 2000.

-Historical note was compiled from the Records of Richard Cohen Associates, I-313, Box 1.


16 Linear Feet (30 manuscript boxes and 4 half manuscript boxes)

Language of Materials




The Records of Richard Cohen Associates, Inc. contain papers concerning the firm and its clients, as well as personal papers and writings of Richard Cohen and his wife, Aphrodite Clamar-Cohen. The collection consists of extensive press releases and newspaper clippings, correspondence, photographs, articles, publications, books, computer disks, and other formats. Topics featured include various issues pertaining to the American Jewish community, as well as those which concerned Israel and Russia. Prominent organizations in this collection include the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, the Appeal of Conscience Foundation, the Committee for the Economic Growth of Israel, Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, as well as many others. Some of the numerous subjects documented in this collection include Soviet Jewry, Arab/Palestinian relations with Israel, Orthodox feminism, homosexual rights, Holocaust remembrance, and African-American and Christian relations with Jews.


Material originally came primarily in chronological order, with some subject and organizational separation. For access reasons, it was decided to separate the material purely by subject or organization. The original order, therefore, has been modified greatly. Press releases have been arranged by organization name, and news clippings have been categorized into subject files. Folder titles that are not original have been put in brackets. Staples have been removed and replaced with inert plastic clips and news clippings have been copied onto acid-free paper. Photographs, substituted by separation sheets, have been put into its own series. Forty-seven books also came with the records. 4-5 books written or co-authored by Richard Cohen, were transferred to Series I. Personal. The rest of the books have been cataloged and transferred to the American Jewish Historical Society’s library. An appendix listing these books is available at the end of the box inventory.

  1. Series I. Personal, undated, 1961, 1966-1999
  2. Series II. Individualsand Organizations (non-press release material), undated, 1961-1999
  3. Series III. SubjectFiles, undated, 1961-1999
  4. Series IV. Press Releases, undated, 1979-1999
  5. Series V. Photographs, undated, 1993-1994
  6. Series VI. Electronic Media, undated, 1987-1994


Donated in accretions, from 1998 to 2000, by Dr. Aphrodite Clamar-Cohen.

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